Review: TonyMoly: Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Hellos! I am not a hand cream person because I am super lazy and I don’t like the greasy or sticky feeling on my hand. My mind has always been set that MOST hand creams are either sticky or greasy therefore I never really considered hand cream as a necessity. Good thing that TonyMoly totally help change my perception towards hand cream =)

TonyMoly: Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream                Size: 30g   Price: USD 7
What it claims:
  • Contains extract of peach and apricot which makes it a whitening product
  • Has the ability to provide anti-wrinkle prevention due to its adenosine ingredient
  • Provides sufficient nutrients, diminishes wrinkles and softness to hands
 My Reviews:
Consistency: Thick creamy texture that is easy to blend on skin
Color: Milky White
Scent: PEACH (EXACT Smell of REAL peach fruit, definitely not an artificial smell)
Packaging: Peach-like container with a lid top
Price: USD 7 (not that bad)
Suitability: All skin types
Availability: TonyMoly retail shop and various online shop

What I Love about it:
  • Even though the texture is thick but it is quickly absorbed to skin making skin feels so SOFT and SMOOTH instantly
  • NOT greasy or sticky at all
  • It smells exactly like a real peach!
A bit “oh-uh”:
  • Every time I apply this it makes me crave for peaches or something sweet! Lolz~
  • Even though packaging is mad cute but it looks more like a nipple rather than peach! Lolz ^_~ 
Overall Reviews:
Even though you don’t have dry hands, but I still recommend this hand cream as it really helps make your hands feel much much softer and smoother on every application.

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Hellos! Today I wanted to review a product that I am loving and I’m sure you will love it too as this product is suitable for any skin type. I have been using my standard skincare products for quite a while and it’s so nice to know that a new member will now be added to my skincare family ^_~
The STAR product that I will be talking about today is RESKIN SOLUTION: HYDRA FACIAL CREAM. Just a quick overview of the brand RESKIN, it is a brand from KOREA and formulated European styled using only highly dignified organic ingredients. RESKIN’s top priority will always be client comfort and safety. For more information on RESKIN, click HERE.

RESKIN SOLUTION HYDRA FACIAL CREAM              Size/Price: 50g / USD 67 
What it claims:
  • Able to whitens and provide moisturizing effect
  • Oil-Free and creates barrier to protect skin
  • Provides hydration that helps keep skin stays glowy
  • KFDA approved (Korea Food & Drug Administration)
  • Apply evenly on face and neck then spread gently
 My Reviews:
Consistency: It comes in a thick-lard type consistency that is NOT oily or greasy
Scent: No specific smell
Appearance: Light/Aqua Blue
Application: cream turn into tiny water drops upon blending and absorbed quickly to skin (just seconds!)
Suitability: All skin types; I have sensitive oily-combination skin and it works great on me
Price: As stated on the website USD 67 (mad expensive)
Packaging: Jar bottle with a lid separator
Availability: Selected Sephora outlets and Various online shops

(My Skin condition: Acne-Prone, Sensitive, Oily-Combination)
 What I Loved:
  • Not greasy, not-oily; it basically turns into tiny water drops upon application and quickly absorbed around 2-3 seconds into skin
  • Skin felt super hydrated and calm after application
  • Reduces sensitivity and redness on skin
  • It gives skin a healthy natural glow
  • Can be used as makeup base as it gives a smoother surface when applying makeup
  • Does NOT trigger excessive oil since it is water-based
  • Does NOT aggregate or affect existing acne
  • Did NOT encounter any discomfort while using this product
 Needs a bit Improvement:
  • Packaging is heavy and bulky
  • No spatula included, which means you need to dig down which might lead to bacteria
  • Expensive and not locally available
 Important points on what it ACTUALLY DID on my SKIN:
  • Reduces REDNESS
  • Minimizes large pores
  • Balances sensitivity
  • Provide skin a healthy glow
  • Hydrates my skin
  • Skin becomes more smooth and soft

