Definitely an HG~

I'm going to share some GREAT products ranging from moisturizer, primer to mascara that works wonders for me.  Definitely an HG for me!!

Lets start of with protecting your skin:

Even though I have an oily skin but still moisturizing is still very important. I recently bought Neutrogena ULTRA SHEER-complete uv moisture and I SO SO SO SO SO LOVE IT!!

From the box it states:
 Superior ultra-lightweight protection lotion against UV and environmental aggressors for healthy, beautifully radiant skin. With breakthrough Helioplex that works like an invisible shield for skin by effectively blocking out harmful UVA/UVB rays and helping neutralize free radical damage. Skin is provided with superior protection against darkening and signs of premature aging. Fluid texture to give you fresh, ultra light feel. Combined with Dry Touch Technology for a non-oily and non-sticky texture, you can spread it on smoothly to a clean and non-shiny finish.
Dermatologist tested, PABA-free, oil-free, does not clog pores.

I don't know what the heck is Helioplex but I'm so sure it does good on my skin! 

- Sleek texture, dries nicely, and no rub-off. 
- non greasy/oily
- skin become soft and smooth

**Use this at the end of your skincare routine as a superior daily bocker**

From the tube it states:
Evens skin for a smooth, virtually poreless appearance and creates a smooth base for lasting foundation.

-Lightweight, gel-like formula fills in pores and lines
-Clean, fresh fragrance refreshes your senses.

My review:
- feather-weight, very easy to apply
- none greasy/oily
- skin will be so so soft and smooth like baby's =)


*** Apply after moisturizer and before Revlon Beyond Natural™ Skin Matching Makeup. • Smooth a few drops all over face, blending from the center outwar***

Last, every girl's MUST have MASCARA!!!
If you have been reading my previous entries, I don't buy or use Korean products anymore as it DOESN't suits me. But because of Etude House- Oh~ m' EyeLash (Curling & Clean) mascara, I totally would  give Etude House a second chance.

I'm currently using Maybelline's Magnum Volume Express Mascara, I like it but it creates too much VOLUME and the brush is so thick. I'm not attending a party or whatsover so I just needed a  mascara that creates slight volume and curly lash effect. 
Etude House- Oh~ m' EyeLash (Curling & Clean) totally creates the look I wanted on my lashes . If you are a student or morning shift office staff, this mascara is the one for you as it creates a natural volume and curly effect on your lashes.

- brush is designed "half-moon" makes it so easy to apply
- water/oil proof
- does not create spider legs even applying it several times
- gives you a natural yet slight volumizing effect on your lashes


Above products are a MUST-BUY!!! A Definitely HG!!!!

Reviews on Clean & Clear Active Clear line

Before I start this review, please disregard all previous posts concerning my journey on battling with acne/pimples. From the amazing review of Kojie-san soap to the quick fix routine of Cetaphil/panoxyl as all of them sucks after I blogged about them.

Overview on my never ending battle with Acne/Pimples:
My skin is really really clear for months upon using Kojie-san soap. 

(see no acne/pimple, only eyebags -__-)

But things tend to turn upside down, I started breaking out, like SEVERE break-out. 


Kojie-san soap does makes my skin clear and blemish free for prolly a month long but break me out for 2-3months and leave permanent dark acne/pimple mark/spots all over my face.

I'm completely sure that Kojie-san is the main suspect of my break-out cuz' I did NOT use/put anything on my face aside from Kojie-san.

(BTW, the reason why I didn't go to derma despite the severity is because I don't have the money and I don't know which derma clinic to visit -___- )

So I quickly threw all the kojie-san soaps and switched to Defensil and Panoxyl routine which you can read here. And other self- experimental routine, as you can read here and here but none works. After spending $$$$$$$$ but still stuck with overly gross ACNE/PIMPLE skin.

As mentioned in previous entries, I am the laziest person on planet so I don't want to use 3545234242 products and follow 3864736553 steps for a daily skincare routine.

Since I can't stand my overly gross pimple face, I kept on googling stuff (acne/pimple related) and came across Clean & Clear Active Clear Line whereas a lot of good feedback were stated in the forum. I rushed into Watson's bought the set and realized it has 82637637 steps to follow!!! >_<  Okay fine, I overeacted its just a 4 step regime but that's already too much for me. -___-

Overview of CLEAN & CLEAR® Active Clear® Acne Control Kit :
CLEAN & CLEAR® Active Clear® Acne Control Kit has 4 powerful acne-fighting products containing salicylic acid that work together to effectively help treat and prevent acne. When used twice a day, these 4 technologies are proven to work faster and more powerfully against acne.

