Favorite Show: We Got Married: GuiGui and Taecyeon + Beauty Hauls

Hellos! Happy Friday everyone! My second favourite day of the week as my 1st love will always be Saturday ^_~  I am always excited when Friday reaches as I can’t wait to watch the We Got Married: Global Version of GuiGui and Taecyeon.  I am an avid fan of 鬼鬼 ever since she debuted at 我愛黑澀會美眉. I remember the days staying up till 11pm daily just to catch their show at Channel V =)
For the 1st time watching a Korean Variety Show without the need of subbiess~ Guigui has always been my biased so I hate it when I see people bashing on her. It’s a show okay!!! So in order to make it more entertaining, 節目效果 is very crucial. What Guigui does is only to increase the show’s entertaining level, so please just enjoy the show! ^_~
How can anyone dislike such a cute and adorable lovely girl! ^_~ Click HERE to checkout her FanPage =)

Show some support to Global Version: We Got Married Facebook HERE  and YouTube Page HERE  =)
(Thank you We Got Married Staff for bringing GuiGui into this show and making our Friday night much awaited ^_~)
By the way, I only watch We Got Married at Daily Motion as I prefer the chinese version compared to the English version. You can watch the complete version of We Got Married: Global Version HERE =)

Now onto beauty stuff, I just realized that I am running out of highlighter so I opted to try some drugstore compact. I think it is much practical to choose a drugstore brand as I managed to consume them quite easily and price is not that bad.
Hauled a couple of things from Zalora so decided to share it in this post altogether.
·         Decided to get both since I’m torn between the two shade
·         See? How lovely the shades were ^_~

3)      Suesh: Upper False Lashes
·         This set is super cheap; only $10 for 10 pairs!! Just $1 per pair =)

4)      4U2: GLITZ Shimmer 2 Color Eyeshadow
·         I decided to get this duo as I can feel the spring on this combo=)

That’s it for my super mini-haul ^_~
Thanks for dropping by =)


  1. I love to watch them too! Hehehe


  2. ahh gui gui is my fave too from hey girl! I love WGM~ and it is nice to see taec n gui gui at that show! btw, nice haul :)

  3. Great haul - the shadows in the Glitz palette are sooo pretty!

  4. I never wathed WGM, just some cuts, but I think yokwon+gain and kwanghee+sunhwa were nice couples :D

  5. I watched WGM first season and stopped when all the original couples left. I was so broken hearted and affected, I decided not watch because I dont want to gettoo attached! Haha! I suddenly miss my JoongBo and SolBi couples. :(

    I havent tried wearing falsies. Everr! I might try thatt in the near future. Heehee

  6. girl you looks GORGEOUS! I also have the megaGlo too :P great haul!

  7. I haven't really heard of her or the show but she is super cute!

    7% Solution​

  8. OMG~ I love Gui Gui! I never really watched Hey Girls, but some of my best friends were obsessed with them (and Gui Gui, so she kind of became my bias too)~
    I should watch the Chinese versions, just to improve my Chinese. xD
    Taec and Guigui kind of have an odd chemistry going on, but I like it. c: Can't wait to see how it develops~

    But yeah, the bashing sucks. :c

  9. I love We Got Married! I haven't seen all the couples but from the ones I have seen, my fave would definitely be Nichkhun and Victoria ^^
    I didn't know that Taec was on WGM though!!!! I think I might check it out, thanks for sharing!

  10. I love Wet n Wild eyeshadows, and it's great to learn that even their other products have great pigmentation! I don't blame you for picking both up :D

  11. Hi! You've got a great blog here and I'm your follower. I'd love it so much if you could follow me back via GFC and Bloglovin :) it'd be great to keep in touch!


  12. waaaaa im a wgm and 2pm fan (taec is so cute =)

  13. I love GUIGUI!! :D she's so adorbs. I used to hardcore ship her with Aaron Yan (still do). I'd take Taecyeon for myself any day hehe such a hottie.
    i love the color of the glitz palette specially the green shadow :D


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