Maybelline the Falsies Mascara Review

Hellos! Today I will review on the ever famous Maybelline the Falsies Mascara. I know I’m pretty late with the wagon, but I just wanted to share my inputs with regards to this =)
First off, let me tell you on what Maybelline’s The Falsies Mascara claims:
  • Patented Spoon Brush fans out lashes from corner to corner, while  Pro-Keratin formula instantly builds volume without clumping
  • Unique flexible wand that helps separate lashes to provide 300% more visible and fuller lashes with out any gaps
  • Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist-tested
  • WaterProof
Here goes my inputs with regards to the Maybelline’s  The Falsies Mascara:
Why I L-O-V-E it:
  • Does NOT smudge and eyes are definitely “panda-free”(LOLZ)~
  • Able to turn “nowhere to be seen” lashes into thicker and fuller looking effect
  • Holds curl well enough
  • I have dry and sensitive eyes and it does NOT encounter any discomfort
Needs Improvement:
  • The brush tends to grabs too much product which later would results to clumping
  • The wand itself is a bit too big for my liking (might have trouble on applying lower lashes)
Overall Thoughts:
  • Even though it does look clumpy but as long as it makes my “invisible” lashes turn visible then I’m sold with it! =)
Recommend & Suggestion:
  • I would recommend this to those who have “nowhere to be seen” lashes like me as   you’d probably get to see them soon (lolz~)
  • In case of clumping, it can always be resolved by using a toothpick to separate each lashes and removed the excess
That’s it for my review on the Maybelline’s The Falsies Mascara!
Thanks for dropping by ^_~

The Multi-purpose of Apollo Petroleum Jelly

Hellos! I think all of you or if not majority of you have heard or used a Petroleum Jelly.  It is a multi-purpose product you can use in almost all types of situation. I’ve been using Apollo Petroleum Jelly for years as my mom would usually stock up the shelves with it as her children (yours truly!) are always prone to rashes >_<
First off, let me tell you the following ways you could maximize the usage of an Apollo Petroleum Jelly:
Despite the many ways mentioned above, I mostly used the Apollo Petroleum Jelly for:
Skin Rashes
I have a sensitive skin so I normally developed rashes and I always used this to help heal and treat the rashes. On year 2005, I developed eczema on the crease of my arm and I make it a point to apply Apollo Petroleum Jelly  in order to help calm the irritation and minimize the itchiness.

Dry Patches on face
Even though I have oily combination skin, I still tend to get dry patches near the eyes and mouth areas. Especially during “cold days” (like now), I always make sure to apply liberal amount to those areas in order to prevent over drying and cracking of skin.

That’s it for my review on the Apollo Petroleum Jelly, Hope you guys find it helpful =)
Apollo Petroleum Jelly is available in 25g(PHP25.48), 50g(PHP42.00), 100g(PHP77.84) and 200g(PHP125.16) at All Mercury Drugstore, other drugstores and leading supermarkets nationwide.


Hellos! Today I received some awesome stuff from BNTNEWS in Korea. They want me to review some products from TONYMOLY and I was really excited on the items they sent me =)
l         The packaging is extremely Cute and the fact that they included the word “MAGIC” in naming the product made me more eager to try it out =)
l         Let’s see how it goes and will update you guys with a full review soon~

l         The packaging is so adorable and just by looking at the cheerful pussy immediately uplifts my mood 
l         Can’t wait to try this out and will definitely inform you guys on how this product works on me~

l         I think by now you guys should have agreed that TONYMOLY’s packaging and branding is really super creative and irresistibly cute ^_~
l         I can definitely imagine myself looking silly while using the lip patch but as long as it works then being silly is totally worth it! lolz =) The fact who can resist having soft, smooth and kissable lips! =)

They also included some yummy Korean snacks but didn’t manage to take a photo as all of them are already being eaten by yours truly and the mother, lolz~

Before I end this post, I would just like to make a shoutout to Joy Kim of BNTNEWS who is extremely nice and accommodating to  emails. If you are interested in anything related to KOREA, please make sure to drop by BNTNEWS as you’ll definitely find the site full of interesting stuff and information. Click HERE now~~

I’ll update you guys once I get to use above products and definitely feedback you on the results ^_~ 
Thanks so much for dropping by =)

K-Palette Comparison: Real Lasting Eyepencil VS Eyeliner

Hellos! Decided to do a comparison of K-Palette’s Real Lasting EyePencil versus the Real Lasting  EyeLiner.  In any case you are not familiar with the brand K-Palette, it is a brand that has been consistently ranked as the most sellable eyeliners in JAPAN. For more info on the K-Palette, click HERE
1)      Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo 24HR
What it claims:
l         WaterProof
l         Smudge-Proof
l         Micro-Fibre Brush
l         Conditioning Formula
My Reviews:
l         Sharp tip brush makes lining of eyes very easy and convenient
l         Did not experience panda eyes but did manage to smear a little
l         I wouldn’t say waterproof but “rain-proof” as the eyeliner is still intact even expose to rain
l         Very easy to remove using a makeup remover
l         Finishes in a glossy black shade
l         I have extremely sensitive and dry eyes and never once did I experience any irritation while wearing this

