Discreet Taupe Look

Hellos! Decided to create a very simple look by merely using NYX: Natural Shadow Palette which I received from sweet Jamie ^_~

 A discreet wearable everyday  look ^_~
Thanks for dropping by =)

Dermae: Refining Vitamin A and Glycolic Cleaner Review

Hellos! I noticed that I haven’t been blogging about skincare or acne related products recently so I decided to share one product that I have learn to love since the start of 2013! ^_~
My skincare products are pretty much still the same all year round and would probably only alter a moisturizer, if ever the temperature drops. I have no complains with regards to the products I used, but you guys know that I am getting older day by day *sighs*; so I opted to look for products that does not only focuses on acne but also provides renewal properties.

The product I’ve learn to love this 2013 is none other than Dermae: Refining Vitamin A and Glycolic Cleaner. This is actually my second bottle as I have already emptied the first one and decided to grab another one since the results are quite nice ^_~

Dermae: Refining Vitamin A and Glycolic Cleanser               Price: USD12.75 / Size: 175ml
What it claims:
  • Natural and mild exfoliating formula that rinses away dirt, oil, impurities and deep cleanse pores
  • Helps to achieve a healthy complexion
  • Contains Vitamin A, which is known to have cellular renewal properties
  • The main ingredients is made out of Glycolic Acid, Marine Plant Extracts and papaya which gives skin a thorough cleansing effect
  • Ideal for normal to oily skin types
Here goes the real deal of my reviews:
What I’m Loving:
  • Comes in a transparent gel form that is quite easy to lather and rinse off
  • Able to provide skin a thorough cleansing without stripping out the needed moisture the skin needs
  • Noticed that skin becomes soft, smooth and more radiant after every wash
  • Helps to revive skin dullness
  • Did not aggregate existing acne or experience discomfort upon using
What I Don’t like:
  • Not easily reachable in some areas (I bought this at Healthy Options)
Overall Reviews, Suggestion & Recommendation:
  • Considering the price, I think it is quite a steal as you get both Vitamin A and Glycolic in one product already.
  • I have oily combination and sensitive skin and it works fine on me(no irritation encountered)
  • I love the fact that it is a natural & organic, cruelty and paraben-free and Eco-friendly product!
  • For those with oily skin, I do suggest to use a cleansing brush or pair it up with your clarisonic in order to achieve a more overall cleansing (I personally use this method)
  • Lastly, I don’t know if its just me as I do think it helps on lightening acne spots (not major) but just minimal effect
That’s it for my review on Dermae: Refining Vitamin A and Glycolic Cleanser ^_~
Hope you find it helpful =)

LoveShoppingholics Worldwide Lens Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

Hellos! Today I will share an awesome news for all of you as LoveShoppingholics is generous enough to giveaway a pair of Circle Lens to ONE LUCKY reader INTERNATIONALLY =)
First off, Let me tell you some tidbits about the online shop LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS.

LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS was already in the online business since 2008 and they offer circle lenses as their main product line but of course they do carry other cosmetic/beauty related items too =)

Here are some quick FAQ you might want to know about LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS:
1)      What Circle Lens brand does LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS carries?
Answer:  They offer Barbie Eye, GEO, Hana SPC, NEO Vision, EOS, Candy M- brands from Japan to Korea, Name it they have it!
 2)      Does LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS carries graded circle lenses?
Answer: Yes! They carry graded and plano type lenses
 3)      Does LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS ship Worldwide?
Answer: Yes! They ship worldwide
 4)      What type of payment does LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS accepts?
Answer: Accepts PAYPAL and Credit Card (coming soon)

For more information about LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS click HERE

Now onto the Real Deal Giveaway!!! LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS is super duper generous on giving away a pair of Circle Lens (your choice of brand, design, with or w/out grade) ABSOLUTELY FREE!! 
You only need to do 3 things which I will name it as L, F, C (Like, Follow and Comment)
Mandatory Tasks:
This giveaway is OPEN WORLDWIDE and will end on 22 April 2013.
Winner will be selected randomly and gets to choose any pair of lens available in LOVESHOPPINGHOLICS.


