TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream Review

Hellos! Today I will share a review that I have been lemming for so long and finally have my hands on and ready to share the review on the highly rave CC Cream!~ I guess you guys already know what is the difference between a BB Cream and CC Cream so I won’t talk much about it. Basically a BB Cream is a Blemish Balm which means Foundation + Skincare Benefits. As for the CC Cream stands for Control Cream or Color Corrector which means a cream that has the ability to even out skin tone + Skincare Benefits.

My skin has not been cooperating with BB cream ever since, I’ve tried almost 3725365243323304 types of BB cream but almost all of them broke me out =( 
But good thing a new cream was developed and even surpassing the limelight of BB which eventually gave me hopes and eagerness to definitely try it out =)

First off, let’s get to know more about the TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream:
What it claims:
  • Color- Correcting cream that has the ability to brighten and conceal imperfection
  • Consist of various capsule that can evidently change to own skin color

  • Provides a radiant and healthy looking skin
  • Works as a primer, skincare and makeup

  • Does not contains harmful ingredients such as Paraben, Talc, Mineral Oil, Sulfate and Triethanalamine
My Reviews:
Consistency: Thick creamy white but not sticky
Coverage: Barely there to Low
Scent: Floral Scent (Medium Strong)
Oil- Control: Low to Medium
Shade: Comes out in White but would auto-correct to own skintone after spreading
Finish: Smooth and Dewy Glow
Packaging:Plastic Pump Bottle
Efficacy: Noticed improvement on skin radiant
Suitability: All skin stypes
Size: 50g
Price: $23

What I loved about:
  • It instantly makes my DULL skin look bright (NOT WHITE) and glowy
  • The finish is velvety smooth

  • Able to conceal redness and even out skin tone perfectly
  • Does not clog pores
  • Did not encounter any discomfort or aggregate existing acnes/rashes
 A Bit-Off:
  • Scent is strong (Floral smell)
  • Unable to conceal acne, spots or scars
  • Takes time to spread and wait for the cream to adjust to own skintone
OverAll Review:
  • I definitely LOVE this CC Cream as it instantly makes my DULL and ROUGH skin look Radiantly Bright and Glowy~

  • Although it doesn’t have any coverage but it still aims to provide an even skintone
Final Thoughts: BB Cream or CC Cream:
  • I would definitely choose CC Cream over BB Cream as it doesn’t broke me out plus the finish is much natural and  love the radiant glow it provides =)
What to choose based on Preference:

BB Cream
CC Cream
Low to High
Skin Benefits
5 or more add on benefit
Mostly Brightening and UV only
Fair, Natural, Medium
1-2 (Auto-Corrects)
Selection (brands, types)
Depends on skin types
Mostly All Skin types

That’s it for my TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream Review.
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TonyMoly Kiss Lover Lipstick in Orange Reviews

Hellos! Today I will be reviewing a lipstick from TonyMoly named Kiss Love Lipstick in OR03 which is in Orange Shade! Woohoo, I have tried orange tints before but never did I’ve tried an orange lipstick ever~ *something new and interesting for me *
TonyMoly Kiss Love Lipstick claims:
  • Fills in the line on lips and provide a shimmery shine effect
  • Contains vegetative oil which can help provide full moisture to lips
Consistency: Creamy and easy to spread on lips
Coverage: Average pigmentation
Scent: No specific Scent
Shade: 5 available shades (orange, peach beige, lovely cherry, honey pink & milky pink)
Finish: Smooth and Shimmery
Packaging: Plastic Twist Roll
Efficacy: Provide sufficient moisture to lips
Lasting Power: Last for 3-4 hours

What I loved about:
  • Despite having flaky and dry lips, it still glides smoothly without the need of exfoliating or applying lip balm first
  • Color payoff is quite good
  • All the shades are quite pretty and lovely
A Bit Off:
  • Boring packaging
That’s it for my TonyMoly Kiss Love Lipstick reviews.
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TonyMoly Hauls

Hellos! I haven’t been updating these few days as I am mostly tired when I arrived around 10pm at home so I really don’t have extra energy to update my blog. Good thing it’s FRIDAY! Yey! So I have spare time to do things like updating my blog and stuff ^_~
Today I will share a TonyMoly package kindly provided by Joy of BNTNEWS for review. BNTNEWS is a platform providing you with the LATEST Korean Trends in languages at your comfort. Click HERE to be updated with the latest Korean Entertainment, Korean Beauty and Korean Fashion instantly.

