Army Brushes feat. Real Techniques and Beauty Blender

Hellos! Today I’ll be sharing my make-up armies and short review of the brushes and sponges that I loved and used all the time =)
Sometimes I just wonder why do I have these much brushes when I only have one face =P I guess there is no such thing as having too many brushes (^_^)**
Anyhoo, enough the blabber I’ll proceed with sharing my make-up armies featuring Real Techniques and Beauty Blender.
Let’s start with Real Techniques brushes:
*simply click on the link for more info*
1)      Powder Brush
l         Super duper soft bristles and just enough density to pick up right amount of product for powder application

l         Perfect for blending liquid foundation and applies seamlessly without looking cakey or uneven

l         Extremely dense brush which makes contouring and bronzing application easier

l         Super duper soft bristles that is just perfect for blush and highlight application
l         The way the brush is designed makes blush and highlight application just on point

l         Best ever Contour brush; it picks up just the right amount of product that makes contouring looks perfect

Overall Reviews for Real Technique Brushes:
l         My favorite makeup brushes would be hands down Real Techniques, tried other high end brushes but still goes back with  Real Technique as it makes makeup application so much easier and seamless
l         My favorite would be the BOLD METAL COLLECTIONS as it looks so classy elegant and the way they designed the brushes are just PERFECT

Now lets move to sponges, the ever famous BEAUTY BLENDER:
I guess you guys might have heard whereas bugs went into a Beauty Blender surfacing around the net but I still love BEAUTY BLENDER and will continue using it. I think as long as you have proper sanitization then it won’t happen to your BEAUTY BLENDER at all.

I have tried dupes egg-shaped sponges but nothing really beats BEAUTY BLENDER. In terms of the way it bounce and how it picks up the product is totally different so I always go back with the original.  DAISO carries quite similar egg shaped sponge which I will make a comparison towards BEAUTY BLENDER soon and see how it differs.

That’s it for my post on my Make-up Armies =)
Let me know what other brushes do you like so I can probably try it out as well ^_~
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