Definitely an HG~

I'm going to share some GREAT products ranging from moisturizer, primer to mascara that works wonders for me.  Definitely an HG for me!!

Lets start of with protecting your skin:

Even though I have an oily skin but still moisturizing is still very important. I recently bought Neutrogena ULTRA SHEER-complete uv moisture and I SO SO SO SO SO LOVE IT!!

From the box it states:
 Superior ultra-lightweight protection lotion against UV and environmental aggressors for healthy, beautifully radiant skin. With breakthrough Helioplex that works like an invisible shield for skin by effectively blocking out harmful UVA/UVB rays and helping neutralize free radical damage. Skin is provided with superior protection against darkening and signs of premature aging. Fluid texture to give you fresh, ultra light feel. Combined with Dry Touch Technology for a non-oily and non-sticky texture, you can spread it on smoothly to a clean and non-shiny finish.
Dermatologist tested, PABA-free, oil-free, does not clog pores.

I don't know what the heck is Helioplex but I'm so sure it does good on my skin! 

- Sleek texture, dries nicely, and no rub-off. 
- non greasy/oily
- skin become soft and smooth

**Use this at the end of your skincare routine as a superior daily bocker**

From the tube it states:
Evens skin for a smooth, virtually poreless appearance and creates a smooth base for lasting foundation.

-Lightweight, gel-like formula fills in pores and lines
-Clean, fresh fragrance refreshes your senses.

My review:
- feather-weight, very easy to apply
- none greasy/oily
- skin will be so so soft and smooth like baby's =)


*** Apply after moisturizer and before Revlon Beyond Natural™ Skin Matching Makeup. • Smooth a few drops all over face, blending from the center outwar***

Last, every girl's MUST have MASCARA!!!
If you have been reading my previous entries, I don't buy or use Korean products anymore as it DOESN't suits me. But because of Etude House- Oh~ m' EyeLash (Curling & Clean) mascara, I totally would  give Etude House a second chance.

I'm currently using Maybelline's Magnum Volume Express Mascara, I like it but it creates too much VOLUME and the brush is so thick. I'm not attending a party or whatsover so I just needed a  mascara that creates slight volume and curly lash effect. 
Etude House- Oh~ m' EyeLash (Curling & Clean) totally creates the look I wanted on my lashes . If you are a student or morning shift office staff, this mascara is the one for you as it creates a natural volume and curly effect on your lashes.

- brush is designed "half-moon" makes it so easy to apply
- water/oil proof
- does not create spider legs even applying it several times
- gives you a natural yet slight volumizing effect on your lashes


Above products are a MUST-BUY!!! A Definitely HG!!!!

Reviews on Clean & Clear Active Clear line

Before I start this review, please disregard all previous posts concerning my journey on battling with acne/pimples. From the amazing review of Kojie-san soap to the quick fix routine of Cetaphil/panoxyl as all of them sucks after I blogged about them.

Overview on my never ending battle with Acne/Pimples:
My skin is really really clear for months upon using Kojie-san soap. 

(see no acne/pimple, only eyebags -__-)

But things tend to turn upside down, I started breaking out, like SEVERE break-out. 


Kojie-san soap does makes my skin clear and blemish free for prolly a month long but break me out for 2-3months and leave permanent dark acne/pimple mark/spots all over my face.

I'm completely sure that Kojie-san is the main suspect of my break-out cuz' I did NOT use/put anything on my face aside from Kojie-san.

(BTW, the reason why I didn't go to derma despite the severity is because I don't have the money and I don't know which derma clinic to visit -___- )

So I quickly threw all the kojie-san soaps and switched to Defensil and Panoxyl routine which you can read here. And other self- experimental routine, as you can read here and here but none works. After spending $$$$$$$$ but still stuck with overly gross ACNE/PIMPLE skin.

As mentioned in previous entries, I am the laziest person on planet so I don't want to use 3545234242 products and follow 3864736553 steps for a daily skincare routine.

Since I can't stand my overly gross pimple face, I kept on googling stuff (acne/pimple related) and came across Clean & Clear Active Clear Line whereas a lot of good feedback were stated in the forum. I rushed into Watson's bought the set and realized it has 82637637 steps to follow!!! >_<  Okay fine, I overeacted its just a 4 step regime but that's already too much for me. -___-

Overview of CLEAN & CLEAR® Active Clear® Acne Control Kit :
CLEAN & CLEAR® Active Clear® Acne Control Kit has 4 powerful acne-fighting products containing salicylic acid that work together to effectively help treat and prevent acne. When used twice a day, these 4 technologies are proven to work faster and more powerfully against acne.

Active Clear Acne Control Cleanser – The first step of the acne-fighting regimen goes beyond cleansing to penetrate pores. It contains bacteria-fighting salicylic acid that calms and soothes acne-irritated skin.
Active Clear Acne Control Toner – The second step is the highly functioning oil-free toner that works to reduce excess oil, which clogs pores, for effective pimple prevention. The combination of salicylic acid and natural botanical ingredients tones and balances skin.

Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer – The third step of the regimen is the use of an oil-free moisturizer that provides a hint of moisture to soften and nourish skin, while containing a breakthrough anti-acne technology to help prevent pimples. With salicylic acid to clear and prevent acne, the natural herbal vitamin ingredients in the Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer also nourish the skin and prevent it from drying.

Active Clear Acne Control Speed Gel – An exciting add-on to the acne-fighting regimen is a highly effective spot treatment that starts working immediately to reduce redness, pimple size and swelling in as little as 4 hours. The combination of salicylic acid and an herbal essence acne-fighting technology visibly reduces acne – fast!

My reviews:
Upon further googling, this product is best suitable for people ages 12-23. I'm uhmm 25, but this products works for me! it simply means I have 12y.o. skin.... nyehehe =P

I just tried this line for like uhmmm 1 week, but it really really does wonder!!! Okay I don't wanna blog about it yet, because I'm not sure if it might mess up again but I just can't help it.
I tell you there's no peeling, reddish stage for this line(unlike Panoxyl and Defensil), you immediately see the results overnight! Initially, I thought Salicylic acid won't work for me cuz' I already tried the overly priced Shiseido blemish free gel which contains salicylic acid.

But boy I was WRONG!!

Benzoyl Peroxide is the one that is NOT suitable for me. The reason why I experience Redness and peeling upon application is because it was TOO HARSH on my skin. (because i have a 12y.o. skin okay!)

Overall review:
4steps is so easy considering I'm a lazy person anyone will find this regime a piece of cake...

Step 1: Active Clear Acne Control Cleanser
- Cleanse face thoroughly
- does not dry skin
-smoothness after wash

- might experience stingy while washing (just a tiny bit)
- smell is not that nice but totally tolerable

Step 2: Active Clear Acne Control Toner
- easy to apply
- does not dry skin

 - might experience stingy while washing (just a tiny bit)

Step 3: Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer
- not oily
- easy to apply
- non greasy
-moisturez skin thoroughly 


Step 4: Active Clear Acne Control Speed Gel 
- easy to apply
- just a pea-sized will do
- works overnight especially to fresh pump pimple/acne

 - might experience stingy while washing (just a tiny bit)

After using for prolly 1 week or 2, here's what Clean&Clear has achieved:


(PS: please pray that this will be the last product I would use and won't break me out anymore......)

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