Active Clear Acne Control Cleanser – The first step of the acne-fighting regimen goes beyond cleansing to penetrate pores. It contains bacteria-fighting salicylic acid that calms and soothes acne-irritated skin.
Active Clear Acne Control Toner – The second step is the highly functioning oil-free toner that works to reduce excess oil, which clogs pores, for effective pimple prevention. The combination of salicylic acid and natural botanical ingredients tones and balances skin.

Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer – The third step of the regimen is the use of an oil-free moisturizer that provides a hint of moisture to soften and nourish skin, while containing a breakthrough anti-acne technology to help prevent pimples. With salicylic acid to clear and prevent acne, the natural herbal vitamin ingredients in the Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer also nourish the skin and prevent it from drying.

Active Clear Acne Control Speed Gel – An exciting add-on to the acne-fighting regimen is a highly effective spot treatment that starts working immediately to reduce redness, pimple size and swelling in as little as 4 hours. The combination of salicylic acid and an herbal essence acne-fighting technology visibly reduces acne – fast!

My reviews:
Upon further googling, this product is best suitable for people ages 12-23. I'm uhmm 25, but this products works for me! it simply means I have 12y.o. skin.... nyehehe =P

I just tried this line for like uhmmm 1 week, but it really really does wonder!!! Okay I don't wanna blog about it yet, because I'm not sure if it might mess up again but I just can't help it.
I tell you there's no peeling, reddish stage for this line(unlike Panoxyl and Defensil), you immediately see the results overnight! Initially, I thought Salicylic acid won't work for me cuz' I already tried the overly priced Shiseido blemish free gel which contains salicylic acid.

But boy I was WRONG!!

Benzoyl Peroxide is the one that is NOT suitable for me. The reason why I experience Redness and peeling upon application is because it was TOO HARSH on my skin. (because i have a 12y.o. skin okay!)

Overall review:
4steps is so easy considering I'm a lazy person anyone will find this regime a piece of cake...

Step 1: Active Clear Acne Control Cleanser
- Cleanse face thoroughly
- does not dry skin
-smoothness after wash

- might experience stingy while washing (just a tiny bit)
- smell is not that nice but totally tolerable

Step 2: Active Clear Acne Control Toner
- easy to apply
- does not dry skin

 - might experience stingy while washing (just a tiny bit)

Step 3: Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer
- not oily
- easy to apply
- non greasy
-moisturez skin thoroughly 


Step 4: Active Clear Acne Control Speed Gel 
- easy to apply
- just a pea-sized will do
- works overnight especially to fresh pump pimple/acne

 - might experience stingy while washing (just a tiny bit)

After using for prolly 1 week or 2, here's what Clean&Clear has achieved:


(PS: please pray that this will be the last product I would use and won't break me out anymore......)

My never ending battle with Acne/Pimple

After spending $$$$$ and trying out 85666355634252 products, I've finally find the one that leads me to have a clear and blemish-free skin.

I'm the laziest person on earth so I don't want to use 46258462654 products and follow 7456654343 steps everyday for my skincare routine. 

Here's the products I used:
(Take note: I didn't say perfect skin, Just a clear & blemish-free skin)

PURE BEAUTY (Exfoliating Facial Scrub)
- Price is around $1.50 for a 15ml sachet 
(they don't have a bigger size as this product is quite new so I guess they are still testing the waters. But no worries as the package comes with a cap)
- Contains micro-beads for exfoliation, but doesn't hurt nor overly dry you skin.
- Leaves your skin very clean and free from dead skin cells
- Can remove make-up thoroughly

PANOXYL (soap-free cleanser)
- Price is around $4 for 60ml (it could last for around 1month)
- Can be used together with other acne treatments
- Very mild and doesn't dry skin
- No unpleasant smell

CETAPHIL (oily-skin cleanser)
- Price is around $8 for 125ml (it could last for around a month or two)
- Can be used together with other acne treatments
- Very mild and doesn't dry skin
- Can easily remove non-waterproof make-up
- No unpleasant smell
- Makes your skin so smooth after washing, but not oily at all

