Review: Rosette: Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash (Mango Scrub)

Rosette: Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash (Mango Scrub)
Price: USD12             Size:110g
What is Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash?
·         A make-up remover as well as a cleanser from a fruit esthetic series containing AHA fruit acid.
·         Contains fine grains that clear away dirt in pores and dead skin cells.
·         Gently exfoliates and clarifies skin with relaxing aroma of delicious mango.
·         Able to make your skin look clear and luminous.
Ingredient Mentioned:
Water, BG, palmitic acid isopropyl, isononanoic acid isononyl, glycerin, olive oil, PEG -75, polysorbate 60, squalene, stearic acid glyceryl, palmitic acid cetyl, stearyl alcohol, TEA, acetic acid tocopherol, Cal bomber, royal jelly extract, xanthan gum, ethanol, lavender oil, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, phenoxyethanol

My Reviews after using the entire tube:
Why I’m loving this:
·         Makes your skin crystal clear but managed to still lock in moisture that makes skin soft and smooth
·         Love the Fruity Mango scent
·        Gentle enough to use it everyday
·         A pea-sized amount is enough to cleanse the entire face
·         Effectively remove stubborn makeup

A little bit “Uh-Oh”:
·         Expensive, because mine @ an independent Japan shop and later found out that it’s extremely affordable and cheaper in Japan
·         Difficult to find locally 
-    Contains Paraben
-    Might not be suitable for dry skin

I’ve mentioned in my previous blog that AHA works BEST for me! So anything with AHA I’m so eager to try it!! Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash is pretty much similar to Cleansing Research’s AHA wash. Basically I think both facial wash delivers EXACTLY the same results: Heals and Prevents acne. But there’s this one thing that makes Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash reign over Cleansing Research’s AHA Wash: Crystal Clear Skin. I’ve noticed that every time I wash my face with Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash, it makes my skin Crystal Clear.

Buy Again? YES!!!
Recommend? Yes!! Expecially acne-prone & oily skin!
Rate: 4.5/5

Review: AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing from B&C Laboratories

Brand: AHA Cleansing Wash by Cleansing Reserch
Price: PHP 480    approx USD11

What is AHA Cleansing Wash?
Is a foam cleanser containing Malic acid Scrub Kiwi extract papaya enzyme that makes your skin clear and able to remove stubborn dirt. This cleanser can clear your skin, prevent pimples and pore clogging.

Ingredients Mentioned:
Water, Myristic acid, Stearic acid, Potassium hydroxide, BG, Polyethylene, Glycerin, Diglycerin, Palmitic acid, Ethylene glycol distearate, Lauric acid, Lauryliminodiacetate Na, PEG-3 Coconut oil fatty acid MEA Sulphuric acid Na, Olive oil, Orange juice, Candida bombicola / Glucose / Methyl rapeseedate ferment, Kiwi extract, Papain, Polyquaternium-51, Apple juice, Etidronic acid, Stearic acid PEG-75, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic acid sorbitan, Dextrin, Lauramide DEA, Malic acid, Hydroxylation Na, EDTA-4Na, Propyl Paraben, Methl Paraben, Fragrance,

My Reviews after using the entire tube:
Why I’m loving this:
Ø  It makes my skin squeakly clean
Ø  Removes stubborn make-up effectively
Ø  Gently exfoliant skin leaving skin soft and clear
Ø  Nice fruity scent
Ø  Very effective for people with acne-prone skin as this helps heals pimple and prevent break-outs

Cons that need to be pointed out:
Ø  Not available locally, even harder to find it online
(bought mine at Olive & Young in Korea, but this is also available in SG, Thailand, HK Watsons and Sasa)
Ø  Easily consumed

I super fall for this cleanser!!!! This really helped a lot especially on my breakout cycle! The tiny beads are super gentle that it only exfoliate the dead skin leaving skin with enough moisture. Although I super mega LOVE this cleanser but it’s impossible to find it locally and even harder to find online. Oh BTW, I bought this cleanser because I read the Top3 Cleanser of Lily here.

Buy Again? YES!!!
Recommend? Yes!! Expecially to those acne-prone skin!
Rate: 4/5

To know more about the brand and its products click here.

Skin Food Reviews: Aloe Water & Lip Remover & Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off

Skin Food Reviews: Aloe Water & Lip Remover
Price: PHP425  approx USD 9        Contents 100g

What is Aloe Water & Lip Remover?
A mild oil-free eye and lip makeup remover for sensitive eye and lip areas

How to Use?
Apply desired amount to cotton pad and gently wipe away makeup

My Reviews:
Nowadays, I only wear tinted moisturizer therefore I think I won’t need oil-based make-up remover to remove tinted moisturizer. But once in a while I also wear non-water proof mascara so I told the SA to suggest a mild makeup remover that could remove mascara thoroughly. So she suggested the Aloe Water & Lip Remover and she guaranteed that this could remove mascara well-off.

