Ever Bilena Shine + Extreme Lipstick Swatches!

Hellos! This will be my last installment with regards to sharing my takes for the Ever Bilena lipstick and this time around it’s the Ever Bilena Shine and Extreme Range.
I’ll start with the Ever Bilena Shine Range:
Below is the Ever Bilena Extreme Range
Consistency: Creamy and glides “oh so smoothly to lips”
Scent: Smells fruity
Coverage: Low to Medium
Suitability: Extremely hydrating as it includes a balm inside the lipstick
Finish: Sheer Gloss (Shine) ; Pearl Gloss (Extreme)
Lasting Power: Does not transfer and would last for around 3-4 hours
Packing: Acrylic
Shine Range: Plain transparent cap with red printings
Extreme Range: Red Tube
 Price: PHP95 or USD 2 (Shine)  PHP155 or USD 4 (EXTREME)
Availability: All Drugstores, Supermarket, Convenient store nationwide, ONLINE
Don’t forget to check out Ever Bilena site HERE

Ever Bilena Shade Lipstick Review + Swatches!

Hellos! Today I’ll be sharing another range of Ever Bilena lipstick and this time around it’s the Ever Bilena Shade range.
Here are some of the Swatches for the Ever Bilena Shade Lipstick Range:
Consistency: Creamy and glides “oh so smoothly to lips”
Scent: Artificial fragrance scent but not too strong
Coverage: Might not be as pigmented as the Matte range, but color payoff is good enough plus its  buildable
Suitability: Extremely hydrating as it includes a balm inside the lipstick
Finish: Dewy and a tiny bit glossy
Lasting Power: Does not transfer as it is a bit sheer
Packing: The printing reminds me so much of Mac’s Hey Sailor
Price: PHP95 or USD 2
Availability: All Drugstores, Supermarket, Convenient store nationwide

Here's me wearin' the Ever Bilena Shade Lipstick Range:
This range of lipstick is suitable for Everyday wear  as the colors are totally wearable. For those with extremely chapped lips “yours truly” >_<” Fret not! As this  contains balm that helps hydrate and moisturize lips at the same time providing sheer colors on your lips!
Check out more gorgeous Ever Bilena Cosmetics HERE

Review on Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick + Swatches!

Hey hey hey!! Today I’ll be sharing swatches of my favourite lipsticks which are the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick

Ever Bilena is a local brand in the Philippines whereas the brand has been in the industry for more than 30 years already. The brand initially started with their Nail Polishes and later extended their brand to a full cosmetic line with more than 200 beauty consultant nationwide.

More information about the brand can be found under this link HERE.

The range of lipstick I’ll be reviewing is the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Line:
Consistency: Smooth and very Creamy
Scent: No particular scent
Shades: I think there are around 17 shades available; Wide range of Color selection
Coverage: Extremely good pigmentation
Suitability: Does not dries or flake the lips
Finish: Matte
Lasting Power: Minimal transfer and last for almost 4-5 hours
Packaging: Similar to MAC; Simple black but sturdy acrylic
Price: PHP155 around USD 3
Availability: All drugstore and supermarket nationwide

Here's me wearin' above shades:
I totally recommend all of you to try the Ever Bilena Matte lipstick as the colors are so vibrant and pigmented plus it does not transfer that easily. Also, the price is very affordable too! ^_~
Thanks so much for dropping by ^_~!
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