I have plenty of GEO/EOS/DUEBA/G&G lens but never has I written a review simply because I was lazy (-__-)” But now, I’ll start to review all the GEO/EOS lens so that people can have an idea of the lens first before purchasing it. I recently bought 10 pairs of GEO/EOS as the old 10 pairs have reached its expiration date so I had to throw them away (but didn’t get the chance to review them L)

Since I’m lazy I won’t be able to review all of them so I’ll just review:


I love this lens cuz’ its super comfy, was able to enhance the size and the effect is quite natural. There are some lens that you would look weird but this lens does NOT! If you want a look that can enlarge your eyes (like 2x) but naturaly this is the best lens to choose from.

 Some pics wearing SUPER CRYSTAL BROWN:

I used to buy lenses from different multiply shops, but there was one time I stumble into since then I never buy at other shops anymore. 

JapaneseCandy08 has a lot, a mean a WHOLE lot of onhand stocks with or without grade, GEO/EOS/DUEBA etc lens available plus I think she has the cheapest promo of all lens sellers out there! I bought 2-3 times already, purchase more than 15 pairs so I can assure you that all her lens are guaranteed ORIGINAL and Authentic! She’s very fast in replying orders and arranging of shipment as well, you could receive your orders in just 1-2days! The best of it, she accepts orders INTERNATIONALLY!!!! So never hesitate to buy from

Prettia aka Liese Bubble Hair Color

Prettia aka Liese Bubble Hair Color

I’ve been dying my hair like 93665364222 times already and believe it or not I’m not yet bald! Harhar~ Anyway, I super like the Prettia Bubble Hair dye cuz’ it’s so damn easy!!! Its just like shampooing your hair and tadaa~ instantly you have a new hair color! Magic~

I have written a review on the Prettia Bubble Hair dye before, but this time I wanted to emphazie on the COLOR. At first, I purchase lots of brown/blondes color such as MilkTea brown, Custard brown, Chiffon beige etc etc… the color was so pretty!! But one thing I hate is the maintanence, because after several weeks UGLY black roots would grow and you would definitely look like a pudding head! Which is a no-no~ Since then, I purchase on Dark colors such as Glossy brown, Natural Ash, Elegant Ash though the color is kinda dark but it still gives a twist of brightness compare to a virgin black hair. And the most important, even though black roots is growing but it is NOT that visible so you don’t have to worry about pudding head!!

Anyway, I don’t have an exact before and after pictures, but I’ll post up the pics of the hair color dyed using Palty/Prettia colors.

Recently, I have dyed my hair in Prettia NATURAL ASH:

 This is Before dying:
(if you want your hair color to look  something like this; use Palty Beauty Muave (reddish brown))

Then after dying it with Prettia Natural Ash, here is my AFTER hair color:
(The reddish tone is replaced with a tint of grayish brown)

Here are some reference photos, if you plan to dye your hair in Chiffon Beige, Custard Brown, MilkTea brown etc (Brown Series). I tried all the brown series from Palty and Prettia/Liese, it doesn’t really have a huge difference, when dyed the results will just differ on the lighter/darker tone. If you have virgin black hair color and wanted to achieve a Light brown look, you have to dye like 3-4 times before it could reach that certain color. 

From Virgin Black to Milktea Brown-->Marshmallow Brown-->Glossy Brown-->Chiffon Beige-->Chestnut Brown-->and so on :

Palty, Prettia/Liese are NOT available locally so you can only buy them through online. Luckily, there are plenty of local multiply sellers who carry these. I bought mine at , she has plenty of onhand prettia/palty available and also provide pre-order spree. She’s a really great seller and very fast on handling queries and shipping of your orders. I bought like 4-5 times already and never once did she fail to accommodate me promptly. Currently, she has a couple of onhand stocks for Prettia so if you want to try it better order now orelse it’ll be sold out soon!

Battle of the Concealers (Body shop, Etude House, Face Shop)

I’m not born with perfect skin; I don’t like to eat those so-called “healthy food”; I sleep at 1am and wake up at 4am daily; I seldom drink water; I eat a lot of junk food thus resulting me in a very bad skin =(

The only thing that keeps my skin okay is by using Mario badescu. Even though my skin is improving but CONCEALER is still a MUST!!!Aarrgh, I can’t live without concealer; I use concealer by hidding those acne scars, red spots and uneven skintone.

I’m going to make a review of the 4 concealers I’m currently using:

 1)      THE BODY SHOP- Lightening Touch (Shade 01) 
-It is a lightweight liquid concealer. It was quite liquidity but it was able to conceal small non-cystic acne and light scars.