 ( 2.5%=mild to moderate acne condition, 5%=moderate to severe and 10%= severe acne condition)
- Price is around $3.50 for 10g (this could last very long depending on the areas you apply)
- Experience mild peeling on the areas you apply (but just on the 1st and 2nd week, your skin will get used to it as time pass)
- Will slowly reduce the size of a cystic pimple normally around 6-7 days. For flat or freshly pump acne, it would disppear overnight

- Price is around $20 for 20g (could last very long as you only apply this to the acne scars)
- Very smooth feeling upon application
- Non sticky and non-greasy
- Ance marks slowly fading

My Routine:
--->If you wear make-up, make sure to remove it thoroughly by using a Make-up Remover (I used Maybelline's). Even though the Pure Beauty does remove make-up but I still suggest to use a make-up remover.
---->After removing all make-up, exfoliate your skin by using the True Beauty Exfoliatin Facial Scrub. Massage it all over your face and leave it for 1-2 minutes then rinse if all off. Though the instruction states that this should only be used once a week, but I used it every other day as my skin is super oily. 
-----> Massage your skin using either Panoxyl or Cetaphil then rinse if all off.
(**Basically I alternate usage of Panoxyl and Cetaphil, today I used Panoxyl and maybe tomorrow I used Cetaphil. It's totally fine as both cleanser are very mild and won't do any harm on your skin.)
-----> Apply a very thin layer of Panoxyl Acnegel on the areas where you have acne/pimple (in my case its on the side cheeks, forehead and chin)
-----> Apply  CONTACTUBEX SCAR REMOVER to the areas that have acne marks. 

Although my skin is not THAT clear yet, but at least it improved a lot by just a facial wash and gel. I'm super lazy but I want effective and fast fast results and above are the products that suits my lifestyle and really really works(plus its not that expensive and all of them are OTC).

Results may vary to other people as we all have different skin condition. Mine is super oily and sensitive and above products works pretty well for me.

2B alternative for Face and Legs Review

Big face and chubby cheeks has always been my problem eversince. So I'll do anything just to get rid of it, if only I have the money I'll definitely rush to a surgeon and lypo it all out. But sadly, I'm so so poor and can't afford it.

So just like any other day, I was browsing various site and came across a product called "2B Alternative". It claims that upon applying for 2-3 months your facial features would look firmer, the square face would disappear gradually and a slimmer facial contour be promoted.

Upon googling, it seems that only Sasa is the only online site that ships to my country. But before even making any purchase, I make sure I read all the reviews and it seems that all of them are quite positive.

Some reviews on Sasa:

 Basically, of all the 203 reviews there are like 90% positive and 10% neutral. Yup, no negative comments at all. As you can see majority of the reviews are in chinese so I guess it is targeted for asian market. I'm quite at ease after seeing all those good reviews, so I quickly purchase it online even though it is DAMN EXPENSIVE USD43.90 for 2 bottles!!!

The instruction is quite easy, simply apply 2B for Face once every day. After cleansing, apply 2 drops on each cheek and the chin. Massage upward gently into the skin until fully absorbed. I was tempted at that time, thinking just 2 drops of this thingy would actually shrink my face to V line.

Since I'm so mad excited, I even check out via express shipment so I had to pay additional USD15!! After 1 week of time, my orders have finally arrived but I'll have to claim it in EMS office. This is my first time ordering via Sasa so I didn't know that I have to go to EMS to pick it up and pay $$$$$$ of fees/taxes whatever self made charges the EMS people states.

(FYI, EMS guys are so evil they charge a lot of nonsense fees such as receipt fee->what the hell, I have to pay for the receipt???!!)

Back to the 2B Alternative for Face review, I'm reviewing this after using two bottles:
--> not oily, non-greasy, no unpleasant smell
--> very easy to apply
--> skin becomes soft upon application

--> IT DOES NOT WORK, my face didn't shrink. I didn't notice any changes on the size of my face

I also purchase the 2B Alternative of Leg, since I have FAT FAT FAT FAT thigh and legs. Thinking it would work miracle for me, here's some reviews in sasa:

2B Alternative for Legs claims that after 2-4 weeks, it limits the release of catecholamines and can lead to the relaxation of facial muscles and possible reduction smooth the shape of legs.

