Impulsive Skincare Hauls Feat. Mosbeau

Hellos! Today I will share quite an expensive haul I did for just two skincare products! If you follow my blog, you’ll know I am a skincare junkie as I suffered from really bad breakout and in order for me to recover; I fancy on trying out new skincare products~

Since I am not getting any younger so I believe that investing into Skincare products is much worth it rather than splurging it into makeups~ (but that doesn’t stop me from hoarding makeups, LOLZ~)
I’ve decided to try a brand that I’ve been wanting to try for the longest time, but just haven’t had the chance since I always got distracted by other brands~ So one day, while I was browsing ZALORA site, I noticed that they carries MOSBEAU products already so I opted to try them out =)

For those who are not that familiar with MOSBEAU, here is a quick overview of the brand. MOSBEAU which came from the words “most beautiful”, specialized in skin whitening and anti-aging products made with high quality and proven to be remarkably effective in Japan.

To know more about MOSBEAU, click HERE or HERE for their Official FanPage

I only hauled two products from MOSBEAU which are:
1) MOSBEAU: AGE DEFY SERUM               Price: USD 65
  • I know it’s mad expensive but I was really intrigue on the product as it claims to provide firming, tightening, smoothening and anti-aging properties
  • Not only that, as it also promises to renew, repair and restore skin clarity
  • I am so giddy to try this out already and will definitely share my takes on this one!
  • Again, I know I know I am crazy shelfing out USD 25 for just a bar of soap but what really made me click the Checkout button is what the product promises
  • It promises to resolve skin problems like acnes, allergy, dead skin cells and also provides an effective whitening and anti-aging properties
This is indeed an impulsive haul for just two products but I think it is all worth it as long as it really promises what it claims =)
 I’ll do a more detailed review once I get to try these products!
Please do share what is the most impulsive skincare product you bought lately =)

New in Town: Hayan Korea Cosmetics~

Hellos! Being a skincare junkie, it is always fun and exciting to know that there are more and more Asian brands emerging to the Beauty market. What makes it more thrilling is that the new Korean brand I got introduced to is much affordable compared to the other Korean brands already in the market.
The new Korean Brand I will introduce to you is HAYAN KOREA whereas it promises to provide active, innovative and effective beauty-care products that deliver maximum results. If you have also dreamt of having that Flawless-Korean Skin look then the Science of Korean Beauty can now be achieved and definitely within our budget limit. ~yey~

I was fortunate enough to be provided with a few products to try out and the range sent to me was their Oat series. *sounds yummy~*
1)      Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel
First Impression:
  • Reminds me of the famous Aqua Cure Gel! =) but just the quarter of its price! 
2)      Oat & Olive Moisture Skin + Essence
First Impression:
  • The consistency is liquidity lotion and it immediately sinks and absorbs to skin
  • So far it’s a Love at first use!
3)      Oat & Olive Moisture Body Lotion
First Impression:
  • The consistency is quite creamy and absorbs to skin without feeling greasy or sticky =)
  • I super love how light and soothing it feels on skin!
  • Smells like real melons!
Overall Impression:
  • I noticed that the entire range has a strong scent but not in a bad way as it does not smell like an annoying artificial scent. Instead, it smells like real fruits!
  • The packaging was quite nice too as it reminds me of the brand The Face Shop
  • Price is much affordable compared to other Korean brands such as: The Face Shop, Etude Shop etc 
  • Hayan Korea have set up several branches already which are located at: Star Mall Edsa Mandaluyong/ Alabang, SM South Mall/Sta. Mesa/ San Lazaro/Sta. Rosa/San Pablo/ San Rosario/ Masinag, Victory Mall Caloocan/Antipolo
  • They have wide range of products so do take time to check out their online shop for more info HERE
That’s it for my overview on the HAYAN Cosmetic brand and First Impression.I’ll be reviewing the products individually and share a more detailed review soon.
 Since I've just shared a Korean brand, decided to pull off a Korean inspired makeup look as well~
Go check out your nearest Hayan branch as they offer introductory price; which is almost 50% OFF!!!~~~
Please do share your love and like HAYAN Cosmetics ^_~

Review on Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray Lens

Hellos! Today I will review about a circle lens that is far from my comfort zone. If you guys didn’t know, I ALWAYS stick to brown circle lenses because that is the only color that won’t make me look like an alien >_< I was brave enough to choose Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray lens to test out the waters and see if it would still make me look like an alien~ *cross-fingers*
 Brand: Vassen
Style: Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray
Enlargement: it really enlarges your eyes
Comfort: Definitely comfortable; no redness or irritation for straight 5 hours~

Life Span: 1 year
Origin: Made in Korea
Availability:  Ready-on-stick only at LoveShoppingholics HERE
Packaging: Lens was stored in a hardbound box and safety bubble wrap plus free cute lens case!
Delivery: Only took 4-7 days for worldwide shipping!
What I’m loving it:It definitely spark up my eyes! I don’t look like an alien even by just wearing minimal makeup!
Go spark up your eyes by choosing from the wide range of Circle Lens only at:

