Jolin Tsai’s “The Great Artist” MV Inspired Look

Hellos! Today I want to share an inspired look from my favorite artist Jolin Tsai! I love her so much that I once flew to HongKong just to watch her concert!~ So when I heard that she already made her comeback, I immediately youtube her comeback MV and “dang” I was super addicted to the song! (it’s a very Jay Chou feel but not written by Jay~) while for the Music Video not much impress despite costing them NT8M!!!! oh well, but I have to say that Jolin’s outfits are super glamorous!! ^_~

Nuff said, here is the look I  re-created and I know it doesn't show much on the picture due to super bad lighting >_<
Here are the items I use for this look:
It's a very simple and easy look to do as I only used 1 eyeshadow color on the lids which is Champagne brown
Apply eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer and lastly top it off with peachy nude lipstick~

Last one pic: (that still doesn't show >_<")
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Review on Skinception Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener

What is Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener?
l         Claims to dramatically fade hyperpigmentation including Freckles, Sun Spots, Acne Melasma, Age spots and etc
l         Able to whitens, lighten and brightens skin significantly
l         Helps achieve flawless, air-brushes, ivory-toned complexion skin
To know more about this product click HERE

My Reviews:
I bought the Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener merely because I was satisfied with what Dermefface FX7 has done to me so I decided to tag this along since this is also under Skinception.
l         Consistency is pretty creamy and thick and has a tint of light yellow but would fade into transparent once absorbs to skin
l         Despite being creamy and thick, it does NOT feel sticky at all on skin
l         It absorbs completely to skin making skin look more radiant and glowy

l         Does not contain Hydroquinone (which most lightening products have such as NEOSTRATA and Clinique) Mercury, Steroids, Bleach and other Toxic Substance
l         Felt super light on skin; not heavy nor sticky at all (you can almost feel your skin breathe even after application)
l         Does not clog pores or aggregate my existing acnes
l         Can also be used as Makeup Base 
l         Didn’t encounter any discomfort such as purging or breakouts
l         Skin look more radiant and bright the next morning
l         I did notice that it help a bit on my pigmentation and sun spots
l         Expensive and hard to find
l         Extremely Strong medicinal smell similar to a chinese herbal medicine just 10 times stronger
l         Might take awhile before seeing improvement on skin lightening

Recommend & Buy Again?
I would recommend this to those who wants to have a brighter and much radiant complexion as this really does the job. But take note that it really has an extravagant smell so if you guys have a sensitive smell you might not like this at all.
I don’t think I would buy again as the smell really annoys me so I would probably just stick with Dermefface FX7 as it doesn’t have any specific smell at all.

Dermefface FX7: Focuses on Scars and its mains function is to LIGHTEN the scars
Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener: Focuses on Pigmentation, Freckles/Sun Spots and its main function is to DIMINISH those and at the same time enhances skin radiant
Hope this helps ^_~

Review: ZENO Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device

What is ZENO Hot Spot Blemish Clearing Device?
·         Is a pocket size beauty device that uses Heat technology to eliminate/removes blemishes.
·         The heat technology is safe and gentle to kill the bacteria that causes pimples in the first place
·         Dermatologist recommended and safe for all skintypes

How To Use ZENO Hot Spot Clearing Device?
Step 1: Press the Power Button.  The power indicator will light up and you will hear a tone to signal the treatment has started
Step 2: Place and hold tip on your blemish for the 2 1/2 minute treatment cycle.  You will hear a single tone every 30 seconds
Step 3: Remove Zeno from blemish when you hear a multi-tone sound, indicating the treatment is over.
If you want to know about the Brand ZENO, click HERE

My Reviews upon using it for about 1 month:
·         It’s very easy and handy to use; No Mess on application unlike ointment/cream as this uses heat technology
·         No Harsh chemicals or bad reactions such as peeling, swelling or purging stage
·         Able to flatten cystic acne in just 3 application
·         Notice visible improvement on acne spots in just 1 application
·         Able to use only up to 80 times then dispose already(no refill)
·         Upon first application, will notice a bit reddish but would later subsides
·         Not available locally

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         I would recommend this to those who are allergic to harsh ingredients such as BP or Salicylic Acid as this doesn’t have any of those and only uses “HEAT” to clear blemishes.
·         I think I would probably buy again once I finished the 80 application as it works well on me. It is recommended to use ZENO once you notice a bump or tiny mila as the heat would help prevent the acne from forming. As for Cystic Acne, for the first 3 application, it would flatten the spot and turn a bit reddish but later subsides.
·         Again, it’s NOT a MIRACLE product but I did notice that it works much gentle compared  to any of those creams/ointment(BP, Salicylic Acid, AHA etc) I’ve tried.
Hope this helps! ^_~