Rank: 3/5

2)  The Face Shop-Dewy Perfect Stick Concealer

-It is in matte form like lipstick form. Since it was in matte, I find it REALLY difficult to apply because the consistency is too thick!

Rank: 1/5

3) Etude House -Surprise Essence Concealer

- It is in thick paste form concealer. It contains a sponge brush that you could easily apply on. The consistency is kinda thick but it was able to hide cystic acne and scars.

Rank: 3/5

4) Etude House- Surprise Concealer Stick (#2 Natural beige)

-It is in a powdery stick form, kinda like a loosepowder in stick form. This is the best concealer ever! It tends to hide black heads, cystic acne, scars, uneven skintone etc. Once applied it does not only conceal naturally but also have this powdery effect.


(I'm still in search for a concealer that could really hide red spots and uneven skintone naturally, any recommend, pretty pleaaase.....)

Thanks! ^_^

Mario badescu Control Cream and Keratoplast Cream Soap Review

Updates on my skin after using prolly a month long of Mario Badescu’s Products.

 **have drying lotion all over my face -_-"***

I’m no longer breaking out, though occasionally I developed one tiny pimple but it would go away for 2-3 days as long as I applied it with Drying Lotion. Finally, my acne journey is about to end, thank you again Mario Badescu! My skin is getting better day by day thus I don’t consume that much concealers unlike before! (Yey!)

Finally, Essences is now available with Control Cream and Keratoplast Cream Soap. I immeditaly bought them and loved the way they treat my skin.

What is Control Cream?

àitreatment for red, rashy, flaky and irritated skin types and Rosacea sufferers. Non-greasy, low oil formula. May be used for troubled areas of the face or in place of a moisturizer.

Even though I don’t suffer from Rosacea, but I still decide to use this cream, simply because I have these red spots detain in my face due to previous acne and harsh prducts used.  

I did not regret using this cream, instead deeply regretting why I haven’t used this earlier.

What it did to my skin:

-red spots were slowly fading turning into normal skin color

-skin becomes soft and blemish free

-skn becomes less sensitive

Would you recommend it? Yes and YES!!

Rating: 10/10

Next, we moved to Keratoplast Cream Soap:

-able to reduces redness associated with broken capillaries and extreme sensitivity.

My review:

This is by far the best cleanser I have used in my entire life. This cleanser is mild yet will be able to remove make-up, oil and excessive dirt on my skin. After cleansing, Skin will feel soft, smooth and calm.

Would you recommend it? Yes and YES!!

Rating: 9/10

For those who have sensitive skin,fighting acne for years, please don’t hesitate to try Mario Badescu’s products. It really improve my skin condition and has cleared up my acnes.

I received a a free trial pack of Cucumber cleansing lotion and Aloe moisturizer from the SA of MB so I’m going to review these two items on my next entry =)


 Luvs Mario badescu ^_^


~Etude House-Golden Ratio Contour Maker Review~

I have a chubby and round face eversince, I’ve tried those slimming essence, dieting and chewing of gum but none of them works, my face is still ROUND AND BIG. I don’t want to inject botox or go under the knife cuz’ I’m scared and I don’t have the money.

The safest way to shrink your face or I might say to cheat on it, is merely by make-up CONTOURING. I don’t have the idea on how and what products are the best for contouring but thanks to youtube I managed to learn how to contour.

I love the MAQUILLAGE face creator as I’ve read plenty of nice reviews however I can’t seem to find it locally. Since I’m just a beginner, I won’t splurge my savings to MAQUILLAGE yet so I bought the ETUDE HOUSE- GOLDEN RATIO CONTOUR MAKER#2 VENUS ANGLE (in gold).

Etude House's Golden Ratio Contour Maker:
--> This multi-shade pressed powder supplies highlighting, shading and blusher tones.

Here's how to apply:
Apply to facial surface for powder expression.
Apply to T&C zones for highlighting.
Apply along the hairline and jawline for shading
Apply to cheeks for blush expression

At first I though the shading would be a little bit dark cuz’ I’m quite fair, but upon applying it doesn’t look heavy but quite natural though. It has a few shimmery which is a plus because it uplifts your skintone and enhance your jawline. As for the highlighter, it doesn’t seem too white at all, the highlighted areas looked more precise. The last but not the least, the tone of the blusher is a mixture of tint orange pink. It gives you a sunkissed looked when applied.