Review on Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Hellos! Haven’t updated my blog for one whole week just because I’ve been sick! Runny nose and sore throat (yes, again! >_<), I guess I just need to “temporarily” step away from the loved of my life which are FastFood = Fried Foods >_<~

Today I’ll be reviewing Maybelline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser! I’ve been seeing nice reviews on this and some even states that it is nearly comparable to Benefit’s Porefessional! I’ve tried Benefit’s Porefessional and I lurve it as it really makes my skin ultra soft and smooth; Provides perfect canvass for makeup application.
Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser          Size: 22ml
What it claims:
  • Translucent gel formula that instantly blurs pores, lines and creases
  • Skin look bare but flawless, imperfection minimized

  • Help skin stays shine-free and even all day
  • Provide smooth canvass and makeup glides seamlessly

Now onto my takes on this Baby Skin Pore Eraser:
Consistency: Gel form that glides easily and non sticky and non greasy
Shade: Transparent
Scent: None
Oil-Control: 3-4 hours (not bad)
Suitability: Normal Skin Types
Packaging: Sleek nozzle tube
Price: PHP249 or USD 6
Availability: I think this is only available in Asian country?

What I Love about:
  • A pea-size amount is enough to make skin surface perfectly soft and smooth
  • Helps keep the makeup last longer (3 to 4 hours)
  • Able to diffuse imperfection
A Bit Uh-Oh:

  • Contains Silicone! (sensitive and acne prone skin might need to watch out!)
 Comparable Note with Benefit Porefessional:
  • I think Benefit’s Porefessional provide a much smoother/powdery finish compared to the Baby Skin Pore Eraser
  • The consistency of Benefits Porefessional is more on the cream side while the Baby Skin Pore Eraser is gel type consistency
  • Overall I would still say that it’s a nice dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional =)
That’s it for my review!
Thanks for dropping by ^_~~

I.Fairy Keizen Brown Circle Lens Review

Hellos! It’s been awhile I made a review on circle lenses so I opted to insert one of my favorite circle lens to date! If you have sensitive and dry eyes like mine, it is always a struggle to find the suitable lens for us. Good thing, I was introduced to a Korean Brand called I.Fairy and it is the most comfortable lens I have wore ever (aside from Fynale lens). =)
Enlargement: Able to enlarge the size but not to the extent of looking like an alien
Comfort: Extremely comfortable; Wore this for straight 6 hours without encountering any irritations
Life Span: 1 year
Brand: I.Fairy
Availability: Ready on Stock at Loveshoppingholics HERE
Delivery: The lens was stored in a sturdy hardbound box and bubble wrapped (with a free cute lens case) that took only 5-7 days for worldwide shipping
Why I’m loving it: It makes my eyes look even (I have uneven eyes) and much “alive”. I can wear this alone even without wearing any makeup =)
Summer is just around the corner so pair your light and natural look with the most comfortable and gorgeous circle lens only at:

TonyMoly Egg Pore Tightening Pack Review

Hellos! Today I wanted to share an AMAZING facial mask that helps my skin looking really bright and glowy =)
First off, let me tell you a few things about the TonyMoly Egg Pore Tightening Pack:
What it claims:
  • Contains egg white and camellia extracts
  •  Helps tighten and smoothen skin
  • Eliminate rough areas ad loosen pores
My Reviews:
Consistency: Clay/paste type that would dries up after 5-10 minutes
Scent: No definite smell
Color: Brown
Application: Dries up fast and easy to rinse off
Oil-Control: Able to eliminate excess oil
Finish: Skin feels super soft and smooth after rinse
Efficacy: Noticed minimize of huge pores
Price: USD11
Packaging: Cute egg-shaped with a lid separator inside

Availability: Various online and TonyMoly retail shops

What I love about:
  • Makes skin super duper smooth and soft in just one use
  • Noticed improvement on minimizing of pores
  • Able to heal rashes and tone down the redness of skin
  • Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or aggregate existing acnes
  • Easy rinse off with just water
 A bit “OFF”:
  • Skin might feel a tiny bit tight if left for more than 20 minutes (but does NOT dries skin up)
  • No spatula or applicator provided
 Overall Reviews:
I have tried quite a few paste-like masks such as the famous Julep, this is very different to Julep as this does not make your face stiff and hurt when dries up. In terms of effectiveness on having an egg-like skin(soft and smooth), TonyMoly definitely wins hands down on this. But if you prefer a mask that has the ability to dig deep and achieved a super squeaky clean effect then Julep would suits you more.
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Review on TonyMoly Aqua Aura Gloss Compact SPF25 PA++

