Jiyeon’s CountrySide MV Inspired Makeup Look

Hellos! I’m feeling a LOT LOT better now, thanks to all of your sweet comments on my previous post! Those really help me revive my energy and recover my health back ^_~ Thanks for ALL your super nice comments =)
Since I’ve recovered quite a lot, I decided to do an inspired look from T-ara’s sub-unit which is “N4”. Is sub-unit now a thread in the Kpop industry as it seems that almost all groups have their own sub group! If you were to ask me, I think their agency just wanted to save money therefore creating those so-called “sub-groups” and repackaging and releasing a single that is very different to their present group image. In conclusion, it’s all about business! It’s just a bag of tortillas repackaging it with a new label stating “NEW” & “IMPROVED” etc….and you know its still a bag of tortillas! But we, consumer, still go for it!, that’s the magic of MARKETING!~ oohh, I love marketing~ (btw, I majored in maketing in college, lolz~)
Enough the nonsense, let’s focus on the main topic of this post which is an inspired look from N4. Even though I decided to do N4’s look, but but…. I still don’t know N4’s member name, so so don’t kill me >_< 
Good thing there’s google, so I managed to look up the members name and I am going to recreate a  much wearable JIYEON's makeup look =)  *I know awkward pose* T___T
Jiyeon’s look on the MV is quite easy as it only composed of pink eyeshadows/eyeliners and some gold shimmers on the inner eyes..
Topping it off with a bright reddish lips! ^_~
 I skip the pink eyeliners as I am going to wear this look at the mall and I don’t want to look so bright~
That’s it for my Jiyeon’s CountrySide Inspired Look ^_~
BTW, I just finished watching this week's Global: We Got Married of Taecyon and Guigui and I LOVE it!!=)
Go watch it now at dailymotion HERE! ^_~


  1. nice job on the make up and the posing as well haha! you look so pretty!! > u <

    And btw, I nominated you for Liebster award hihi! ^_^

    1. awww, thanks for nominating the award mwahz ^_~

  2. beautiful look!!! I love love love korean make up,they don't put too much but manage to look flawless and pretty!! ^^
    I like your hair color btw ^^

  3. You looks so pretty !! ^^
    I love your hair color too :3


  4. Gorgeous as always! I love that red lippie :D x

  5. I like how you put your pics side by side for comparison. It was fun to look at. Great efforts at recreating the looks, dear. I know of Jiyeon first from the MV Cry Cry Cry coz I;m madly in love with her short hair. I think she looks the best there.

  6. love your lips! it's like those from Korean idols! tinted in a good way!

  7. I wouldn't think to try pink eyeshadow but you make it seem wearable! Especially paired with gold shadow in the inner corner, it makes a simple but very girly and playful look :)

  8. You look like a Korean popstar talaga, Janet! :) Mas maganda pa nga kesa sa iba eh.

  9. Pretty! I love jiyeon, she's like my bias. Hahahaha!

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  11. Those eyes! :) I really like it! Nakaka K-pop! Hihi.

  12. you look so pretty and cute the makeup <3
    i love jiyeon too XD


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