Murad Reviews: Acne Concealer, Active C Serum, Illuminating/Sheer Lustre Moisture

I’ve tried quite a few products from Murad before and I’ve experienced hits and misses with regards to their products. If you would like to read my previous reviews on Murad products click HERE.

But for the products below, I was quite amazed because almost all of them work so nice and I love them all! 
Price: USD21                    Size: 0.09oz
What it claims:
·         Heals blemishes with acne fighting Salicylic Acid while providing long lasting coverage
·         Controls and prevents acne breakouts
 My Reviews:
·         Coverage is medium: able to conceal redness, acne marks and brown patches effectively
·         For cystic acne and big bumps it won’t be able to conceal that thoroughly
·         Healing of blemishes? I’m not really sure if it did help as I’m also using a spot treatment before applying this concealer. The only thing I’m sure of is it didn’t make my acne worst or have any discomfort while using this

        Recommend & Buy Again?
·         I think I would probably buy again because it’s not just a concealer but a concealer that helps heals your blemishes too! I would recommend this to those who likes to add a little skincare to their makeup!

Price: USD89                   Size: 1.0FL
What it claims:
·         Improves natural radiance and clarity
·         Smoothes skin to restore youthful texture and tone
My Reviews:
·         Consistency is a little thick but once blended it sinks in to skin immediately
·         Skin felt extremely SOFT and SMOOTH the next morning
·         Adds natural glow to skin immediately once it is absorbs to skin
·         Didn’t experience any discomfort upon using

        Recommend & Buy Again?
·         I just received 3 pocket samples of this and so far I’m loving it!! The full size is quite expensive but the result was really nice! I would recommend this to those who experience sun damage or have dull skin as this serum really helps restore the skin texture and add glow to it!

Price: USD 75                  Size:50ml
What it claims:
·         Helps diminish dullness and discoloration
·         Illuminates skin giving it more balance appearance
My Reviews:
·         Consistency is super duper light!! It felt almost nothing on your skin as it absorbs so quickly
·         Able to lighten pigmentation and acne marks gradually ( I notice effect after 2 weeks of straight usage)
·         Provides natural radiant to skin immediately after application
·         Didn’t experience any discomfort upon using
    Recommend & Buy Again?
·         I recommend this to those who have problems with discoloration and pigmentation as this really helps lighten those areas. Even though it is mad expensive but as long as it works effectively it’s a great investment!

Price: USD 30                  Size:50ml
What it claims:
·         Increase elasticity and firms skin
·         Able to look glow without makeup
My Reviews:
·         Consistency is light and it gives you a sheer and velvety finish upon application
·         Immediately add radiant glow to skin looking more healthy
·         Able to diffuse a bit of redness of skin
·         Provides enough moisture but doesn’t oil up or clogged pores
·         Didn’t experience any discomfort upon using

        Recommend & Buy Again?
·         I recommend this to those who don’t like wearing makeup but would like to have that natural sheer looking skin. This moisturizer would make your skin look pearly glow and healthy shine instantly! For those makeup lovers, this would be a nice makeup base too! I only received 2 samples of this and I would definitely get the full size soon!

If you would like to know more about the products, just click on the product name ^_^~ 
 Hope you find this helpful even though it’s quite a long post but I tried my best to summarize and just include the essential points so that you won’t get bored reading =)

Yet another Skincare Reviews: OXY Wash, Ardent Spray Mist, DermA Tretinion

I invest a lot on Skincare products merely because I have extremely BAD SKIN thus I continue my journey to search for the best products that matches my skin the most! =)
 Just click on the product name for more info~

1)    OXY Perfect Wash               
   Price: PHP620(approx. USD14)       Size:130g
 What it Claims:
·         Unclog pores, exfoliate thoroughly
·         With Anti-Bacterial Ingredients to help prevent pimples
My Reviews:
·         Consistency is in white paste like form which lather easily and foam up nicely
·         Skin felt squeaky clean after every wash
·         Does NOT dries up skin
·         Helps control Oil
·         Felt a refreshing cool feeling upon usage
·         Able to heal pimples gradually (see results in around 1 week of usage!)
Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I would recommend this to those with extremely OILY and ACNE-PRONE skin as this really is a great OIL-CONTROL wash I’ve ever used! Will definitely buy again =)