Due to the overwhelming reviews I read, I didn't notice the most important word "Possible" reduction. It simply means it is only POSSIBLE NOT GUARANTEED.

But oh well, bought it already so have to used it. It's MAD EXPENSIVE also $30.90!!
Again, I have finished the entire tube after giving out my review.

--> not oily, non-greasy, non-sticky, no unpleasant smell
--> very easy to apply
--> skin becomes soft and tight upon application

--> experience burning hot sensation that may last around 10-15mins long (but tolerable for me)
--> Despite the Chiliness of the lotion, IT DOES NOT WORK, my legs did NOT shrink nor lose a few inches. NONE, no effect at all

Overall, both products are a total waste of money as it doesn't work for me even though I finished the entire bottle. But I'm kinda curious how come it worked for so many people but NOT me???

Thus I left an honest review (as per below):

But my review got DISAPPROVED!!!and never did it get posted.....Why??? the site didn't even tell me why they disapproved it! The reason there are reviews corner is for us to leave our honest opinion. But why they hell did they reject it???? I even mentioned some plus points like smoother but they still denied it! Ok fine, I know I think the product mentioned you have to finish 3 bottles in order to see visible results. But for the price, if 1 bottle didn't do anything even 3 won't do anything at all!

This really frustrate me so I intentionally leave a good comment for the 2B alternative for Face as per below:

And they APPROVED it!

Which concludes that Sasa ONLY approved positive reviews and rejects ALL the "somewhat" negative comments they received. Can't blame them as they desperately need to attract more blind folded customer (like me) to get hook on their bait.

I'm also not sure if all the reviews stated in Sasa really came from the customers or just some of the people they paid to do so.

I'm not bashing Sasa, as of a matter of fact I still purchase from them because they provide huge range of products plus their shipping is fast. But I just don't understand why they have to rejects the comment placed by their customers.

Maybe its Maybelline!

Recently there's a massive rave for Korean beauty products such as Etude House, The Face Shop, Skin Food, Dr Jart, Missha etc. But trust me, I bought and tried them and it really doesn't work for me. Like for the case of BB cream, I tried Etude/Missha/Skin Food BB cream all of them causes massive breakouts due to oilyness and the base itself are so hard to blend.

Until, I laid hands on Maybelline. I went to their counter and tried all their tester, love them all except for the BB cream.

Here's some of the liquid foundation I bought from Maybelline(Clear Smooth/Minerals Line):

 1) Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation
**Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation is breathable yet full coverage that gives a healthy luminosity**
(Available in 4 shades: C02 Rose White, N02 Shell Beige, W02 Natural Buff, W03 Apricot Sand)

My review:
-Love this, NOT oily, no trace of any oil, powdery and smooth effect upon application.
-best for oily combination skin

(Rose white is best suitable for fair skin, as it gives you pinkish fair skin)

2) Aqua Gel Foundation
**Water-based formula that gives skin a light and fresh sensation**

My review:
-Love 2x, NOT oily, gives you watery and silky flawless look
-best for dry/oily/flaky skin

3) BB Cream
**Brightens, evens skin, covers imperfections, moisturizes, Protects SPF26**

My review:
-This is the least of my favorite,cuz' it only comes in 1 shade (its a wee bit dark if you have a fair skin)
-Can be oily upon usage, but gives you luminous look
-best for dry combination skin

**Above 3 foundation didn't cause me any breakouts so I guess its quite suitable for acne/prone skin**

Now lets move to Blushers/Powder Foundation:
1)Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Luminous Blush
 **(Available in 5 shades:Fresh Plum, Gentle Pink, Original Rose and Soft Mauve)**

My review:
-Love this blusher as it gives you natural pinkish cheeks
(Don't use their brush, its awful and painful)

 (Soft Mauve is the best shade as it gives you milder and softer natural pinkish look)

2)Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation

My review:
-very easy to apply, but please don't use their brush, its awful and painful to your skin 0.o

(You just have to choose the right shade that matches your skin tone)

Lastly, Mascara's--> every girl's MUST-HAVE!

