LensVillage ICK Clara Brown Circle Lens Review~

Hellos!! It’s Summer here in the Philippines and Spring in most countries! =P  I bet most of you guys are enjoying Summer and Spring break pretty awesome ^_~

I will be sharing a Circle Lens review as I know you guys would want to look pretty sparkly especially if you go out on a vacation =)

I got my Lens from LensVillage.com which is an online store that sells varieties of circle lens from Korea. It is 100% authentic or money back guarantee so you guys can shop with confidence! You can visit LensVillage.com HERE.
Again, I follow my own golden rule in selecting a Perfect Circle Lens:
1)      COMFORT- No matter how pretty the lens is and if your eye is not comfortable, the lens is USELESS!
2)      COLOR- I prefer Brown color as this is the most natural color for me
3)      DIAMETER – I do suggest getting a Circle lens that has a max of 15 mm as greater than that would look a lil’ bit scary --___--“

The Circle Lens I’ll be reviewing this time is from ICK which is CLARA BROWN 
Brand: ICK
Color: BROWN
Comfort: Extremely comfortable considering I have a very sensitive eyes
Enlargement: 15mm
Price: $22.90
Life Span: 1 year

Photos of Me wearin’ ICK CLARA BROWN LENS:

 ICK CLARA BROWN lens ENLARGES my eyes very naturally. 
I have uneven eyes and after wearin’ the lens it instantly makes my eyes look more even
LensVillage.com provides WIDE varieties of Circle Lens from Korea so go check them out now! ^_~
Thank you for dropping by ^_~ 
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