Review on COREANA 4D Motion Cleanser Set

I’ve been seeing a lot of raves on Clarisonic and it made me want to have one badly but the price is just too steep on me. We don’t have Clarisonic here locally, but there are plenty of online sellers selling it at around PHP10K+(200dollars). I find it too expensive for just an electrical brush so I settled for a cheaper version which is the TWINBIRD Face & Body Cleanser that I have reviewed HERE. I am pretty much satisfied with how the TWINBIRD works, but the only problem is they don’t sell brush heads separately. The bristles of my TWINBIRD are going bad already, so I’m thinking on trying a cheaper alternative.

I’m browsing on the internet until I discovered that there are 2 Korean Brand that came up with a Clarisonic dupe. First is the Coreana and followed by Elisha Coy, I was torn between the two but end up with the Coreana since it is much cheaper compared to the Elisha Coy. I bought the entire set at KRW59K (approx USD50) which I have blogged HERE.

COREANA is a Korean brand that has been in the cosmetic industry for 22 years and has also expanded their brand across the globe. Though COREANA may not be “commercially” popular, but consumers who have used their products kept coming back because of the art & quality Coreana has invested on their products.  Click HERE to know more about COREANA.
Now let’s go onto my review with the 4D Motion Cleanser:
  • The packaging is superb! The cute and handy 4D Motion Cleanser unit is safely placed in a sleek hardbound box
  • It comes with a spare head(also sells heads separately)  and 2 brand new batteries

  • The 4D Motion Cleanser unit is paired with a FREE NOKDU Bubble Massage Foam 

  • The NOKDU Bubble Massage Foam comes out in a  gel-type consistency and turns into foam type(similar to shaving cream)  once you tap it

My Reviews upon using the 4D Motion Cleanser Set( The unit and the NOKDU Foam):
  • The packaging box is sturdy and sleek
  • The 4D Motion Cleanser unit does weigh a bit but is still pretty handy to use

  • Replacing of battery and heads is easy (user friendly device)

  • Can be used in a shower
  • Quite hygienic because the 4D Motion Cleanser does have a cap on the brush head
  • Doesn't aggregate my existing acne or experience any discomfort upon using
  • The Nokdu Bubble Massage foam is extremely gentle but still able to cleanse thoroughly without stripping the needed moisture 
  • Not available locally
  • Doesn’t have speed option
  • Couldn’t feel the intensity of the brush since it VIBRATES instead of ROTATE

  • The bristles of the brush are not dense and firm enough

  • There is only 1 type of brush head (I think Clarisonic do have several variants of brush head depending on skintype)
Overall Reviews:
Initially, I am quite disappointed with the 4D Motion Cleanser as it didn’t function as I expected. I was thinking that this 4D Motion would rotate but instead it just VIBRATES. But as I continue using it, I am feeling neutral and eventually liking the device. Even though the brush head is considerably less dense compared to my TWINBIRD Cleanser, but it still manage to swept away dirt and excess oil on the surface of my face.  

This 4D Motion Cleanser doesn't only cleanse but also massages your face. Even though it is not a deep pore cleansing brush, I am still satisfied with the way it cleanses my skin. I don't think I will be buying a Clarisonic sometime soon as this pretty much did the job already!

As for the NOKDU Bubble Massage Foam, aside from providing a thorough cleansing I didn’t notice any difference or improvement on the face.

Does it Cleanse better compared to Bare Hands:
The answer is YES! Even with the low density of the bristles, it still cleanses better compared to barehands!

Tips & Suggestions:
If you guys wanted a deep pore cleansing effect,  paired it up with any of your favorite exfoliating cleanser(the one that has grains or beads). I paired mine with Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and it definitely cleanses way beneath the pores. It is suggested to change the brush head every 3 months of use.

Who to Recommend:
I  recommend this to anyone as the brush head is super gentle and soft so it won’t hurt your skin.Skin will relatively feel clean, smooth & refresh! Every single bristle vibrates rapidly, wherein it helps improve & increase  the circulation of blood in your face. We all know that having a good circulation of blood will help keep skin stay Healthy and Radiant.

That's it for the Coreana 4D Motion Cleanser review, hope you find it somewhat helpful ^_~

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  1. huaaa...nice products, janet! love the colors :D

  2. Great product review. Thanks for sharing
    This is really interesting. :)

    I'm follower of your blog.
    still waiting to have you on my followers list.


  3. Great review!! It's very helpful indeed~~ I wonder what's the battery life like for this device.


    1. Hi Liz, I think it would last for a month if you use it frequently ^_~

  4. Great review!! I have the Clarisonic Mia and am really curious on how it compares. But I agree, it's really pricey. It took me a while to justify the price and actually get it. I've had it for a few years now and love it. But any alternative that works just as well is great too! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! Keep in touch.

    xo - Sheila

  5. Aww that sucks that it didn't fulfil your expectations! It's good to hear that the brush head is gentle though, and thanks for the review :)

  6. I have heard lots of reviews about this product and now I am interested in trying it out. When it comes to the wellness of my skin, I will give the best.

  7. This is so cute, the color is like Tiffany's :)
    I've been told by someone who works in a spa that vibrating movement is better than rotating with those types of cleansers because vibrating buffs off the dirt/residue and rotating can make it sink in more and decrease skin elasticity.

    1. Hi Monica! thanks so much for this valuable info~ All along I thought that rotating brush does better job compared to vibrating device. No wonder I felt my skin more cleanser after using a vibrating brush compared to a rotating brush. Thanks so much for this Monica, I owe you big time ^_~

    2. No problem, just sharing the knowledge :) so it's actually good you got the vibrating kind!

  8. Looks prettier than the clarisonic too!

  9. i haven't tried using a tool to cleanse my face. this seems pretty interesting.

  10. i haven't tried using a tool to cleanse my face. this seems pretty interesting.

  11. Pretty interesting, where can we get one? :)

    1. unfortunately, this is only available in Korea =) But you can try gmarket ^_~

  12. I've seen a lot of people recommending this product! It does sound good!


  13. I haven't tried anything like this. I only use facial scrub or facial sponge/brush to exfoliate my face. Clarisonic is too expensive, so if ever I'll try one I'll definitely get this. :)

  14. Ok im sold! Thanks so much for your blog review on this i was hearing alot about it but not finding any blogs that were giving me what i wanted to know about it. I found it on your blog plus your blog is adorable and fun! GREAT WORK.
    From a new reader & follower
    Sakura x

  15. ooh, love your blog~


  16. this is awesome! i love the colour of it and the brush looks amazing, but i wish it rotates though, and i still would want to give it a try :) great review, it's very helpful! <3

  17. sounds like a very interesting product, the cleansing foamy moose looks really cool. It's good that it actually works well on your skin as well!

  18. this is very interesting! i hope this is great for those who have very sensitive skin like mine...very nice review!!!thank you very much!



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