Magnum Volume Express Mascara
** enriched with collagen formula which plumps every single lash. Dramatic Volume with no clumps transformed, it’s waterproof and smudge free**

My review:
-- luv 3x; very easy to apply, especially to short lashes like me.
-- creates volume and thickness in just 1 brush!
-- totally water proof and doesn't smudge at all

After all the make-ups, we now need a perfect remover to remove them all out
My review on Maybelline's Make-up Remover:

-- thoroughly removes waterproof make-up
-- Not greasy or messy to apply
-- So far the best remover I've ever used
( tried Ever belena, Nichido, Etude House--> they don't remove make-up that thoroughly, you'll still see stains of make-up after washing your face)
I'm not make-up savy and don't wear makeup that often. Just a quick fix on foundation and mascara then I'm off. Maybelline is really great and suitable for my acne prone skin, it doesn't cause any breakouts upon my usage. All the products above can last for 1 whole day without re-applying and the price is really affordable.

Although lots & lots of people are raving about Korean cosmetic but you just have to try until you can tell. I'm Asian and lived in Asia but Korean products sucks for me. Finally, I have found what my skins crave for maybe its just MAYBELLINE =P

Overated products that don't work at all!

As mentioned in my previous entries, I'm suffering from SEVERE acne so I desperately wanted them all out. So I plurged all my savings to buy some expensive products hoping it would cure my breakouts.

1) Shiseido Pureness Blemish Clearing Gel (15ml)- $23
-Instantly reduces excess oil while moisturizing
-Helps keep the pores less noticeable
-Effectively brings new balance to your skin

  My reviews after using it for a month:
- DOES NOT work! though it contains salicylic acid but does NOTHING on my acne/pimple/blemish.

2) VMV ID Facial Cleanser(120ml)- $20
-Thoroughly removes dirt and excess oil.
-Clears up and prevents acne
-Keeps skin clear and smooth.
-Contains Salicylic Acid, for anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating action. 

 My reviews after using it for a month:
- face is still oily after washing this cleanser, does nothing on my acne skin.

3) Shiseido Foaming Wash- $34
-A refreshing deep-cleansing foam with purifying granules for gentle exfoliating effects.
-Effectively remove makeup and dulling impurities while retaining essential moisture. 

My reviews after using the entire tube:
I know I mentioned before that this works for me, but this time it doesn't anymore. Although this product is NOT designed for acne prone skin, but I though it might at least stop my breakouts. But sadly, it doesn't.
The only thing I love about this wash is that you will feel super squeaky clean after wash.

4) Panoxyl Wash- $32
-gently removes dirt and excess oil to cleanse and unclog pores on the face.
-effectively penetrates pores, killing the bacteria that cause acne Clears existing acne blemishes and prevents new blemishes from forming.

My reviews after using the entire tube:
I don't like its foaming cream, its supple and hard to wash. The smell is pretty awful with medicinal scent. It would peel your skin on its first week and tend to dries up your cystic pimples. I used it together with the Panoxyl Gel 2.5% so I'm not really sure if this causes the peeling or both. But it doesn't cause redness or irritation, a little itchyness may occur but its tolerable.  Overall it does improve my skin condition but not that rapidly.

5) ETUDE AC Clinic (Red Spot Balm) and Acne Foam Cleanser- $20 (both)
-removes acne causing germs to keep your skin clean all day.
-heals, clarified and soothes facial trouble spots. 
-Specialized target treatment heals and brightens blemishes with a medicated formula.


My reviews after using the entire tube/sqaure bottle:
- For the foaming wash, it DOESN'T work, and worsen my skin condition also. Pimples keep popping out after using. The foaming cream is quite supple and difficult to foam up and smells not that nice. 
-For the Red Spot Balm, its TOO OILY. Smell is quite nice though, blend of citric&mint scent. The cream/paste is difficult to apply even using the spatula provided, the texture is kinda like a toothpaste clay form.
- DOES NOTHING ON MY SKIN, didn't heal nor improve my acne/pimples.

**The first time I saw Etude House, I was so eager to try all of their products since the packaging,store design are so cute, plus its from Korea. But  after trying their numerous skincare and make-up, I DON'T LIKE IT, the products doesn't seem to work for me. It doesn't do what the products claims to.**

Overall, at least all the products above didn't worsen my skin condition (except for the AC Clinic foaming wash). But for the price I pay, its REALLY NOT worthy cuz' it didn't do what the products claims to. So my 2cents, if you wanted to give it a shot, try buying the trial size first. If you can't find a trial size, I suggest buy some other OTC products from the drugstore cuz' its cheaper won't be too hard on the pocket. The fact that you are just testing if it works or not.