Price: PHP148 (approx. USD3)   Size:150mg
What it Claims:
·         Gently cleanses skin
·         Able to minimize Pores
·         Smoothen & Moisturize Skin
·         Helps Control Oil
My Reviews:
·         Skin felt smooth and moisturize after spray
·         Helps control oil around 4-5 hours
Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I would recommend this to those with sensitive skin and have problem with controlling oiliness of face. This product is suitable for even the sensitive skin as it is mild but is quite effective in oil control. Will definitely buy again =)

3)    Derm A Tretinoin Cream
Price: PHP125 (approx. USD3)   Size:150mg
 What it Claims:
·         Heals pimples

My Reviews:
·         I didn’t experience any discomfort but it doesn’t heal any of my acne at all

Recommend & Buy Again:
I don’t know if the dosage is a bit low or what but this is not effective for me. Definitely would NOT buy again EVER!

Price: PHP55 (approx. USD 1.33)     Size: 190ml
 What it Claims:
·         Quickly cleanse and remove makeup without irritation or dryness
·         Helps soothe and moisturize skin
My Reviews:
·         Able to remove makeup thoroughly
·         Doesn’t sting eyes or blur vision(even if it gets into, thou you shall not!)
·         Didn’t experience any discomfort
Recommend & Buy Again:
I highly recommend this as this is really affordable yet very effective makeup remover! It removes all of my makeup including those stubborn gel liners/mascaras effectively! Would definitely buy again!

 **Updates on my recent skin condition: My skin has been getting a lot better and so far so good! I don't breakout that often anymore (cross fingers!)***
 I'll make a post of my most recent skincare routine in my next post! really easy and super affordable!!!

Eskinol Facial Scrubs Review: Gluta-Milk, Oil- Control, Face Lightening and Pore Theraphy

1)       Eskinol: Skin Theraphy Gluta-Milk Whitening Facial Scrub
What it claims:
        Contains Glutathione Complex, purifies with a combination of 4 powerful antioxidants (Glutathione, Vitamins E, C and B3) to clear away impurities and reduce melanin formation for visibly whiter skin.
        Contains Milk Essentials, nourishes to soften and smoothen skin.
        Able to exfoliates gently and lift away dirt, oil and dead skin cells

My Reviews:
I’ve finished the entire tube and I must say indeed it did make my skin a little “brighter” than before.  I also notice that my skin is so smooth after every wash.

How to Use?
For Oily & Combination skin: Use it twice daily (morning & night)
For Dry Skin: Use it once daily
Lather a small amount on the palm of your hand. Massage gently on wet skin. Rinse thoroughly.

I would recommend this to those who wanted a brighter skin as this really enhances the clarity of my skin.

2)       Eskinol: Oil Control Pimple Fighting Facial Wash
What it claims:
        Reduces excess oils while preserving the skin’s natural moisture to protect it from irritation.
        Contains acne-shield that effectively washes away dirt and fights pimple-causing bacteria.
        Has soft tea tree oil beads that tends to enhance pimple fighting action.

My Reviews:
I’ve finished the entire tube and skin felt squeaky clean after every wash.
It eliminates excess oil and dirt effectively. I still develop acne/pimple even after using this cleanser but I seldom have massive breakouts like I used to before. This cleanser might dry your face so make sure to moisturize after using.

How to Use?
For Oily skin & Combination: Use it twice daily (morning & night)
For Dry Skin: Use it once daily
Lather a small amount on the palm of your hand. Massage gently on wet skin. Rinse thoroughly.

I would recommend this to those who are acne-prone and oily skin as this helps control oil and also prevent pimples from popping out that often.

3)       Eskinol Face Lightening Papaya Facial Scrub
 What it claims:
        Able to dig deep and clean pores
        Cleanse skin and lighten skin complexion

My Reviews:
I’ve finished the entire tube and honestly I didn’t notice any improvement on skin. The only pros I could state is it did make my skin feel a bit soft

How to Use?
For Oily & Combination skin: Use it twice daily (morning & night)
For Dry Skin: Use it once daily
Lather a small amount on the palm of your hand . Massage gently on wet skin. Rinse thoroughly.

This is just a typical cleanser nothing more I could think of. I really don’t recommend this as it did nothing aside from making skin soft.

4)       Eskinol Ice Poretherapy Facial Scrub
 What it claims:
        help minimize pore size
        Unclogs pores to help remove dirt, dead skin cells and accumulated oil

My Reviews:
I’ve finished the entire tube and I don’t like it as the consistency is in gel form and it doesn’t lather at all. Imagine the same consistency of toothpaste being used a facial wash; not ideal right? Besides that, I also hate it because it does NOT cleanse skin well enough. There are still oil and residue left even after several wash.