 Here are the lovely and interesting TonyMoly products I received:
(simply click on the name to direct you to its link)
1) TonyMoly:  Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact SPF25/PA++           Size: 10g
First Impression:
l         The Packaging is cute and the powder feels really sikly and soft
l         So far, it's a LOVE at First Sight =)

2) TonyMoly: Pure Aura Luminouse Pure Aura CC Cream             Size: 50ml
First Impression:
l         I am so giddy to try this out as this is my 1st time trying out a cc cream and so far my skin somewhat did love it!
l         Although the shade comes out in white first, but it adjusted to my skintone after 1-2 minutes
l         It gives such a nice glow and dewy finish ^_~

3) TonyMoly: Kiss Lover Lipstick in OR5                 Size: 4 g
First Impression:
l         Though the name sounds cute but packaging is quite boring for me, looks just like an ordinary lipstick (What happen to their creative and development team??!!)
l         Even though packaging fails for me, but the liptstick itself is quite nice as it glides smoothly onto my lips without the need of me to exfoliate or apply lip balm~
l         I guess they prioritize the product efficacy more and set aside the packaging creativity~

4) TonyMoly: Egg Pore Tightening Pack         
First Impression:
l         Packaging is ultimately cute!
l         Tried it once already and Oh my sghfgdyufgvbsdydugwehgdryefctfvj! It makes my skin ULTRA smooth and SOFT plus my huge pores are minimize!
l         Love at First try~

That’s wrap up my TonyMoly hauls and will be doing a much detailed review of above products soon~
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Review on Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50+PA+++

Hellos! Today I’m going to review about sunscreens! Though I am not a fan of sunscreens as I honestly don’t wear them, but recently I noticed that I have developed some sun spots! I hope it is still not too late, so I opted to surely add a sunscreen on my daily routine!
I have heard so many good reviews on sunscreens from Biore so I decided to grab one from Biore =)

Biore: Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse SPF50+ PA+++          Price: USD 10 / Size: 33g
What it claims:
l         Contains unique aqua micro capsule with UV block ingredient
l         Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Citrus Essence
l         Able to Hydrate and Soften skin
l         Water-based texture makes it easy to spread into skin
Consistency: White mousse that would turn into tiny water drops and easily absorbed to skin
Scent: No definite smell
Packaging: Light-weight and sleek squeeze tube
Coverage: Provide skin an instant glow
Finished: Velvety smooth

I’m Loving it:
l         Not sticky, greasy or heavy at all
l         Absorbed quickly to skin
l         Gives an instant glow and velvety finish to skin
l         Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin

l         I honestly don’t have any complains to this except that this is not easily available in our country. I love everything of this product from the packaging to the product itself! Hands down onto it =)

That’s it for my reviews on the Biore UV Face Mousse! ^_~
Thanks for dropping by =)

