Revlon Hauls Batch 2 feat. Beauty SOS on ETCETERA

Hellos! Today I’ll be sharing the Batch 2 Revlon hauls I received in relation to Revlon’s : Beauty S.O.S. (Stand Out Style) project aired on ETCETERA at ETC.
Let’s get to the product one by one, shall we?
·         The glass bottle packaging look so sleek and elegant,  plus it contains a lot of product in it (quite heavy~)
·         Sadly, it doesn’t contain a pump; so dispensing of the product is quite tricky and I always end up wasting a lot of it >_<
·         I’ve tried swatching it and oh-la-la the coverage was extremely good!

·         Will do a separate review on this foundie soon ^_~

·         I love the thin white compact packaging; as it contains a puff and a small mirror; making it very handy and functional ^_~
·         The powder is “oh-so” soft and smooth and finely milled (no granules felt at all~)
·         Coverage wise impressed me too,  as it was able to conceal my pigmentation and even out my skin tone  =)

·         These shades are just so fitted for this “Fall” Season ^_~

Of course, I’ll be ending this post with the quick run down on what amazing make-over has been made for the Revlon: Beauty S.O.S. (Standout Style) on ETCETERA:
On Episode 2, it shows the Dilemma of Girls with Glasses and below are the makeovers:
As for the Episode 3, it shows how to spark up the beauty of a Morena through these amazing makeovers:
Big credits to ETC’s ETCETERA show and the amazing makeup artist Eman De Leon for these gorgeous makeover and photos!
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Thank’s so much for reading this post and dropping by ^_~

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review

Hellos! Today, I’ll be reviewing Lip glosses from Revlon! I hardly review Lip glosses as I personally am NOT a fan nor do I use them that often. But since Revlon is a brand that I do love, I’ll make an exception on writing a review towards their Lip Gloss ^_~
Contains moisturizing formula that has Vitamin E and Avocado Oil
Non-irritating formula that helps boost hydration
Provides instant plump lip look
New petal soft application that allows comfortable and even application

Here goes my REVIEWS in words:
Consistency: Non-sticky formula that makes application look soft and even
Scent: None
Shade: 12 available shades to choose from
Pigmentation: Low to Medium
Finish: Glossy shine
Lasting effect: Wears off around 3-4 hours
Packaging: Glass type with doe applicator
Price: USD 7 - 8
Availability: All drugstores

Next, let the PHOTOS do ALL the talking:

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss can also achieve that "radiant lips" effect:
I love the fact that pigmentation is considerably good and it does somehow provide a plump effect to my “barely there” upper lip.

Which shade do you think is much suitable for me? ^_~
PS: Don’t forget to catch Revlon: Beauty on SOS this coming Sunday only at ETCETERA!

Revlon Hauls + Beauty S.O.S on ETCETERA

Today I’ll be sharing quite a few amazing products provided by Revlon for review purpose.
 Revlon: Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel
l         The shades were just so pretty and cute! ^_~
Revlon: Lash Potion by Grow Luscious
l         Can't wait to try these out ^_~
Revlon: Super Lustrous Lipstick & Revlon: Super Lustrous Lip Gloss
l         The lipgloss aren’t sticky at all and the lipstick glides “oh-so-smoothly”!
I can’t wait to try these products and share to you my experience on them soon! ^_~

Of course if you LOVE REVLON, Don’t forget to Catch Etcetera’s show that will be featuring 4 episodes about REVLON BEAUTY S.O.S. (Stand Out Style)
The first episode is already aired yesterday and the theme is about:
“Eye Makeup for Chinitas(chinese eyes)” (a.k.a. my dilemma too!)
See below for the transformation!!
Who’s the one that made this magic make-over? Of course none other than Eman De Leon~
Eman also did the gorgeous host Makeup: Patti Grandidge! She is DDG right! ^_~
All these dilemma will all be resolve by using REVLON Beauty Products!
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PS: 3 more episodes featuring REVLON BEAUTY S.O.S only at ETCETERA! Watch out~~

Maybelline Presents: The Search for the New 8 BB Top Models~

Hellos! I have an exciting news for all of you, YES, I AM talking to you!! I am inviting everyone to join the:
Maybelline New York: The Search for the New 8 BB Top Model!! 
Mechanics? See Below:
Of course, the Star Product of this Search is NONE other than the:
 AMAZING 8-in-1 BB Cream for Perfect Skin!
Do you have what it takes to be the Next Maybelline’s BB Top Model? Join Now!

Be BeautiFUL with Sappe' Beauti' Drinks!

Hellos! Today I’ll be reviewing the Beauti Drink from Sappe. This new functional drink is a great option/alternative for those who are on-the-go and does not have time to take care of their health.
Beauti Drink currently has 3 Flavors to suits everyone:
1)      With Collagen 1,000mg
What it claims:
·         Moisture & Smooth Skin
·         Contains 1000 mg of collagen

2)      With Fiber 8,000 mg and L-Carnitine
What it claims:
·         Digestive systems
·         Contains 8000 mg & L-Carnitine to help fat burning

3)      With L-Glutathione 100mg
What it claims:
·         Contain L-Glutathione that helps on skin whitening

Overall Reviews:
Taste: Yummy (taste and smell like apple juice!)~
Availability: Watson, Mercury , 7/11 and other leading supermarkets
Packaging: Colorful sleek bottle that is handy to carry elsewhere
Variants: 3 Variants (Whitening, Beautiful Skin and Reducing Fat)
Price: PHP 35 more or less
Origin: Made in Thailand
Efficacy: Since I’ve only tried it a week, so I wasn’t sure if it does makes my skin more beautiful or help me lose that extra kilo. After all, it was a supplement drink ^_~
However, nowadays I notice that I lean more on reaching out to grab a  bottle of Sappe’ Beauti Drink instead of a juice or soda. Since Beauti Drinks basically satisfy my taste bud and at the same time “probably” would have “nicer” benefits to my skin.
 If you want to know more about the Beauti Drink, do check out their facebook page HERE~
Till Here, Stay BeautiFUL everyone ^_~
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