♥Palty,Liese, Prettia/ KAO ♥

Lately, I dyed my hair thrice..! yeah, I know its damaging...but I already bought it so have to use it...Just dye only, won't die anyway, the fact my hair is already in SEVERE damage so what's to worry... T__T

I bought Palty and Liese aka Prettia aka KAO dye products and upon using it I fell ♥ with them immediately. These are not ordinary dye products where you have to use a comb and color hair in those paste-form dye with SMELLY amonia upon using it.

Thanks to the Japanese who are a REAL genius in BEAUTY and Fashion..(~as always~) who invented this type of easy-to-use DIY hair color products.

Liese Bubble Hair Color is a new type of permanent hair color. Just apply foam on hair and massage. No more troublesome sectioning of hair! Foam reaches all over the head easily and you can achieve beautiful, evenly colored hair easily!Here are the colors I bought:

I haven't tried the Chiffon Beige just yet, cuz I'm afraid I might turned into a *TH to be a blonde* Asian Fat Chick. I bought that shade because that's the only color left besides Natural Brown(bleh, who likes natural brown?).

Although it's so EASY to use, but I failed in my first attempt due to stupidity and NOT reading the manual which I CAN'T READ @ ALL since its all in JAPANESE. I thought its the same procedure as the other dye products whereas after putting Bottle A to Bottle B, SHAKE VIGOROUSLY! and I did but FAILED max. The solution didn't turn into bubbles, still in liquid form but luckily after several squeeze it managed to pump out some bubbles. So please DO NOT SHAKE the bottle, just hand it up and down for 5 times then squeeze, VOILA! bubbles to color your hair!

Oh oh, forgot to mention, it also includes a Skin Allergy Test sheet where you could test the product first if you're allergic to it or not. (sweet or not!)

Sadly, its not distributed in the Philippines yet but there are plenty of multiply shops which sells this. I bought mine at vanitygirlshop.multiply, she sells it @ PHP650 and i think she still has few on-hand stock left and does provide Pre-order spree for this as well.

Anti-Acne Products Review: Defensil VS Panoxyl

I've been suffering from SEVERE ACNE this few months and until this moment it's still all over my face. I tried almost all anti-acne products but still none of them really works.
So for those who have the same problem as mine and plan to purchase Defensil or Panoxyl. Here's my review on them:
Let's start off with Defensil:
Defensil has two line of products one is the BAR SOAP which costs roughly around PHP35 @ Watson's.

As stated in the box, it should ONLY be washed on affected areas.

1) Cheap and Affordable
2) Pocket size which is easy to carry around
3) No unpleasant smell
4) Does NOT dries your skin

1) No significant effect on healing pimples/acne
2) Even though its only PHP35 but if it doesn't do what it claims to do its still a waste of money

Another line of Defensil is the Defensil Cream:
(I'll upload the pic later)
-It's basically a lotion cream in a tube which claims to prevent breakouts.

- Non greasy, easy to apply
- No unpleasant smell

- PHP188 that claims to ONLY prevent pimples is quite pricey
- No significant effect in terms of preventing breakouts, I still got pimple even using this cream.

Next is the ever famous PANOXYL:

There are 3 types of PANOXYL ointment/gel:
2.5%- white/blackheads
5%- mild acne/pimples
10%- severe acne/pimples

I bought the 2.5% cuz' I want to start in low dosage as I don't want my skin to peel extremely. But still my skin peel badly, yet despite the peeling stage my pimples/acne are still there. Although pimples are getting smaller but merrier though (what I meant is that the pimples are spreading and increasing!)

1) Dries up pimples
2) Really works for new/fresh pump pimple, it would definitely disappear overnight
3) Available in Mercury, Wastson's and other drugstore
4) Price is around PHP140, quite satisfactory for the price as you can see some healing on the process.

1) PEELS your skin
2) Will create a transluscent thin layer onto the skin once its dries up
3) Might experience thingle or slight itchiness
4) Redness of skin

We move now to PanOxyl Gentle Facial Wash:
1) Very gentle and does not dries up skin
2) Cleanse thoroughly
3) No unpleasant smell
4) Makes a perfect combo with the PanOxyl Gel

1) Quite pricey for a small bottle that cost around PHP189!