Will you recommend? YES, Definitely
Rank: 8/10

Battle of the Mascara's (Etude House and Maybelline's)

One thing that my make-up kit wouldn’t live without is MASCARA!!!! For me, MASCARA is the ONLY necessity in the make-up bag while, the rest where just optional.  I’ve tried a lot of different mascaras from local brand Ever Belena, Nichido to US Brand Victoria Secret and so on. But those mascaras are just so-so and doesn’t create pretty lashes so I never buy them again. Among all the mascaras I’ve tried, I discovered that Maybelline and Etude House’s mascaras are the best of best! I’ll make a review on the mascaras I’m currently using and will CONTINUE using, unless I find a BETTER one. But as of the moment, I’m sticking to these mascaras as they create beautiful lashes.

-          this mascara definitely creates the THICKNESS of the lashes. Lashes will look deep black and full of volume.. This is suitable for evening or occasional event as it gives your lashes full of volume.
Does it Clump? Yes and No, it won’t clump for first two stroke, but if you apply it more than thrice it tends to clump a little a bit
Does it Smudge or creates Panda Eyes? No
Rank: 8/10

-          this mascara targets on LENGTH of the lashes. Lashes will look long and deep black.  At first, you might think the brush is way too big, but it really won't bother that much once you’ve tried applying.  For those who have short lashes, this is the best mascara for you.
Does it Clump? Yes and No, it won’t clump for first two stroke, but if you apply it more than thrice it tends to clump a little a bit
Does it Smudge or creates Panda Eyes? No
Rank: 8/10

3)      ETUDE HOUSE- Oh~m’ EyeLash (Curling & Clean)
-          this mascara gives you an alluring Natural-looking lashes. Lashes will look long and a little bit of volume. This is my favorite mascara of all time as it enhances the length and volume of your lashes yet still look natural. For me, it doesn’t clump at all even applying for hundred stroke!
Does it Clump? No and never
Does it Smudge or creates Panda Eyes? No and never
Rank: 9.5/10

4)      ETUDE HOUSE- Proof 10’ Mascara
-          this mascara darkens the color of your lashes. Lashes will look deep black and enhance the length a tiny bit. The brush of this mascara is quite small so I only use this mascara for my lower lashes. This is the only mascara brush that I can apply on lower lashes as it is easy to apply and doesn’t look heavy.
Does it Clump? No and never
Does it Smudge or creates Panda Eyes? No and never
Rank: 8/10

BodyShop Aloe Calming Cleanser and Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Reviews

I used to have an acne-prone skin every since high school but now my skin developed into a SENSITIVE acne-prone. Why? Cuz’ during early days, I have used plenty of harmful chemical into my skin(all I want that time is to get rid of those acnes, not knowing they are really harmful and contains chemicals that can worsen your skin).

I know each individual have different skin types but the products that I am going to mentioned below really worsen my skin condition. For those people who want to try, give it a second thought, but if you are okay with risking your skin then go.

1) Panoxyl Ointment and Wash- at first you “might” notice a tiny improvement but the adverse reaction you experience is really not worth it. This product will extremely DRY your skin and PEEL BADLY but despite the dryness it still didn’t clear the pimples/acne.

2) Maxi-Peel cream- Experience burning of skin and have developed more acne!

3) Clean & Clear Active Clear Line – First few days really improves your skin and later ruin you skin. Develop tiny red spots and peeling of skin.

4) Ko-Jiesan Soap- at first few months it would make you go to heaven but later pulls you down to hell. First few months, clear up your pimples but later you would often break-out and develop large cystic acnes.

5) Etude AC Clinic set- Developed more acnes/pimples
6) The Face Shop Acne Line- Developed more acnes/pimples

But thank GOD! I found Mario Badescu, my skin is getting better day by day though I still developed pimple but not that often anymore.

Essentials doesn’t carry Mario Badescu Cream Soap Wash and moisturizers yet so for temporary replacement I decided to purchase the Body Shop’s “ALOE CALMING FACIAL CLEANSER” and “Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15”. I bought these two products merely because it is targeted for sensitive skin types (which I am now).


What Bodyshops says:
***A mild and creamy soap-free cleansing lotion. Leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. Comforting and calming on sensitive skin. Dermatogically approved and clinically proven as suitable for sensitive skin.

My Reviews:
***I lurve this cleanser, its super mild and calming. You can use it with or without water, perfect for removing make-ups. You will feel clean and smooth after using.

Rate: 9.5/10

Next we move to Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15, I used this before applying make-up and before going to bed.

What BodyShop says:***Protect and soothe your sensitive skin from the sun with a gentle, easily absorbed, non-greasy lotion that has SPF 15.

My reviews:
***Light-weight doesn’t feel anything when applied on
***Complete moisture can last for whole day
** Skin becomes soft and smooth after applied

Rate: 10/10

For those who have sensitive skin like mine, do not hesitate to try the BodyShop ALOE (For sensitive skin)line cuz’ it really helps hydrate and heal your skin.

