Hana SPC Platinum Brown Circle Lens Review

Hellos! Today I will review about the lens I received from loveshoppingholics which is the Hana SPC Platinum Brown.
Enlargement: Minimal enlargement
Comfort: Quite comfortable as I can wear this lens straight 4-5 hours without any irritation or dryness
(I have dry eyes)
Life span: 1 year
Brand: Vassen Hana SPC is an OEM product for Japanese company
Availability: Ready On Stock at Loveshoppingholics
Delivery: Everything was packed SAFELY and SECURELY in a Bubble wrap and took 5-7 days for International shipping
Why I’m loving it: It makes my eyes look more intense and bold yet still looking natural. Suitable for those in the corporate world who wants to add that intensity on the eyes without overdoing it =)
Who says corporate world needs to be strict and formal, be bold and fabulous by wearing circle lens from loveshoppingholics!!! Loveshoppingholics carries huge range of circle lens so I’m pretty sure you are able to choose the perfect lens that suits your lifestyle =)

Victoria Secret Makeup Hauls

Hellos! Today I wanted to share the sexiest haul I’ve ever bought! =) I’ve never tried any Victoria Secret makeup as I always go for their perfume and lotions only~ I was quite intrigue the moment I saw the Backstage BombShell Makeup Kit, the box itself look really classy ^_~
Decided to get two Victoria Secret kit because ...well... I just want two! Lolz =)

1) The BombShell Look             USD 30
The kit contains:
l         VS PRO AirBrush FX Perfecting Primer SPF 20
l         Makeup Eye Shadow Trio
l         Makeup Eye Liner in Extreme Black
l         Voluptuous Volume Mascara
l         Luminous Mineral Blush
l         Sparkling Gloss
l         Bombshell Perfume

2) Backstage BombShell Makeup Kit            USD32
l         Gorgeous palette that contains eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer, mascara and eyeliner

So far I’m loving both kits as everything just look so gorgeous!! I just wish Victoria Secret would develop a makeup kit that could transform everyone into a Victoria Secret Angels! ^_~
Anyone tried Victoria Secret’s Makeup What can you say?

Soft Pink Makeup Look + Skincare Update~

Hellos! Been lazy nowadays so wasn’t able to experiment on makeup looks and end up just doing a soft pink makeup look =)
Nothing fancy just simple soft pink lids topping it off with a baby pink lipstick =)
I recently change my skincare products and so far so good ^_~
Changed my Staple Murad cleanser to Dermae’s Gycolic Facial Cleanser and makeup remover to Pond’s Cold Classic Cream and the results are quite amazing!! Loving it so far =)
Will update you guys with a much detailed reviews once I get to finish these products!
Thank you guys for dropping by ^_~

Product Feature: MySlim Detox & Fat Burn Drink

Happens to me All the Time, TRUE TO LIFE EXPERIENCE:
Good thing I  get to discovered MySlim Yerba Mate Drink, it is a delicious and refreshing drink that does three things:
Boost Energy
Burn Fat
The science behind this sugar-free drink are these 3 Active Ingredients:
1)      Palatinose – Controls the release of glucose into the blood, Stable energy levels for a longer period of time
2)      Carnipure – Burns fat into energy
3)      EFLA920 –  Suppresses appetite, reduces resorption of fat and increases fat burn
On top of everything mentioned above, It improves physical and mental performance, provides antioxidant protection and activates the metabolic process. In short, you are not only getting Slimmer but also getting healthy and achieving a Youthful glow.

Get that Perfect Body that will fit any season and occasion with MySlim Detox and Fat burner Drink NOW!!
For more information on MySlim, visit their FaceBook Page HERE
Want to try a FREE PACK of MYSLIM, Join my Giveaway HERE

My 180th++ post Giveaway!!!! (CLOSED!!)

Hellos! I haven’t realized that I am already on my 180th post! Talk about achieving it a hundred mile ^_~ 
 I would just like to reach out to all the people who supported my blog all throughout =) You are the one who kept motivating me to continue being active on blogging~ MEGA thanks to you all and in order to repay the motivation you guys granted me. I’ll be hosting a GIVEAWAY!! YEY!!~
                                              Here are the following items to be given away:
1)      Royal Platinum Perfume
2)      Bath & Body Works in White Citrus
3)      The Body Shop in Madagascar Vanilla Flower
4)      Bath & Body Works in Secret WonderLand
5)      Premium Gold BB
6)      Murad: Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel
7)      Pore Minimizer
8)      Eye Mask in Cherry
9)      Elf Beauty on the Go Single Palette
10)   TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch
11)   Lipstick Balm
12)   MySlim Full Size Pack

In order to win these products all you have to do is FOLLOW me via GFC and Comment why you visit my blog with your name and email adress.