Jamie’s Surprise Package

Hellos! Today I wanted to share a super duper lovely package I received from a lovely person I’ve known in the blogger community.  It’s none other than Jamie of Living and Loving Life! I was super happy and excited the moment she announced that I was selected as her Commenter/Reader in her blog! Thank you Jamie!! I was still in Cloud9 till now! ^_~ This is by far the 3rd time I got selected being a commenter/reader in a blog! First, was pretty Gem from Vanity and everything in between, Next, is lovely Genzel from Genzel kisses and here comes the third one from sweet and divine Jamie! ^_~
These are the items I received from sweet Jamie:
What it claims:
l         Contains 6 nude hues that will define and enhance look instantly
l         Able to create variety of natural looks
l         Luxurious shadows and true to color payoff
My Reviews:
l         I loved the handy and travel friendly palette (packaging is very sturdy)
l         No fallouts on the eyeshadows (very nice!)
l         Shades are not overly pigmented but hey it work well on me
l         The swatches above are merely swipe once! And with no primer beneath~ I’m sure it will definitely give justice if swatch twice and with added primer =)

What it claims:
l         Moisturize and soothe lips
l         Contains Vitamin E that can protect lips
l         Paraben-free, Petroleum-Free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-Free
My Reviews:
l         Smart and cute packaging; I hate lip balms whereas I need to dip my fingers in it
l         Super duper YUMMY scent!! I want to eat it! Smells like a strawberry shake!
l         Moisturize and cure crack lips instantly without feeling sticky or greasy at all
l         If your problem has always been dry and crack lips(yours truly >_<), EOS is the one to your savior!
l         This is by far the BEST EVER lip balm I have ever tried! I swear my lips on this!!

Thank you again Jamie!! I really love both products and enjoy using them ^_~
Have you guys tried either products? What can you say?

Mini Face Shop Hauls and Reviews

Hellos! Noticed that I have been good this March as I did not overhaul or bought something that I do not need or won't be using. 
I hope I could continue this type of behavior and survive till the end of March (*cross fingers*)
1) Herb Day Cleansing Cream in ALOE                  Size: 150ml
What it claims:
  • Mild and hydrating cleansing cream that is suitable for All Skin types
  • Contains fresh Aloe and Herb ingredients that helps replenish skin
  • Able to remove makeup gently
My Reviews:
  • The consistency is in a  cream texture with a light tint of green shade
  • No definite smell
  • Able to remove makeup thoroughly and is very gentle even to sensitive skin
  • I have issues with makeup remover getting into my eyes (even though I swear I have tightly closed my lids) so I am quite meticulous when trying out makeup remover
  • This cleansing cream doesn’t blur or irritate my eyes and still works tough on removing those makeup effectively
  • I would recommend this to someone who have issues using harsh makeup remover as this is definitely a gentle cleanser that even a sensitive skin can try
My Reviews:
  • Loved the simple and clear packaging as you are able to see the shade clearly
  • Good pigmentation and sufficient amount of product included
  • Varieties of Shade to choose from
  • Add that extra spark by applying on inner tearduct
  • Top it off from an eyeshadow to give the makeup look an extra pop
My Reviews:
  • Loved that it is basically a 2-in-1 function whereas one end with the eyebrow pen and the other end is built with brush
  • The pigmentation is really light and just appropriate when shading the eyebrows
  • The triangular shaped pencil make it more easy in shaping eyebrows
  • Shape your eyebrow by bordering first then shading it
  • Use the brush on the last step so that it would give more opacity on the eyebrow
That’s it for my micro-mini Face Shop hauls!
How about you? Have you been good this March?
Thanks for dropping by ^_~

VS Backstage BombShell Makeup Kit Review + FOTD

Hellos! Today I am going to review about the Victoria Secret: Backstage Bombshell set I have posted before HERE. It is describe as a 55 must-haves for eyes, lips and face-all in one "Hello, Bombshell" Makeup Kit.
The makeup set contain the following:
30 eyeshadows
5 lip glosses/ 5 lipstcks
4 blushes/ 1 luminous powder/ 1 translucent powder
1 bronzer
1 mascara / 1 lip liner/ 2 eye applicators/ 2 lip brushes/ 1 face brush/ 1 eyeliner (mini versions)
Stand-up vanity mirror at 5 1/4"L x 4 1/4"W x 1 1/2"H