Overall, I would rate 3 out of 5 for the PanOxyl GEl and Facial Wash.
Although there's no significant effect on healing of pimples/acnes,    but at least you could feel the smoothness and cleanliness of your skin.

Conclusion: I would recommend to use PanOxyl Combo compare to Defensil. Although PanOxyl might be a little pricey but the effect is much much better than Defensil.

Kojie.san soap Review

KOJIE.SAN SOAP is considered as one of the leading WHITENING soap in the Philippines. It claims to effectively whitens and smoothens your skin in a short period of time.

At first, I'm quite hesitant to use a soap bar to wash my face. I've never ever tried using a soap to wash my face except for the Acne Aid since it is considered as a medical soap. I came into a point that I'm so desperate as NO facial wash was able to cure/heal my pimple/acne.So i though why not give it a try since its NOT that expensive at all. I've tried expensive facial wash before such as Shiseido Foaming Wash,
it does works on preventing pimples but it is still way too high-end for lil' old me.

So back to Kojie.San soap bar, there are two types of Kojie.San soap:
1)Kojie.san DREAM WHITE (anti-aging soap)

Kojie.san Dream White anti-aging soap contains the most effective ingredients to help skin get its youthful glow, kojic acid, collagen, elastin, and vitamin C from fruit extracts.

Kojic acid, the trademark ingredient of every Beauty Elements product, helps lighten pigment spots and skin discoloration. Kojie.san Dream White have consistently demonstrated protective effects against skin damage from UV

1)Not easy to melt and would definitely last long
2) Nice Vanilla scent thoud could calm your skin
3) I personally like Vanilla White(color) so I considered as Pros (hehe)
4) Works well on pimple/acne marks, gently and slowly heals acne/pimple
5) Very effective for oily skin, it keeps your skin smooth
6) Although it gently dries up the acnes but it DOES NOT peel your skin
7) Available in all supermarkets/ drugstore
8) Affordable

1) Soap Bar (would make some people quite hesitant to try it)
2) Not commercialize well
3) Even though the soap claims that it could whiten your skin, but I don't see any whitening effect. (although I'm quite after the healing of pimples rather than whitening *^-^*)

Overall, I'll give it a 4/5 because it really lessen my pimple/acne marks and control my skin from producing too much OIL.

2)Kojie.San Sking Lightening Soap
Kojic Acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice ('malted rice') for use in the manufacture of sake, the Japanese rice wine.

* Kojic Acid is an all natural (non-synthetic) product. It is the basic ingredient of Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap.

* A more recent remedy for the treatment of pigment problems and age spots. Discovered in 1989, kojic acid has similar effect as hydroquinone. Studies have shown that it is effective as lightening agent, inhibiting production of melanin (brown pigment).

* Events out skin tone
* Erases dark spots and blotches from melasma and other forms of pigmentations.

* Best for treatment of age spots
* Improves skin texture and skin tone
* Corrects skin discolorations
* Lightens/whitens the skin's color.

It also fades discolorations and hyperpigmentations of the skin such as age spots, liver spots, freckles or skin pigmentation that may occur from exposure to the sun, during pregnancy, or from the use of oral contaceptives (such as melasma).

1)Smoothens and Lighten skin color
2) Although it gently dries up the acnes but it DOES NOT peel your skin
3) Available in all supermarkets/ drugstore
4) Affordable

1) Easy to melt, wouldn't last long
2) Yellow-orange color which might stain
3) Soap Bar (would make some people quite hesitant to try it)
4) Not commercialize well

Overall, I still prefer the Dream White compare to this because it worked faster on acne /pimple marks, smells better and would last longer. So 3/5 is the rating.

Notice anything? the two products ARE NOT specifically designed to treat acne/pimples. It just claims to lighten and whitens skin, but for me it works well on oily skin and does effectively heal acne/pimple marks.

I've read on some blog reviews whereas the ingredients on Dream White is stronger than the Skin Lightening soap and would cause peeling. But for me, if you are really OILY skin then skip the Skin Lightening soap and use Dream White ahead cuz' it suits better. I have oily skin but my skin is really thin(would see veins and all that purple/green lines) still I don't experience any peeling or allergy while using Kojie.san

If you guys are so madly desperate to heal your acne/pimple marks, then why not give it a try. There ain't nothing to lose and it's not expensive either. So give it a shot, you might see wonders. But remember, if you experience any discomfort please STOP/refrain from using it again.
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