Murad: White Brilliance Wrinkle and Pore Refining Treatment Review

Today, I’m going to review Murad’s White Brilliance range which is the Wrinkle and Pore Refining Treatment.
Price: PHP4550 (approx. USD 108)             Size: 30ml 


·         Helps brightens skin
·         Lighten dark spots
·         Tightens pores
·         Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
·         Prevent Future Pigmentation

    My Reviews:
·         It’s a serum so the consistency might be a bit thick but once blended it sinks in to skin immediately and skin felt almost nothing
·         Skin felt super duper SOFT and SMOOTH after application
Lightening of dark spots?
·         Well in my case, I should consider it as brown patches/redness scars, I would say Yes! I did notice that my redness scars has reduced

Tightens Pores?
·         I have enlarged pores so if ever it does really tighten I would definitely notice the difference. I would say Yes! It really helps minimize my pores and makes it look more seamless

Wrinkle Reduction?
·         I don’t have much wrinkle so I don’t know if it works or not. I do have fine lines on my forehead but didn’t notice any reduction or decrease of lines. I would say No!

How I use this:
·         After cleansing and toneing, apply a thin layer and spread evenly until it was fully absorbed to skin.

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         The price is pretty hefty but this bottle last me a long time( been using for 3 weeks already) as a pea-size is enough for the entire face. You can always test the product in the counter and ask for samples. I tried the tester and the SA handed me 2 samples without me even purchasing anything so it’s always fine to ask for samples~
·         I would recommend this to those who wanted to lighten dark spots or simply brighten up their skintone due to dullness as this product really works!
 Hope you find this helpful and useful ^_~


  1. oh I also can clearly see the difference it made!
    I really should call you skin care junkie! lol ;)
    Anyway, I enjoy reading your skin care reviews !

  2. I wanted to try a lightening serum pero I can't bear the prices. those effective ones usually ranges from 1k php above. Sana meron ako makita na less than 1k. I'm on a tight budget.

  3. i'm glad to hear this worked for you!

  4. Wow! Sounds like a great product. I'm glad it's working for you!

  5. wow such a cool product.. it really lighten your acne scars :D

  6. Whoa, the pictures were super duper helpful! :0 You have convinced me to definitely try some samples of this...! It seems incredible

  7. I like the idea of brightening dull skin tone. Many a times I am stuck with un-fresh looking skin.

  8. wow its a great product :) do check my blog may be we follow each other

  9. Oh wow this really makes a difference on your skin!! I'll have to check this out. I've yet to try Murad skincare products.

  10. Wow it such a great product! I'm glad to know this product worked for you ^^

  11. wow! what a great review! and koodos for you to put pictures of ur bare skin!! ur a true beauty guru! =)
    thanks for visiting my page! <3

  12. That dramatically reduced the redness and also your pores appear so small! Thanks for the review~

  13. great before and after pictures. nice review! you look gorgeous in the last picture :)

  14. Ohh I like the simple packaging. It looks creamy for a serum, hehe. It's great that it's effective for lightening redness and scars! Your skin looks very translucent in your picture. =)

  15. thanks for this review, Janet!
    i am planning to get some brightening products once i use up my current regimen, this would be perfect!
    you look great! ;D

  16. you skin is looking amazing in the last pic! I'm really glad to hear this product actually works ^^

  17. Thanks for the product review! I've been really interested in brightening products lately =P

  18. Thanks for the reviews! My pores is horribly large T.T I don't wantttt T.T

    And I love that picture of youuu~ Still as pretty as ever~ <3 <3 <3

  19. Thanks for sharing this! I have a lot of sunspots I've been trying to fade, and this sounds pretty promising. I hope it works for more than just acne scars. You look very pretty btw Janet! :)

  20. Woah! It really worked on you! This is a highly recommended product! Great review dear :)

  21. I totally agree with the tips mentioned in this wrinkle article. One can improve the visitors in a best possible way.

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  23. Do you use this on am or pm?


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