Jiyeon’s CountrySide MV Inspired Makeup Look

Hellos! I’m feeling a LOT LOT better now, thanks to all of your sweet comments on my previous post! Those really help me revive my energy and recover my health back ^_~ Thanks for ALL your super nice comments =)
Since I’ve recovered quite a lot, I decided to do an inspired look from T-ara’s sub-unit which is “N4”. Is sub-unit now a thread in the Kpop industry as it seems that almost all groups have their own sub group! If you were to ask me, I think their agency just wanted to save money therefore creating those so-called “sub-groups” and repackaging and releasing a single that is very different to their present group image. In conclusion, it’s all about business! It’s just a bag of tortillas repackaging it with a new label stating “NEW” & “IMPROVED” etc….and you know its still a bag of tortillas! But we, consumer, still go for it!, that’s the magic of MARKETING!~ oohh, I love marketing~ (btw, I majored in maketing in college, lolz~)
Enough the nonsense, let’s focus on the main topic of this post which is an inspired look from N4. Even though I decided to do N4’s look, but but…. I still don’t know N4’s member name, so so don’t kill me >_< 
Good thing there’s google, so I managed to look up the members name and I am going to recreate a  much wearable JIYEON's makeup look =)  *I know awkward pose* T___T
Jiyeon’s look on the MV is quite easy as it only composed of pink eyeshadows/eyeliners and some gold shimmers on the inner eyes..
Topping it off with a bright reddish lips! ^_~
 I skip the pink eyeliners as I am going to wear this look at the mall and I don’t want to look so bright~
That’s it for my Jiyeon’s CountrySide Inspired Look ^_~
BTW, I just finished watching this week's Global: We Got Married of Taecyon and Guigui and I LOVE it!!=)
Go watch it now at dailymotion HERE! ^_~

B.liv in your Skin and Live the Moment!

Hellos! Today I will talk about a brand  whereas I am newly introduced and has quickly gain my attention and was really intrique on the brand itself =)
The brand I will talk about is B.LIV whereas they seek to inspire people to believe in themselves and motivate them to make difference not only in their skincare but also in their lives.  The more interesting about B.LIV is they provide a 30 DAYS money-back guarantee whereas if you think the product does NOT work on you, they will make a FULL REFUND on you!!! Which means B.LIV totally believes in their product and have high confidence that it would work on every individual =) Click HERE to know more about B.LIV.

B.LIV carries wide ranges of skincare making sure that every individual were able to find the best skincare for themselves. B.LIV specializes on targeting/treating BLACKHEADS, LARGE PORES, ACNE/BLEMISHES, DRY/DEHYDRATION, YOUTH PRESERVING, SENSITIVITY and JAPAN SILK MASK.
I was fortunate  enough to be given some product to try out and being a SKINCARE JUNKIE I just can’t wait to try them out and share my experience! ^_~

Here are the items I received from B.LIV: (just click on the name to know more about the product)
What it Claims:
l         Helps skin exfolitae
l         Controls Oil
l         Treats Acne and Fade Scars
l         Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

First Impression:
l         Ohh, I’ve tried using the gel and it feels so soothing and calming! Very different compared to other acne cleansers whereas skin felt dry and tight
l         It made my skin feels soft and smooth and not a single tingle is encountered
l         Totally loving the this cleanser
l         I’ve been developing a few bumps on my cheeks area and I hope this would help clears those up =)

What it Claims:
l         Treats Acne
l         Controls Oil
l         Brightening Effect
l         Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

First Impression:
l         Haven’t tried it yet but it doesn’t feel sticky at all
l         I am loving that this would delivers brightening effect which I need on my skin =)

3)      Off With Those Heads- Blackhead Sebum Gel
What it Claims:
l         Removes Black and White Heads
l         Controls Oil
l         Unclog pores
l         Provide gentle exfoliation
l         Soothing and Hydration Properties
l         Unclog Pores

First Impression:
l         I have evidate blackheads on my nose area and I am just so excited to have those nasty blackheads cleared out =)

What it Claims:
l         Treats acne and fades scars
l         Helps skin exfolitae
l         Controls Oil
l         Soothens and Hydrates
l         Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

First Impression:
l         I LOVE THIS! My skin felt super soothing after using the mask and it really helps minimize the redness of my skin

Overall Impression:
l         The name of the products are so entertaining and its so easy to recall their names as they are named so interesting!
l         The packaging is fun and bright plus its light so its easy to carry along anywhere
l         I definitely have high hopes on these products and will update you guys with a more details review of this products SOON

Before I end this post, Do take time to visit BLIV site HERE
I’ll post up a much detailed reviews of each product soon ^_~
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