2)      Real Lasting EyePencil 24HR
What it claims:
l         Long Lasting
l         Water-Proof eyeliner pencil
l         Easy twist open, no sharpener needed
l         Goes on easy and stays on all day
My Reviews:
l         Definitely LAST ALL DAY even if expose to ‘heavy rain” or been splash by a gallon of water! (I know it’s sounds funny but I swear it is 101% waterproof and long lasting!)
l         The pencil is quite weak as I manage to broke a little when I twisted longer
l         Quite difficult to create a winged line
l         Need a bit of rubbing using makeup remover before it could actually be removed
l         Finishes in DARK MATTE BLACK shade

Comparison of the EyeLiner VS the EyePencil:
I prefer the Real Lasting Eyeliner  better as the brush is easier to control and the finish is much better compared to the Pencil. 
I’m also not a fan of makeup that would take forever to remove; knowing that I have sensitive & weak lids so too much tugging and rubbing will only harm and injure my lids.
You can see the photos below that after rubbing my skin had become a bit reddish due to it.
 So I therefore conclude that the EyeLiner fits my taste more compared to the Eyepencil =)
That’s it for my comparison on K-Palette’s Eyeliner and EyePencil.
Hope you find this helpful ^_~

Corporate “Gyaru” Makeup Look

Hellos! I’ve always loved how well and professional Japanese do their makeup and I guess if Koreans have “Natural Flawless Look”; Japanese on the otherhand has a so-called Gyaru Look. Gyaru makeup normally includes thick eyeliner, earth-toned eyeshadows, heavy falsies and lastly topping it off with a nude lipgloss. Since I am going to wear this look in a corporate place, I decided not to wear falsies and just mascara alone. 
I chose 3 earth tone eyeshadows and split it into three parts. Apply the lightest shade on the inner, neutral tone on the center, and the darkest shade on the outer lid. Blend all three shade and top it off with a white shimmer eyeshadow. I fill in my upper/lower lashline with black eyeliner and make a short wing on the end. I decided to use a baby pink lipstick as nude shade lips makes me look so pale and sick so I settle for pink color instead =)
Go ahead and vomit >_< This is my 1st time attempting such pose below so please bear with me if it looks annoying T___T
That’s it for my version of Corporate Gyaru Makeup Look w/ Messy Hair (LOLZ!) ^_~
Thanks for dropping by =)

Hauls & Reviews:Bifesta, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap & Nature’s Gate Shampoo

Bought these items on the first week of January but been lazy so never had the chance to post up the hauls. Since I’ve used up these products already so might as usual combined it with the reviews.
1) Bifesta Cleansing Liquid          Price: PHP410/USD 10
What it claims:
l         Able to remove makeup including waterproof mascara, sebum, dirt and deep pore cleansing without irritating skin
l         Contains hyaluronic acid that help skin retain moisture
My Reviews:
l         Consistency is same with water but with a very mild ocean scent
l         Able to remove makeup thoroughly without irritating eyes (No sting or blur vision)
l         Cleanses well enough but does NOT overdry skin, skin feels very much refresh
My Verdict:
l         This is by far my FAVORITE makeup remover as it works great with removing makeup but is still very gentle to skin (even to sensitive skin)

2) Dr. Bronner Lavender Liquid Soap          Price: PHP290/USD USD7
What it Claims:
l         Helps calms nerves and soothes body
l         All ingredients are certified organic
My Reviews:
l         The consistency is liquidity creamy and comes with a strong medicinal scent with a hint of lavender
l         Cleanses skin thoroughly and does help relax and soothens skin
l         Might be a bit drying for dry skin people so make sure to follow it up with a lotion if you have dry skin
My Verdict:
l         So far so good, I do love that it helps calm my skin and make it feel more relax and soothing.  

