LadyKin Hauls + First Impression

Hellos! Today I will share a short hauls I made for the Korean brand: LADYKIN~ On the last few months, I have been too focused with French Skincare brands so today I wanted to share a Korean brand to keep up with the whole Korean Beauty thread~
First off a little overview of the brand LADYKIN, it was launched in 2012 and claims that all their product are  made affordable but created with high-quality and eco-friendly ingredients that are free from parabens and synthetic colors. For more info about LADYKIN, click HERE.

Here are the products I hauled from LADYKIN:
*just click on the product to direct you to its page*

1) TWINKLIGHT LIP & EYE REMOVER                    Price: PHP352 or USD 9
What it claims:
l       Claims to eliminates waterproof makeup thoroughly
l       Made especially for those with sensitive eyes/skin

First Impression:
l       Ohmaygawd!! This is by far the BEST “two-phase” makeup remover I’ve tried to date!!! Just one swipe and all my makeup including heavy eyeshadows and waterproof mascara went gone! AMAZING!!
l       Did NOT irritate my super sensitive eyes!! LOVING IT~~
l       Does NOT feel greasy at all!! Super LOVED!!!
l       I will do a more detailed review on this for sure cuz it's a LOVE at First Try!! ^_~

What it claims:
l       Ultra-fine powder that naturally covers blemishes and controls sebum
l       Helps keep skin looking soft and smooth
l       Provides moisture and resilience to skin

First Impression:
l       Ohmaygawd!! (sorry for using it again, I’m lacking expression now, lolz) the powder was ULTRA SMOOTH! I think this is the first time I’ve touch a powder so so so so smooth and fine ever!!
l       Packaging was pretty sturdy plus design is cute too~
l       Tried swatching it and coverage was quite impressive!!
l       Detailed review once I get to road test it ^_~

3) GUMIHO LUMINOUS CC CREAM                   Price: PHP680 or USD 15
What it claims:
l       Contains Micro-capsules that adjust accordingly to own skin tone
l       Helps keep skin moist and brighten up skintone
l       Provides whitening and anti-aging benefit to skin

First Impression:
l       Consistency is a mixture of liquid powder hence make it very easy to blend to skin
l       The finish is almost silky and adds a natural glow to skin
l       Again, It's a Love at First Try!

I am very impressed with the quality LADYKIN has provided on their products! So far it exceeded more to my expectation! A definitely MUST-TRY brand for this~ Will road test these products and upate you on the outcomes soon ^_~
In the meantime, you can visit LADYKIN PH in these platforms:

Schwarzkopf: Berry Ash Foam Color Review

Hellos! I’m back with another Bubble Hair dye review and so far I am loving the shades and longivity of this particular brand. In case you don’t know, I dye my hair every 3 months and yes I am not yet bald *though my hair is severely damaged already*=(. I still enjoy having my hair color changed time to time =) I’ve tried most bubble hair dye in the market already such as Palty, Prettia , Richenna and now Schwarzkopf!
What actually made me bought this bubble hair dye is the shade! I am a fan of Ash shades and I’ve tried all the Ash range of Palty, Prettia and Richenna, but none of them really resulted to the right Ash shade I wanted >_<~  Hence made me wanting to try this new brand! =)
Includes the following:
Instruction on How to Use:
Place the bottle on the hole of the box and pour the Activator
Close the Cap and hand it up and down for 5 times (DO NOT SHAKE!!!) and Voila Bubble!
Results After Wash with No Conditioner: (hence conclude the dry and frizzy hair)
My Overall Reviews:
The Scent is ALMOST the same as Prettia : which is a mixture of fruity chemical smell~
Staying Power is way longer that Palty, Prettia and Richenna, It can somehow last more than 2-3months.
I absolutely love the Berry Ash shade as it somehow does resulted to the shade I have wanted, which is a bit Grayish Ash~
One box of Schwarzkopf foam dye is enough for waist long hair and even longer
Price is around PHP599 which is around USD15, available in department store particularly LandMark

I did not encounter any discomfort while using this hair dye at all (no itchiness or sting, NADA!)

Comparison Chart among the Bubble Hair Dye I’ve tried:

I Prefer
Color Selection
10-15 available Shades
15-20 available shades and growing
Fruity Amonia
Mild Fruity
Fruity Amonia
Slight Amonia
Staying Power
2-3 months, color still intact
Fades after 3-4 weeks
Fades after 3-4 weeks
Fades after 3-4 weeks
Pump Bottle
Scoop Type
Pump Bottle
Pump Bottle
Effects on Hair if no conditioner was followed
No impact
No impact
Makes Hair a bit Dry
Makes hair DRY and Frizzy
All scalp type exclude sensitive
Selected Drugstore

That’s it for my Schwarzkopf: Berry Ash Foam Color Review
Hope you find it somewhat helpful ^_~

Ciracle Hauls + First Impression

Hellos! Today I wanted to introduce everyone to a Korean Skincare brand that has now landed in the Philippines. The brand that I am about to introduce to you is the brand CIRACLE. CIRACLE might already been well-known in countries like Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, however it is still  relatively new in the local market. But worries not, as I am going to share a quick background of this brand for you guys to be more familiar with.