Overall Reviews:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this facial cream and I have to say this is by FAR the BEST facial cream I have ever tried. The mixture is pretty amazing and magical for me as it makes a lard type consistency turns into water drop immediately once it touches skin. I also think it does a good job on healing redness (especially to freshly pick acnes) and calming my “complicated” skin condition. This cream can be used in all season but I think it would work at its maximum during Spring and Summer season. Even though you are super oily this will still be suitable for you as it HYDRATES your skin and NOT add oil to your skin.
Recommend and Suggestion:
YES YES and YES!! That concludes for a THREE YES as it works super duper great on my skin plus my mom’s skin! My mom has extremely sensitive dry skin and her skin loves it too! You can check out your nearest Sephora for this or click its website for more information on where to purchase HERE.
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Avon Skingoodness BB Cream Review

Hellos! Today I would like to review a BB cream from AVON. I haven’t tried ANY products from AVON before so I am quite excited that I get to try my first AVON product!~ My skin HATES most BB cream so I am hoping that my skin could at least cooperate and show some love to AVON’s skingoodness BB cream *cross-fingers*.
AVON: Skingoodness BB cream in Shade B02 (nude)      Price: PHP279 / USD 6
What it claims:
l         Blends seamlessly into skin revealing a healthy and refreshed look
l         Formulated with moisturizing essence and Vitamin Complex
l         Helps protect skin from harmful environment
l         Revitalize skin to look healthy and moisturized
l         SPF20/PA++/Dermatologist tested/ Suitable for sensitive skin

My Reviews:
Consistency: thick creamy consistency that is quite easy to blend on skin
Shade: Available in 2 Shade (Light Beige and Nude) I got Nude
Oil Control: stayed oil-free for 2-3 hours but product started to melt after 4-5 hours
Coverage: Low to Medium (able to even out skintone and conceal some light scar)
Finish: Matte Velvet
Long-Lasting: Low to Medium (it started to melt after 3-4 hours)
Suitability: It is said to be suitable for sensitive but ingredients contains Dimethicone!
Packaging: Handy squeeze tube
Price & Size: PHP279 / USD 6 and 18 grams
Availability: Avon resellers only

What I loved about it:
l         It blends well on my skin and was able to conceal some light scars nicely
l         Despite having dimethicone, it did not aggreagate my acnes or had I experience any irritation
l         Skin felt hydrated but does NOT feel greasy
l         Minimal white cast on flash photography

A bit OFF my taste:
l         After application, skin feels a bit sticky but after topping it off with a powder it won’t be a problem
l         Coverage is not sufficient for me; was NOT able to conceal redness thoroughly
l         Sinks on fine lines

OverAll Review:
l         This BB cream is ok but I really would NOT buy again as it really didn’t give me any WOW effects.
l         It does do its job on moisturizing but a lot of BB cream can pretty much provide the same function
l         I would really NOT recommend nor suggest this as there are still plenty of BBs out there that could easily outdo this BB.
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I 've been wanting to try CC cream, any recommendation please! ^_~

Review: Palgantong Theatrical Powder

Hellos! Since most of my previous entry are all Skincare related stuff, I decided to insert a makeup product just so you girls won’t be tired of seeing overloaded skincare reviews from a skincare junkie, lolz =\
I’m not really into loose powder as I find them really messy to apply, (since I have clumsy hands) but of course makeup companies would always innovate and upgrade in order to minimize or eliminate such inconvenience. As I roam around beauty stalls, most loose powder are already stored in a packaging that contains a built-in puff whereas application would not be messy anymore. It’s been awhile that I bought myself a loose powder just because I don’t use it much often and I prefer compact powders more. But I don’t know what got into me as I got myself a Palgantong Theatrical Powder, which by the way have long been raved and has anyhow dived under the limelight -=\  At least it’s better late than never~
 Palgantong Theatrical Powderin Original Beige    Price: PHP1200/ USD 25
What it claims:
  • Made in ultra-fine particles that delivers smooth, flawless and photogenic finish
  • Helps produce Slimming, Long Lasting, Hydrating and Blooming effects
  • Reflects more light that helps even out skin
My Reviews:
Consistency: Comes in a Pinkish Finely Milled ultra soft loose powder
Shade: I got the Original Beige (Which I think would suits NC20 to NC 25)
Coverage: Low, Barely there (but if you have flawless skin, this alone would look great on you)
Oil-Control: Pretty good! I stayed oil-free for straight 5-6 hours!!
Suitability: I have sensitive/ oily-combination skin and I did not experience any discomfort
Finish: Velvety Semi-Matte
Packaging: Screw acrylic container but comes with a lid top, separator and puff
Size: Contains a LOT of product that could last me for a long time
Price: PHP1200; pretty expensive
Availability: Not locally available but can be easily purchase in most beauty online shops