What it Claims:
l         Helps treat dry & itchy scalp with the used of Tea Tree and Nettle extract
l         Provides cooling effect and makes hair shiny and more manageable
My Reviews:
l         Consistency is liquidity and has a very strong tea tree scent
l         Helps relieve dry scalp and eliminate dandruff
l         Makes hair more frizzy, taggled and a bit dry >_<
My Verdict:
l         Although this is a GREAT anti-dandruff shampoo but too bad it makes my hair more frizzy and tangled so I’ll probably won’t buy it again =(
 That’s it for my super short review ~
 Thanks for dropping by =)

Pixie Dust Makeup Look

Hellos! Today I wanted to share a look I called “Pixie Dust” and don’t ask me why I named it like that cuz’ I don't know either lolz~ Anyway, I think the main reason why I came up with the name is because of the “fairy blue” color I used on this look or something like that T___T~
The palette I used for the eye makeup is ElleFar Princess Chiffon Eyeshadow in TURQUOISE which I previously reviewed HERE.
This is the first time I tried experimenting with different shades of blue eyeshadow and  still trying to get used of~
Thanks for dropping by ^_~

Murad: Time Release Acne Cleanser Review

Hellos! It’s been awhile I review a product that is related to acne-prone skin so I decided to update my review on the Time Release Acne Cleaner I reviewed before here.

I don’t know why I don’t like it before, but I received another sample from Murad so I decided to give it another chance and see if there are any changes. I am just so glad that I gave it another chance because this cleanser totally help my skin do better!

1) Murad: Time Release Acne Cleanser   Size:200ml     Price: USD 30
What it claims:
l         Eliminates acne while restoring suppleness for younger looking skin
l         Provides continual release of acne treatment
l         Minimize signs of aging
l         Contains Salicylic Acid that helps heal acne and prevent it from forming
l         Amino acids and Hyaluronic Acids which moisturize skin and neutralize free radicals on skin
Main Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid 0.5% that is known to combat acne
Retinol helps minimize wrinkles and lines
Willow Bark Extract & Ascorbic Acid wherein it helps revive youthful skin

My updated Reviews after using 2 full size tube:
Consistency- is in cream form very similar to Cetaphil and is rich and very creamy
Scent- once it was squeeze out of the tube it has a light medicinal scent but after rinsing the scent would go away
Suitability- The ingredients included are quite mild so sensitive skin are very much free to use it
Oil-Control- Unfortunately, the oil-control is not that good but following it with a toner will do just right interms of eliminating excessive oil
Moisture: It gives you a Fresh, soft and light feeling after wash
Acne-Control: Very good as it helps minimize and prevent acne

OverAll Reviews:
I absolutely LOVED the Time Release Cleanser as it really helps maintain my skin acne-free without overdrying it. This is not a miracle product so I suggest to use it for at least 4-6 weeks before you could notice the improvement of your skin. It makes my skin feel Clean and at the same time help protect my skin from radicals that may cause acne.

(Murad is available in All Rustan’s and is priced at PHP1450)
For more Murad product reviews click HERE

Sistar’s Bora Inspired Look

Hellos! Decided to do an inspired look of Sister’s Bora during her pictorial in W Magazine. I think she look super gorgeous on the look so I decided to recreate it with my version.
Apply any light brown tone eyeshadow as base all over the lid. Apply a black brown shade eyeshadow on the outer crease area and focus more on the middle part. For the lower lashline, apply it with a light brown eyeshadow and tighten it with an eyeliner. Apply highlighter on the nose, cheeks and chin to make your feature more prominent. In order to create that bronzy look, apply bronzing or shading powder on the side on the cheeks and voila you got yourself an inspired look of Bora from Sistar =)
 That’s it for my Inspired Look =)

Daiso’s ElleFar Eyeshadow Review

Hellos! I wanted to share some really affordable makeups from Daiso wherein quality is quite nice =) I bought two kinds of eyeshadow from DAISO because I find the colors really pretty and the packaging cute! ^_~
1)      ElleFar Color Makeup Series: Glitter Eyeshadow in Brown series
l         The five colors are really pretty and glittery!! Have golden shimmers on all the shades!
l         The compact contains a small mirror and applicator which is not bad considering the price
l         The formula I believe is quite similar to ELF, though have few fallouts but pigmentation is good enough =)
l         Did NOT encounter any discomfort considering I have an acne-prone sensitive skin~

2)      ElleFar Princess Chiffon Eyeshadow in 116 (TURQUOISE) series
l         Packaging is very cute which reminds me of Majorca Majorlica
l         The formula is better than the Glitter series as all of the shades are pigmented and minimal fallouts
l         I think they have 4 series available (PURPLE, BROWN, TURQUOISE and PINK)

Overall Review:
We all know that DAISO has only 1 fixed price for all products (PHP88/USD2) and for the quality of the eyeshadows I think its all worth the price. The packaging and applicator may look a bit filmsey but it is not as fragile as I think at all. I simply toss it on my makeup bag and the compacts  are still in perfect condition even after 2-3 hours of grumpy travel.  The last but not the least, I did NOT encounter any discomfort considering I have a sensitive skin. 
That’s it for my Review on these lovely eyeshadows from Daiso =)
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