Candy Doll Cosmetics reviews~

I finally laid hands on Candy Doll Cosmetics after struggling in finding a local seller who carries this line, Thanks to Japanichi for bringing this line here(*big hugs*). I was so so tempted to buy this line as I’ve read numerous great reviews on them and now I have them (*big smiles*). I’m an avid fan of Japanese stuff especially their cosmetics! Packaging is so so so damn cute and the models are always freakin’ KAWAII!!
Let me introduce to you Candy Doll Cosmetics.
Candy Doll is a makeup line produced by the famous gyaru model, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Tsubasa once modeled for magazines such as Popteen and egg.

She now collaborates with domestic high end brands to make personalized designer items, such as legwear, shoes, hats, jewelry, glasses, and color contact lenses. The list goes on and on.

Candy Doll is her own personal line. In 2008, she made a tentative step into the makeup market with only two items: a lip concealer and gloss. Since then, the gloss has become a staple in most gal's makeup bags (partly because of the name behind the brand, but mostly because it tapers perfectly to the extremely popular nude lip look).
Even though Candy Doll signature items are the Lip concealer and gloss but I didn’t buy those cuz’ I don’t think I’ll need those as I’m not a regular user of lip gloss.

But who can resist the cute packaging and alluring lips of Tsubasa so I’m really tempted to buy the lip concealer but later backed out (*phew!*) as my lips is always dry and cracked so lip concealer is really NOT my thing and neither it is suited for me.

I bought two items from the Candy Doll line:

1) Candy Doll Mineral Face Powder

Candy Dolls Says:
The #1 mineral make-up & shown in every magazines all over japan!
*100% natural mineral ingredients
*Won't leave your pores clogged even if you forgot to wash it overnight.
*Long Lasting Coverage with a Naturally Flawless Finish
*Will cover rosacea, acne and scarring
*Virtually Waterproof - Will not fade or run even in humid weather or at the gym
*Your skin will never feel heavy and greasy

My reviews:
Loose powder is extremely important and essential especially if you want to manage a clear and flawless smooth complexion. I desperately need this as I have a sensitive and disturbing skin condition but thank God I finally found Candy Doll Face Powder.

I can say that this is the best loose powder I’ve ever tried in my entire life ( at least until now). I’ve tried several loose powder brands such as Elf, Etude house, Maybelline and Skin Food, all of those create “White cast” on your face. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you camwhore with flash and you’ll see an overly white face (*ghost effect*) versus your neck color(*screams loud*). But for Candy Doll, you’ve got nothing to worry as it won’t create that ghostly effect on your face because the powder is NOT white but TRANSLUCENT. Yes, you’ve heard it right, though the powder might look light beige/pinkish but once you pat it on your skin it blends right into and creates a soft and smooth(marshmallow like perfect complexion) effect on your skin.

Why I’m loving it:
 * It’s a translucent powder, will NOT create “white cast” ; Natural skin color finish
 * Blends right into your skin
 * Suitable for sensitive skin (acne-prone skin), doesn’t break me out
 * Controls oilyness of skin

ATTEST to what Candy Doll Says:
*Won't leave your pores clogged even if you forgot to wash it overnight

   ------>Yes! Tried and tested.

*Long Lasting Coverage with a Naturally Flawless Finish
  -------> Oh Yes!

*Will cover rosacea, acne and scarring
 -------->Not quite! as the powder is quite light and translucent, you still need concealer to cover such.

*Virtually Waterproof - Will not fade or run even in humid weather or at the gym
 -------->A little, but it won’t fade as long as you don’t go to sauna.

*Your skin will never feel heavy and greasy
---------> Definitely!

Rate: 10/10

How I use it:
Of course if you have great complexion a gentle pat of this would gives you flawless look. But if you have a bad skin(like me, frown!) I have to use a base liquid foundation first then apply strokes of Candy Doll Mineral Powder to achieve a soft and smooth complexion.
(I prefer to use brush compare to the sponge as it blends more precisely)

How Tsubasa use it:


2) Dolly wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

For people with monolid or chinky/small eyes, an eyeliner is a MUST cuz’ it would make your eyes look bigger and more alive.

My Reviews:
I’m so so luvin’ the Dolly Wink eyeliner because the tip is so thin and sharp makes it so easy to apply plus its water proof!

Why I’m loving it:
*  the tip is thin and sharp makes it easy to apply
*  water-proof, doesn’t smudge easily

Rate: 9/10

Luvs ~Candy Dolls Cosmetics

(PS:I wanted to purchase the purple highlighter, peach pink blusher and Dolly Wink mascara but sadly Japanichi doesn’t have stocks. For those who are selling please message me as I’m really interested on buying those.)

-->Next blog entry, My everyday make-up tutorial~
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