What I Loved:
  • Once you swipe a tiny layer onto skin it gives such smooth and velvety finish
  • Although the coverage is barely there but it has the ability to diffuse large pores and minimize the look of rough surfaces on skin
  • The Oil-control is pretty good as I stayed oil-free for about 5-6 hours
  • Able to locked-in liquid/cream foundation nicely on skin
  • Gives a nice velvet semi matte finish
 What I don’t like:
  • The puff is quite useless as it won’t be able to provide even finish ( I prefer using foundation brush)
  • I prefer they store it in a built-in puff container instead
  • Expensive and not easily reachable locally
 Overall Reviews:
  • I think this product is good as it minimizes imperfection making skin look less rough. But since it doesn’t really provide any coverage, this product will only look good on top of a foundation (except if you have flawless skin to begin with, then this alone is perfect)
  • Despite its ability to control oil, I do think this can also be used by dry skin since it does NOT settles on fine lines nor it aggregate dry  patches
  • This is suitable for everyday use as it gives a natural velvety smooth finish
That’s it for my reviews!
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BNTNEWS Beauty Package + Win BigBang Autograph ALBUM

Hellos! Today I wanted to share a lovely package sent by the BNTNEWS Team in Korea (**special shoutout to Joy**). I have already introduced you to BNTNEWS previously which you can find HERE.
Basically BNTNEWS provides the most updated K-Trends happening around Korea. They practically covered everything ranging from KPOP, K-FASHION, K-BEAUTY etc. In-short BNTNEWS basically serve you the latest Korean Trends in languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese etc just so every single one of you can be updated even though you don't speak Korean and are located in the other side of the globe. ^_~ 

Now onto the items that BNTNEWS generously sent for me to try it out =)
(Simply click on the product name to know more about it)
What it claims:
l         Helps calm sensitive skin and replenishes tired skin with moisture
l         Contains Sebum-control and astringent properties
l         Leaves skin clean and rejuvenated

Initial Thoughts:
l         The first time I heard about this brand is from BNTNEWS then later I saw Pam review their Solution BB Sun and that is the time I was informed that RESKIN is available in Sephora already.
l         Reskin basically is a European styled organic skincare cosmetics and by merely judging at the packaging it reminds me of DERMALOGICA (which used to be my favorite brand before) and MURAD type of products (yes, high-end products!!)
l         I am really giddy on trying out this Mist as it is said to help calm sensitive skin and at the same time has the ability to control sebum (that’s just what I need!!)
l         Want to know more about the brand RESKIN, Click HERE

What it claims:
l         Able to provide whitening and moisturizing effect
l         Oil-free and creates skin barrier to protect skin
l         Helps keep skin hydrated

Initial Thoughts:
l         This Facial cream reminds me of DERMALOGICA: BARRIER REPAIR, but the only difference would be RESKIN provides an additional whitening whereas DERMALOGICA only provides hydration and moisture
l         The packaging kind of resembles MURAD: WHITE BRILLIANCE RANGE and it looks super CLASSY and HIGH-END~
l         I’ve tried scooping a tiny amount on hand and I must say “OHMYGAWD” this is by far the lightest and QUICKEST ABSORBED cream I have ever tried!!! ( I am kinda predicting that this will be included on my HolyGrail  skincare product soon~~~)
l         If you are so keen to know more about the brand RESKIN and its product, Click HERE

What it claims:
l         Makes lips soft and moisturized
l         Contains a Built-In alarm that can serve as your protection

Initial Thoughts:
l         I won’t need to introduce TONYMOLY as you guys are all pretty aware of them~
l         This Lip Balm is so unique because it can also act as a “weapon”/ “protector” that has the ability to produce SUPER LOUD ALARM that could help you in times of trouble
l         I was quite amazed on how such tiny product could produced such LOUD sound!!
l         Kudos to the Product and Development Team on combining beauty and self-protector in one!!
l         If you would like to know more about this product, click HERE

What it claims:
l         Contains Shea-Butter, Apricot Extract and Peach Extract ingredients which helps improves skin elasticity
l         Helps whitens, soothen and moisturize skin

Initial Thoughts:
l         The packaging was overloaded cuteness!! (except that my mom thought it’s a nipple :\ , she even ask me if its for lightening nipple* T__T**sheesh moms (-__-)”
l         The scent smells EXACTLY like peach!! Oh gawd, it makes me crave peaches now!!!