Review: Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening range & Gokujyun Makeup Remover

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Care is about fighting dark spots and brightening skintone. It also contains Vitamin C that helps enhance skin fairness and revive dull skin.
Arbutin Whitening Lotion
What it claims:
1)    Contains Arbutin that helps minimize dark spots
2)    Smoothes and Clarifies Skin radiance
3)    Also includes Vitamin C that helps recover skin and Hyaluronic Acid which hydrate skin, keeping it soft and supple
My Reviews:
1)    It comes in quite a whitish color wherein the consistency is a bit thick but not sticky
2)    Absorbs easily to skin
3)    Been using for about a month or so but didn’t notice any whitening at all, I guess I need to finish the entire bottle in order to justify if it really works or not.
4)    Skin felt smooth and soft once product is absorbed fully on skin
5)    I did notice that my face has brighten up a bit making is less dull
6)    Didn’t experience any discomfort or aggregate my existing acnes

 Recommend and Buy again?
I don’t know since I have yet to see massive results so I won’t recommend it as of the moment. But it won’t hurt to try it out  =) I would probably buy again as it makes my skin feel soft and smooth~

What it claims:
1)    Contains HIGH concentrate Arbutin that fight dark spots and optimize skin fairness
2)    Also contains Vitamin C that helps balance skintone and restore skin evenness
My Reviews:
1)    It comes in a whitish color wherein the consistency is similar with the Whitening Lotion.
2)    It absorbs nicely to skin without feeling heavy 
3)    No weird scent and is not sticky
4)    It helps a bit on my pigmentation wherein it lightens a bit of my brown patches
5)    No significant changes notice on dark spots; But again, I guess I need to use the entire bottle to make judgment

Recommend and Buy again?
It's a neutral essence; I won't recommend but wouldn't also keep you from trying. It's still a serum worth a try but don't expect immediate results. I won’t probably buy again until I see massive results in the coming weeks.

3)    GOKUJYUN- Super Hyaluronic Makeup Remover
What it claims:
1)    Contains Hyaluronic acid which helps nourish and moisturize skin
My Reviews:
1)    It is a gentle makeup remover that was able to remove all sorts of makeup thoroughly
2)    I notice that my skin felt so soft after using this makeup remover
3)  I love the ocean breeze smell as it makes my skin feel calm 
4)    Didn’t experience any discomfort such as blur vision or sting on the eyes

Recommend and Buy again?
Yes! Definitely! A makeup remover that does it job well and at the same time doesn't strip out the needed moisture your skin need.
Well, that’s all my review on Hada Labo! Hope you guys find it somewhat helpful =)

HadaLabo Air BB Cream Review

I’m not really a fan of BB Cream because most of them appear too grayish or too “white” for me so I never really pay much attention on BB Cream. Then one day, I was roaming around Sasa and saw the Hada Labo Air BB and it seems pretty interesting as I am a fan of Hada Labo skincare products so I decided to get one even though there’s no tester around.

HadaLabo Air BB Cream SPF20PA++ (Natural)                              Size: 40ml
 What it Claims:
·         Oil control functions and also a concealer formula that can effectively hide pores and other blemishes.
·         Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed collagen that helps moisturize and keep skin soft and supple
My Reviews:
·         The consistency is smooth and silky wherein the shade is a bit yellowish and it blends well on yellow skintone (Asian Skin)
·         It’s a very lightweight BB cream wherein you almost felt like you didn’t apply anything on your skin
·         Able to brighten up and even out skintone (adds natural glow to skin)
·         Oil-Control is Medium to High
·         Staying Power is Medium as it stayed on my face for 5-6 hours (with Primer)
·         The coverage is Light to Medium; But definitely buildable and no matter how much you apply the feeling is stil air light!
·         Might appear cakey to super dry skin; Might crease on fine lines

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I would recommend this to oily and combination skin as the oil control is pretty decent and to those who prefer a natural and light coverage.
·         I think I  will still be buying this despite the low coverage as it really makes my skin super soft and silky plus it even out my skintone quite nicely. I can just wear this and go out without feeling insecure.
Hope you find this helpful =)

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