Sorry I just couldn’t think of any good to say about this product. So NO please.
But if you are a fan of cleanser that has cooling effect, then you might like this as it gives you cooling sensation after wash.

Hope you guys find this helpful and useful in choosing the right Eskinol Facial Scrub your skin needs =)

Skincare Reviews: GlutaMax, St.Ives, Celeteque, Egyptian Magic Cream

Random drugstore skincare products mostly for lightening, whitening and acne prone skin. 
If you want to know more about the product just click on the product name

·         The moment I open the jar, aargh the scent just blast out and mind you it’s not a decent smell at all. The smell is really annoying and quite strong; scent is similar to a cheap perfume!
·         The consistency is pretty thick, sticky at first but once I applied on my skin it blends well and sink into my skin
·         Whitening wise? I would say YES! Despite the eeeky smell, I would still say this product works! But it’s not an overnight wonder!  I notice improvement around 1-2 weeks of continuous usage. The dark spots on my cheeks has lightens quite a bit and I’m pretty happy with the results!
Recommend & Buy Again?
·         Of course! It’s really effective in lightening dark spots /pigmentation
·         I would recommend this to those who is in need of evening out their skin tone or has problems on dark spots (yours truly!)

·         The beads is kinda rough and might hurt sensitive skin
·         It does exfoliate quite well considering the roughness of the beads!! >_<
·         Healing of Acne?- Nah! I’m not that sold with its healing properties! I would say the oil control is pretty good, exfoliate effectively and cleanses skin thoroughly
·         Despite the rough beads, my skin tends to stay moisturize and not dried out so that’s definitely a pro for me~

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         I would recommend this to those who have extremely oily skin as the oil control is quite good~
·         I would probably not buy again as it really didn’t WOW me much, it’s simply an ordinary scrub that doesn’t dries out my skin

·         The consistency is in transparent gel and does NOT lather and foam up at all which kind of reminds me with the Belo Cleanser
·         The smell is similar to a MINT toothpaste, not similar but exactly smell like a EACULYPTUS flavored toothpaste (maybe because the ingredients is herbal thingy?)
·         Whitening Wise? Nah! I finished the entire tube no whitening or brightening effect at all and it doesn’t even cleanse skin that thoroughly! What’s the use of a cleanser if it doesn’t cleanse at all? Sheeesh!

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         No please, if you see this just skip it so that you won’t waste your money! hehe~

4)    Celeteque: Dark Spot Corrector
My Reviews:
·         Consistency is in whitish gel, not greasy or sticky so it’s totally easy to apply to skin
·         Brightening wise? Hmmm, I just use this in 1 week so far haven’t notice any brightening or improvement of skin.

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         Still under probation! Haha! But it’s a worth a try! Will update once I finish the entire tube ^_~

·         Consistency is in super duper light watery gel and once applied to skin it sinks in immediately
·         Skin felt super smooth after application
·         No unpleasant smell or irratation encountered
·         Whitening Wise? Oh! Yes! I did notice that my skin has become brighter and clarity has improved.

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         Yes and I would recommend to those who hate thick serum as this is really light and sinks in to skin immediately

·         Consistency is thick and oily similar to a lard very oily but once you work on it,  it doesn’t feel heavy or oily at all
·         Once applied skin look really silky  and felt so smooth
·         I really would have to disagree on the “all purpose healing”, it doesn’t heal my rashes, redness or acnes at all. But it does moisturize well enough, so if you have dry flaky skin you might find wonder on this product otherwise I really don’t see any magic on this cream at all.
Recommend & Buy Again?
·         No, I really don’t think it’s worth the hype at all.

·         Consistency is in thick cream foam that contains tiny beads that helps exfoliate skin gently
·         It gives you squeaky clean feeling after every wash
·         Brightening Effect? Nah, did not notice any brightening at all

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         No, it works just like an ordinary cleanser, nothing more.

l         Consistency is in runny gel form, doesn't lather or foam
l          I don’t really agree on its name becase it doesn’t exfoliate at all!
l          Feels minty cool after every wash
l         Prevent blemishes? Not at all! It doesn’t even cleanse well >_<

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         No,despite it having Tea Tree ingredients I don't really think its a nice cleanser because it doesn't even perform cleansing thoroughly 
                                              Ending it with an OOTD of my bald niece, lolz! hehhee~


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