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Review: Re-Everything Cream: Anti-Age Primary Treatment

Re-Everything Cream: Anti-Age Primary Treatment          PRICE: USD 45
What it claims:
  • Clinically-proven cellular renewal + regeneration, microdermabrasion, antioxidant + intensive moisturizing, anti-aging therapy.
  • Notably smoother, firmer, rejuvenated skin with the radiance of some post-clinical-procedure glows
  • Minimizes the appearance / severity of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of (photo) aging.
  • Helps rejuvenate, retexturize + refirm skin, making it notably tauter, softer and smoother, and more youthful in appearance + behavior.
  • Cellular renewal, regeneration, microdermabrasion, antioxidant anti-aging therapy.
  • VH -76/76. 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free. 100% Dye-Phthalate-Paraben + Preservative-Free.
Promises to provide:
  • Contains glycolic acid which provides micro-dermabrasion, forcing new, younger cells to the surface.
  • Regenerate: Kinetin growth factor promotes cell rejuvenation, causing skin cells to act younger. Proven to stimulate fibroblasts to produce more elastin + collagen. Also a potent antioxidant.
  • Revitalize: Two more antioxidants - green tea + rice phytic acid (also an exfoliant).
  • Rebuild: USDA-certified organic virgin coconut oil for unrivalled moisturization at the cell membrane level.
  • Complements + sustains the glow + other positive effects of clinical peels + procedures.
Aqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteareth-25, C12-15 Alkyl Lactate, Glyceryl Laurate, Butylene Glycol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Glyceryl Caprate, Sodium Phytate, Kinetin.
How To Use:
Gently massage a pea-sized dollop (just enough so it is quickly absorbed) onto face, neck, chest + hands, carefully avoiding mucosal (wet) areas of eyes, nostrils + mouth.
My Reviews:
Consistency: It comes in a white thick cream that is quite creamy and easy to spread out
Scent: No specific scent
Suitability: All Skin Types (Non-Comedogenic and Clinically Tested)
Price: USD 45   or PHP 1,900; Quite expensive
Packaging: Heavy Acrylic bottle with pump
Availability: Worldwide (Click for Store Location and Online Shop)

What I Love:
  • A pea-sized is enough and the bottle can last me for a long time
  • Quickly absorbed to skin

  • Noticed lightening of scars and pigmentation after 1 month of continuous usage

  • Does make skin smoother
 What I Don’t Like:
  • Skin will turn red after application but would go away after 3-5 minutes
  • Encountered slight sting and itchiness on initial application
  • Takes time to see massive improvement 
  • Sensitive skin might not be suitable as it contains high level of Glycolic Acid which can cause irritation
 Overall Reviews:
  • The main reason why I decided to get this is due to its main ingredients which is the Glycolic Acid. If you have been with me on my acne journey, you'd know that AHA is the one who helps heal and control my acne breakout.
  • I have been using AHA for quite a while so I was a bit shock that I still experience redness upon usage
  • Nevertheless, the redness did subsides after a few minutes
  • I also experience irritation such as itchiness when I used it as base and top it off with makeup,
  • But I did not experience such irritation when I used it at night before going to bed
  • So far, I did noticed slight improvement on the scars after using it for straight one month
 Suggestion and Recommendation:
  • I do suggest this to those who have post acne scars and pigmentation as this really helps lighten those. I would probably NOT recommend this to those with DRY and super sensitive skin as the glycolic content is too high and might trigger some irritation.
  • Normal, Oily and Combination skin would be the best suitable to try this product
I normally invest more on Skincare products as I am not getting younger anymore *sigh* therefore I guess it is more streetwise to take care of my skin rather than using makeups to conceal my imperfection~

That’s it for my review~
Thanks for dropping by ^_~ (last pic, errr..-__-)
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