CIRACLE suggests cosmetic science solutions, hence their skincare products have adopted prescription cosmetic (Rx-care) in more than 200 dematology as R&D capacity of CBRC.
Plus, Ciracle only uses global certified ingredients in order to ensure that all products are effective and safe to use. Basically, what Ciracle value the most is to deliver excellent results on product efficacy. Lastly, as their tagline; Miracle happens everyday, It’s Ciracle! ^_~

If you follow my blog you would know that I started this blog mainly to share my journey towards combating acne. I think 80% of my blog entries were acne-related; hence I made an independent page focusing mostly about acne related stuff which you could find HERE and HERE. This very much concludes why the products I’ll be sharing below were all geared toward combating acne.
*just click on the product to direct you to its link*
What it claims:
  • Helps to soothe acne and trouble spots plus promote skin recovery
  • Manager to clear acne and reduce future breakouts
  • Remove excess oil in the skin
First Impression:
  • Strong tea-tree scent and  easy to lather on skin
  • Non-Drying, but still able to minimize excessive oil on skin
  • Skin feels soft and smooth after wash
  • Able to heal tiny zits overnight! =)
What it claims:
  • Instantly revives Dull and Stressed Skin
  • Enhanced moisture and  add glow to skin
  • Helps skin refreshed, moist and smooth
First Impression:
  • No Definite scent, comes out in a blurry white liquidity gel
  • Does not feel sting or any discomfort upon application
  • Able to minimize redness of acne overnight
What it claims:
  • Reduces secretion of sebum for troubled skin
  • Soothes troubled skin
First Impression:
  • Runny liquid with a hint of Tea-Tree
  • Works like a toner
That’s it for my Ciracle Hauls!
I am already using these product now and will share a more detailed reviews soon ^_~
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Comparison 101: NARS Laguna VS ELF Sta. Lucia

Hellos! Since I’m feeling hardworking nowadays, hence decided to create a Comparison 101 entries whereas comparing two similar products and determining which really reigns *in my opinion* of course~

First off, let me lay down the two bronzers I have been using these few days for the purpose of this comparison review:
1) NARS Bronzer in Laguna        Price: USD 36
Product Claims:
  • A true brown based bronzer with a gold shimmer
  • Excellent for creating or enhancing the look of healthy, glowing, tanned skin
  • Suitable for all skin type, fills in fine lines and pores
2) ELF Bronzing Powder in Sta.Lucia           Price: USD 3
Product Claims:
  • Accents and Contours cheek bones for beautiful definition
  • Brings glow and subtle shimmer for a healthy bronzed look
 Comparison Table between “NARS Laguna” and ELF Sta. Lucia” 
In Terms of
I Prefer
Very smooth & fine with NO fallouts
Slightly rough but minimal fall-outs

NARS Laguna

Light Brown with subtle Gold shimmer
Medium Brown with Gold Shimmers
NARS Laguna
Face Contouring and Instant Face Slimming Effect; Provide a much Prominent Facial Feature
Contour Face but cannot achieve the Instant Slimming Effect
NARS Laguna
Staying Power
7-9 hours still intact
4-5 hours still intact
NARS Laguna
Velvet Compact with Mirror
Plastic Compact with Mirror
NARS Laguna
USD 36
ELF Sta.Lucia
All Skin type
All Skin type
NARS booth/counter Selected Department store
All Drugstore
ELF Sta. Lucia

My mom is not a make-up savvy person, so I made her choose which one does she thinks look nicer and have that “slimmer effect”. PS: She doesn’t know anything about NARS or ELF nor which one is much expensive etc
In Terms
Comment from Mom
Mom’s Take
On Swatches
My mom clearly pointed the NARS Laguna over the ELF Bronzer and the comment she made was the powder look more fine and smooth on my wrist

NARS Laguna shade look better compared to ELF. The comment she made for the ELF is the shade doesn’t look that natural for my skintone
When Applied on Face
My mom said that my features look much prominent and have that slimmer effect instantly on NARS Laguna
My mom comment when I use ELF is it does define my face but not the slimmer kind of way
On Packaging
Velvet packaging wowed my mom’s preference more
She definitely chose NARS packaging over ELF

Some Swatches and Photos for your reference: **click to enlarge**

Overall Takes:
  • I know NARS is way EXPENSIVE than the ELF Bronzer but for those who shares the same dilemma as I do which is ROUND, CHUBBY and FAT face. This would be a great investment and definitely worth the price!
  • Cheat to a more skinnier face using NARS LAGUNA
That’s it for my first post of the Comparison 101 review~
Hope you find it helpful and if there’s anything you wanted me to do a comparison on, please share on the comment below~
I’ll try my best to do them ^_~
Next Comparison 101 would be Maybelline HyperCurl VS AVON Curlacious

Stay tuned on it~
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