This remover does effectively remove my tinted moisturizer and non-water proof mascara. But but but but but…everytime I use this my skin would feel slight tingle and later would develop a bit of red patches. Even though how “natural” this product claims I still develop some kind of an allergy? Bum, no other choice but to stop using this and go back to my good ol’ Maybelline makeup remover.

Skin Food: Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off
Price: PHP529  approx USD 12          Contents 100g

What is Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off?
Is an exfoliating wash off facial pack with KIWI EXTRACT that is rich with VITAMINS and MOISTURE that can control Oiliness and Tighten Pores.

How to Use?
Apply evenly after cleansing. Avoid eyes and mouth area. Wash off after 10-15minutes.

My Reviews:
I’m fond of using Facial Sheets/Mask when I used to work in CHINA because the weather there is extremely crazy and my skin needed extra CARE in order to adapt on the climate change. 

But 6 years after, this is the first time I’m going to use a Mask here in my own Tropical country.

I’m not really a fan of SkinFood because I have tried using their Haircare products before (forgot the name, I think cabbage thingy something..) and it gave me dandruff and itchy scalp! But everyone deserves a second chance therefore I decided to get one of their Wash off Mask. I chose the Kiwi merely because I LOVE KIWI! Oh! Also because the SA recommended this mentioning this is intended for OILY SKIN.

The consistency is similar to a lotion just more watery and there are tiny KIWI seeds in it. Applying it to face is really easy as you simply spread them on your face and leave it 10-15minutes. The smell contains a hint of Kiwi, quite a mild scent overall.

I kinda love this Mask because it is quite CALMING and MOISTURISING. The moment I WashOff the mask, I noticed that my skin is EXTREMELY SOFTand SUPPLE. That just not it, the next day when I woke up I noticed my skin is still soft and Dewy as well. It is a good mask as it softens and moisten my skin instantly. But for me, it really doesn’t control oiliness nor tighten pores at all. So if you are only aiming for softness of skin, this might be the mask for you. Other than that, I don’t think this mask WOW me at all. For the price I pay, I really won’t consider buying this again. 

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Benefit & Physician's Formula quick overview

Hellos!! Just wanna share with you some recent Hauls and quick overview of the products I’ve purchased at Tameronline.

1)    Benefit: The POREfessional
Price: $37              Size 22ml
·         Remember I’ve raved about the Loreal Primer, but I tell you this Benefit Porefessional outwit the Loreal one!! The Benefit Porefessional makes your skin SILKY POWDERY SMOOTH to the max…..(full review soon)

2)    Benefit: Confessions of a Concealaholic Kit
Price: $47

·         I’m an AVID fan of concealer so I consider myself a CONCEALAHOLIC!  I have like 10-20 concealers in my makeup kit ranging from powder, stick to cream type. But until now, I haven’t found “THE ONE” that I’m truly satisfied yet. I’ve tried this Kit, not really THAT much of a satisfied though (review to be posted)

3)    Benefit: Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener
Price: $26
·         Its pretty expensive for just an Eye brightener, considering NYX does have similar eye brightener and the price is much much much affordable…But I dunno what made me bought it -________-   I’ve tried using this once, so far I’m loving the effect not TOO brightening but I would still prefer a more subtle shade….

4)    Benefit: They’re Real Beyond Masacara
Price: $22
·         Guess I’ve found my HG Mascara!!! (much longer review to be posted on next entry)

5)    Physician’s Formula: Mineral Wear Talc Free Mineral Face Powder in Beige
Price $16

·         The Best Powder Foundation I’ve ever tried until now…As of the moment, this is my current Favorite!! (review soon)

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Review: Tony Moly Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup BaseSPF15 PA+

Tony Moly Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup BaseSPF15 PA+
 Price:USD20                  Size: 30ML

What is Tony Moly’s Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup Base?
·         a lightweight makeup base that covers blemish, pores and wrinkles with its light diffusion principle so that the skin looks soft and silky.
·         jewerly complex composed of Pearl, amethyst, tourmaline and diamond particles also provide shimmer and brilliance to skin.
·         Oligo mineral complex, which boosts the skin's defense mechanism, provides a protection layer on skin against daily stress and relaxes the skin further so that the skin stays soft and calm.
·         Herb extracts such as Rosemary and Lemon balm extracts add full hydration to skin without irritation.

How to Use?
Apply this product with finger from center to edge of the face lightly before apply foundation.