Ex: I visit your blog because I also love Korean Brands just like you.
Janet Lao

Giveaway will end on 28th of February 2013 and ONE (1) winner will be selected accordingly.
Enter as many entries as you want ^_~



Congrats on winning jhessica recto!!!!
(I have email you already, please respond to my email within 48 hours orelse I have to choose a new winner!!!)

Thank you again for those who participated and especially to those who commented just to show support (Pam, Blush, Rini, Junjun, Anya, Sabrina etc!!)

TonyMoly: Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eye Stick Review

My eyes has been really tired and puffy this few days so I opted to try an eye stick that could at least help revive my eye condition.
Let's start off with TONYMOLY: FRESH AQUA COOLING 24 EYES STICK claims:
l  Eases swelling on the eyes
l  Refreshes and cools fatigue eyes
l  Expedites blood circulation
l  Supplies moisture to dry eyes
My Reviews:
Packaging: Comes in a twist tube with a cap protector inside
Texture: Waxy solid type
Scent: Has light oceanic mint smell
What I love about:
l  Very easy to use: simply twist and swipe as it glides on perfectly (non-sticky)
l  Manage to relieve Puffy eyes instantly
l  Able to minimize dark circles if use regularly

Overall Reviews:
I don’t have any complains on this as it truly works on what it claims =) The price is around USD8, considering the efficacy of the product I think it is truly worth it! =)

That’s it for my review! 
Thanks for dropping by =)

TonyMoly Pore Cleansing Brush Review

Hellos! Today I will review a Cleansing Brush that help made my skin look Clear and Blackheads free without using any nose strips or masks. I am talking about “TONYMOLY’s PORE CLEANSING BRUSH”, basically it is a brush tool designed especially for face cleansing. If I must compare, I think this can be called a “manual” version of Clarisonic whereas both claims to achieve the same results.
l  Removes hidden dirt in pores
l  Whisks away dead skin cells
l  Cleanses hidden impurities in pores

My Reviews:
Bristles: Ultimately DENSE
Texture: Super Soft and Smooth
Handle: Short and sturdy wood

What I Love:
l  Easy to use and gentle to skin
l  Able to remove deep seated dirt thoroughly
l  Have the ability to clear blackheads
l  Make skin soft, smooth and clear after using
What I Don’t Love:
l  Takes time to dry and might lead to bacteria

Overall Reviews:
I love the fact that it is handy and easy to bring along anywhere. The price is around USD20 which I think is pretty ok as it really does what it claims. My skin surface has stayed smooth whenever I use this cleansing brush. It also helps clear those nasty blackheads and make my skin more clear and radiant.

Tips & Suggestion:
It doesn’t state how long before we replace a new one but I would suggest to replace it after 2 to 3 months depending on the usage. Make sure to wash it after every use and store it in a dry place to prevent bacteria forming.
Below photo whereas I just used the Pore Brush for Cleansing~
Feel and look Clean using TonyMoly's Pore Cleansing Brush~ =)

Post-Valentine’s Makeup Look

Hellos! Today I wanted to share a Post-Valentine makeup look I have created. I don’t know why, but nowadays I prefer dark eyeshadows more as neutral and natural eyeshadows already “bored” me out. I went for a gray and black eyeshadow and top it off with a red lipstick. I normally do NOT like red lipstick as I find them too bright and strong. But just recently,  I discovered that red lippies can actually make your skin “look” more nice!

Here are some of the photos I took: 
Sorry for spamming much photos! Thank you so much for dropping by ^_~

Song Hye Kyo Inspired look on High-Cut Magazine

Hellos! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! So I’m wishing you all a sweet sweet Heart’s day~ ^_~ I was browsing BNTNews last week and the moment I saw Song Hye Kyo’s High-Cut Magazine, I immediately fall for the Chic Bohemian makeup look she portrays. Song Hye Kyo has always been my biased as I LOVE her to death ^_~

I decided to do some High-Cut inspired magazine photos so here are the finish products~
Thanks for dropping by and Happy Heart’s Day everyone! ^_~
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