My Reviews on this Makeup Kit:
What I Like About:
  • Wide range of eyeshadows and lippies shade included
  • Pretty much an all- in- 1 kit as you have everything in this kit
  • Price is not bad considering the varieties of product included
What I don’t Like:
  • Fragile packaging (definitely NOT travel friendly)
  • All the included mini brushes are useless (not workable and super flimsey)
  • Almost all eye shadows have fall-outs
  • Some eye shadow have low pigments even if I apply it with primer
Overall Reviews:
I am quite disappointed with this kit as the eyeshadows are low in pigments and have major fallouts >_< All the included tools are also USELESS as the quality is cheap -__- I would probably  NOT recommend this kit as I think it is not worth it at all  >_<

Despite the disappointment, I manage to create a spring look using just this kit and below are some of the photos:
Used some greens and brown that represent Spring =)
Thanks for dropping by ^_~


Hellos! Been busy and sick these few days thus the reason of lack on update >_<” Good thing, its Friday so I have time to post all the pending reviews! Yey~ ^_~ I’ve been wearing circle lenses more often than usual as I realize that circle lens can be comfortable as long as you found the “right” lens for your eyes~
Luckily, Loveshoppingholics is kind enough to offer EOS ICE BROWN for me to try and eventually found out that EOS lens suits my eyes well enough! ^_~
Enlargement: Adequate enlargement
Comfort: Super comfortable as I can wear straight 6-7 hours WITHOUT experiencing dryness or irritaion (despite me having a super dry eyes)
Brand: EOS Ice Brown (ECS001139)
Availability: Ready On Stock at Loveshoppingholics
Delivery: Everything was packed SAFELY and SECURELY in a Bubble wrap and took 5-7 days for International shipping
Why I’m loving it: It makes my eyes Pop, Spark and Glow! Wearable even with minimal makeup~ Instantly makes my eyes look ALIVE and EXPRESSIVE ^_~
Worry no more on flatness or dullness of eyes as loveshoppingholics carries huge and wide range of gorgeous circle lens that can ultimately make your eyes Pop, Spark and Glow
Be the centerstage at your upcoming prom by choosing the best circle lens  at loveshoppingholics now!!

Victoria Secret: The BombShell Look Kit Review

Hellos! Today I will review about the Victoria Secret’s The Bombshell Kit that I have posted on my previous entry HERE. I really love the set as I find every item really useful =)
Let’s get to the item one by one:
·         The consistency is in gel form and it immediately make my skin feel super soft, smooth and a ready canvass for makeup application
·         It also helps makeup to last longer
·         Didn’t encounter any irritation or aggregate existing acne

2)      Makeup EyeShadow Trio
·         Pigmentation is good and didn’t experience any fallouts
·         Love the combination of the three shades as it’ll be able to create both smokey and neutral looks nicely
·         Sleek and travel friendly palette

3)      Makeup EyeLiner in Extreme Black
·         Intense crayon black that is easy to apply
·         Minimal smudge and smear encounter after 5-6 hours of wearing

·         Able to give lashes an instance volume without clumping
·         Wand created in a shape that makes it easy to swipe on

5)      Sparkling Gloss
·         The colour is almost nude but it gives a sheer glossy shine
·         Doesn’t feel sticky and provides lips enough moisture

6)      Bombshell Perfume
·         I don’t like the scent as I find it too strong for my taste >_<

·         I’m loving the pink “baked” shade as it gives a natural rosy cheek effect

Overall Reviews:
I would recommend this set to someone who is just starting on makeup as this set has almost all the essentials included. The price is not bad at all, for USD30 you get to have almost everything you needed =) The item that I love the most would probably be the mascara as it gave my “barely there” lashes more visibility =)

I also created a look using only the above makeup kit and here are some of the photos:

That’s it for my reviews ^_~
Thank you for dropping by ^_~
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