Ladykin: One Touch Bling Glow Lipstick Review + Party Look

Hellos! How’s everyone doing this Christmas season? I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season! 
Pretty sure that most of you are busy attending year-end party, hence I created a *Party Makeup Look* paired with Ladykin: One Touch Bling Glow Lipstick  which could definitely stand you out! ^_~
Price: PHP352 / Size: 10ml
What it claims:
  • Perfect coloring and elastic lips of Red Rose wine adapted the Osmo system, a natural extract method.
  • Creates Vital Lips: It expresses glamorous feeling, natural and vivid lip color with one touch.
  • Perfect Adhesion and Smooth Texture: Expresses smooth and neat lips to adhere as sliding like a soft cream.
  • Available in six shades:Neon Pink, Red Rose Wine, Rose Pink, Strawberry Pink, Peach Orange, Beige Pink
My takes on this particular Lippie:
  • Glides “oh-so-smoothly” on lips (I have extremely dry and chapped lips yet it still glides super nicely)
  • Color payout is extremely good!
  • The packaging is so sleek and light-weight
  • The only thing that I don’t like is it does transfers, so you might want to add a clear lip gloss on top just to seal it ^_~
Some pics wearin’ One Touch Bling Glow in Neon Pink:
Party Makeup Look paired with Ladykin One Touch Bling Glow in Neon Pink:
Some more pics wearin' One Touch Bling Glow Lippie ^_~
Loving my Ladykin: One Touch Bling Glow Lipstick!! =)

Everyday Christmas Makeup Look Feat. Krave and Revlon

Hellos! It’s already time of the year where colourful lights are up and joyful decoration has been displayed around every corner. In order to blend onto the pleasant surroundings, I’ve decided to create a look that has a hint of Christmas effect; but subtle enough to be wear even on an everyday basis ^_~
First off, let’s start with the base makeup:
See- how amazing the coverage of the Revlon: Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation!
  • It totally evens out my skin and diffuses imperfection without feeling heavy or cakey at all!
  • The foundation has a runny consistency and is very easy to blend on skin
  • As for the Nearly Naked compact powder, it is “oh so smooth” and glides nicely on skin
Here are the main products used:
The eyelid colours is just a mixture of gold, red and pink shimmers; Gold shimmers on inner tearduck for eyes to pop!
As for the lips, I just used Revlon’s Cool Coral and Pinkissimo to create a radiant lips effect
With regards to the cheeks, I simply use Krave’s Lip n Cheek Salve
Some more photos to spam you guys ^_~
Christmas is just around the corner!! Better list down all your wishlists now ^_~
Thank you for dropping by ^_~

Krave & DermXpert Hauls + First Impression

Hellos! Today, I’ll be sharing some products kindly provided by Krave and their new partners DermXpert for review purpose.

I’ve already tried KRAVE products before and I was pretty much satisfied with the efficacy of their product which I have reviewed HERE. More info about KRAVE, click HERE.

Here are the products I received:
*just click on the product to know more about the product*
·         Just by looking at the shade thru the packaging, it looks more like a wine red color,  but when applied and blended; it gives a very natural flushed reddish effect
·         Tried applying it on my lips and it gives a nice matte red shade plus an added cooling effect on my lips that lasted for around 4-5 minutes

·         It contains a wax, a powder and applicator for easy defining of eyebrows
·         The shade is not that pigmented which is good as it was able to provide a nice diffuse eyebrow effect

·         I loved that the wand was pretty huge and is designed spiky which means it would be able to separate each lashes per swipe
·         The formula itself was not over-drying or too moist

·         I haven’t tried any Papaya soap in a while hence just excited to try this out soon

That concludes my hauls for today’s post ^_~
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Thank you for dropping by ^_~
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