My Review:
I’m in search of a green concealer or makeup base in green color in order to effectively conceal the “red patches” around my cheeks and chin areas. I already bought the Corrective wheel from Lulu Make-up (will post the review soon) which is really GREAT!! Makes it even fab when I used it together with Tony Moly’s Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup Base! The “red patches” are hardly noticeable even without any foundation! Just the concealer and primer= No more red patches =)

What I L-O-V-E about this:
·         Its Mineral= good for your skin (I think!)
·         Very nice sleek packaging in dispense pump=very hygienic
·         Love the mild scent (can’t explain, pretty sweet smell)
·         A small pump is enough to cover the entire face= a little goes a long way
·         Shade is in light green= able to conceal redness without showing too much “GREEN”. When blended redness+light green= Beige (close to skin color!)
·         Consistency is uber light, felt nothing on skin
·         Once applied, makes skin zuper soft and smooth= makes it so easy to top it off with foundation

 A little bit “Uh-Oh”:
·         Might be a little expensive
·         Only available in Tony Moly’s shop
·         For Sensitive skin(personal experience)= experience itchiness upon application but would go away after a few seconds
·         For Dry skin (mom’s experience)= experience dryness of skin

Buy Again & Recommend? Double Yes!!!!!

Review: Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara

Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara
Price: USD 19       bought at Geisha's Secret online shop
Overview of the brand Fairy Drops:
FAIRY DROPS Mascara was created by a Japanese TV personality Aya Yasuda, realizing that eyes are the secret to making great impression, she was inspired to create a new mascara wand that is now patented in Japan.

What is Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara ?
Fairy Drops “Volume Burst Mascara” contains Volume Up Powder, Wax and Fiber to make “Volume Burst” in one coat.

Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara claims:
·         Creates sky high curls
·         Specially designed & patented wand evenly coats each strand of lashes that creates thick and lengthy non-clumpy lashes

My reviews:
Let me state out what I like about the mascara first:
·         Cute packaging and the design of the wand is really cute
·         Able to create uplift curl through the use of its wand
·         Lashes will not be drooping
·         No weird scent
·         Coat each strands of lashes evenly without clumping the lashes together

A bit of “uh, oh”:
·         Not available locally
·         Quite expensive compared to local mascaras
It’s a great mascara over all, but I think some drugstore mascara which is cheaper can also achieve same effects as to what Fairy Drops does. It didn’t give me a WOW effect, nor gave me any cons that lead me to dislike the product. Overall, a pretty okay mascara that has a cute packaging (-__-)”

Recommend or But Again? Probably No! there’s much mascara to try out there… =) I'm eyeing the Real Mascara from Benefit...Anyone tried it yet? ~

Long Overdue Product Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Range

I went to Korea last month and managed to haul a few things from Nature Republic. The reason why I bought them is due to the intense weather there. My skin is so sensitive therefore I needed to purchase a skincare that could cope up with the weather there.

I went to Nature Republic and purchase the entire Aloe Vera range:

Ø  The best gel moisturizer I’ve ever tried!! Super Multi-purpose, can also applied on hair!
Ø  Transparent gel consistency that is ULTRA lightweight and felt nothing when applied but able to keep skin HYDRATED and MOISTURIZED
Ø  Suitable for Sensitive skin as its made with Aloe Vera and is very soothing and able to calm down the redness instantly!

Ø  Hurts after applied but would go away after few seconds.
Ø  Didn’t notice any massive improvement interms of softness/smoothness
Ø  The only thing I like is that it quite light but could still feel “something” on your face unlike the Soothing Gel.

Ø  Transparent Gel form that is ULTRA MILD even though my face is peeling and super red but it didn’t hurt a bit while using this.
Ø  Tends to provide enough moisture as my face is not that red anymore after washing
Ø  Even though it is a ULTRA mild cleanser but never underestimate the cleansing power as it DOES effectively remove dirt and residue thoroughly!

If anyone of you guys suffers from redness of skin due to sensitivity issues then you can try Nature Republic Aloe Vera range products as it did help my skin to tame down the redness and cope with the weather change.

I also bought their Mango Bebe Lip Care Stick SPF15 (Mint Mango) because my lips is EXTREMELY dry and cracking.

This Lip Care Stick protects my lips from drying and cracking. The scent is quite minty and feels minty too when applied. This lip care relieved my lips from the weather there. Definitely a MUST buy if ever you visit any places with extreme weather… 5 stars for this one!

By the way, since I’m an avid fan of concealers, so I bought their Vanilla Sky: Stick Concealer.

Not much to say about this concealer stick, pretty much similar to any drugstore stick concealer. Oh, one thing I need to mention though, I love the sweet scent of it.

Nature Republic is available here in the Philippines already! Checkout their FB page for more info.
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