Hellos! Today I will review about a cute compact foundation that have me hooked in just one used! I am not a fan of loose powders as they are so messy and being a clumsy me, compact foundation is always on my "preferred" option.
TonyMoly Aqua Aura Gloss Compact SPF25 PA++
What it claims:
  • Able to provide a long lasting moisturizing effect
  • Naturally covers imperfection
  • Provides an even and smooth finish
My Reviews:
Consistency: Silky Smooth compact powder
Shade: Light Beige, Natural Beige, Honey Beige and Sand Beige
Coverage: Medium to High and buildable
Scent: Floral scent
Efficacy: Able to provide sufficient moisture to skin
Lasting Ability: 4-5 hours (no primers)
Suitability: Dehydrated skin
Price: USD20
Availability: Online shop and TonyMoly Retail shop

What I loved about:
  • Able to conceal redness and even out skintone perfectly
  • Provides a smooth and soft surface
  • Did not encounter any discomfort or aggregate existing acnes/ dry patches
 OverAll Reviews:
  • I’ve been using this compact for straight 7 days already and so far still continue loving it! It makes my skin look and feel so soft and smooth plus coverage was enough yet feels so light =)
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B.LIV in my SKIN~

Hellos! Today I wanted to share quite an amazing products I discovered from the skincare brand B.Liv. I started this blog mainly to share my acne journey along the way so “naturally” you would see tons and tons of acne related products on my blog. You could click here to read them all.

My acne journey was long and tiring as I have to try a lot of products in order to fight those nasty zits on my face. In case you guys think I am just exaggerating; my face used to look like this and this.

Even though it was not that much of a good journey, but at least my skin was able to recover and cease breaking out that often.  I still develop spots here and there, especially on the “red days” and “stress periods”. But what really triggers those spots would definitely be my “unhealthy lifestyle”. I’ve tried changing the bad habit, but as they say it is easier said than done. That is why I focus most on skincare product because that is my only call in order to have a much healthier skin.

On the previous month, I was introduced to a Skincare Brand called “B.LIV”.  It’s a brand that seeks to inspire people to believe in themselves and make difference in their skincare.     I have already made a short introduction to the brand on my previous post HERE. While you can always visit their site HERE for more information on what “B.LIV” can offer to your skin to make a difference! ^_~

I am just so grateful that “B.LIV” was able to provide a customize Skincare Range just to suits my current skin condition.  Here are the products prescribe to me in order to fight against my complicated skin condition:
My current skin condition as follows:
a) Dehydrated- Acne Prone
b) Visible Pos- Acne Scars
c) Sensitive

(Just click on the product name to direct you to know more info)
What it Claims:
·         Helps Skin Exfoliate
·         Controls Oil
·         Treats Acne and Fade Scars
·         Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

My Reviews:
Consistency: Transparent runny liquid that is easy to lather and rinse off
Scent: Mild floral scent
Packaging: Light-weight ; Pump bottle that is easy to carry around
Finish: Skin feels soft and smooth after wash
Efficacy: Noticed that it lessen the redness and managed to minimize the size of a newly formed acne
What outstands this compared to other blemish cleanser: Other blemish cleanser tends to trigger dryness and tightness but for this one my face didn’t experience any of those instead it felt ultimately CALM, REFRESH and CLEAN.
Downside: Ingredients contains Triclosan

What it Claims:
·         Treats Acne
·         Controls Oil
·         Brightening Effect
·         Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

My Reviews:
Consistency: Transparent gel form that absorbed quickly to skin without feeling greasy or sticky
Scent: Slight Medicinal Scent
Packaging: Light-weight ; Tube type that is easy to squeeze product out
Finish: Barely there feeling
Efficacy: Noticed that it has the ability to shrunk huge cystic acne in 2 days without experiencing redness, peeling/flaking . Able to control excessive oil
What outstands this compared to other blemish cleanser: Other blemish gel tends to hurt or experience tingle sensation but this one does NOT trigger any discomfort upon application
Downside: No Brightening effect noticed

What it Claims:
·         Treats Acne and Fade Scars
·         Help Skin Exfoliate
·         Soothens and Hydrate
·         Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

My Reviews:
Consistency: Damp Big Size Mask
Scent: Slight Medicinal Scent
Finish: Skin feels Calms and Soothing after application
Packaging: Individually packed with easy tear opening
Efficacy: Able to provide skin hydration and slightly reduces the redness of skin
What outstands this compared to other blemish cleanser: Most mask are small and dry while this one is big enough and soaked in a sufficient amount of serum
Downside: Does not really treat acne in just one use

What it Claims:
·         Removes Black and White Heads
·         Controls Oil
·         Unclog Pores
·         Provide gentle exfoliation
·         Soothing and Hydration Properties

My Reviews:
Consistency: Transparent Light Gel that absorbs quickly to skin without feeling greasy, sticky or heavy
Scent: Slight Medicinal Scent
Finish: Skin looks glowy
Packaging: Light-weight ; Pump bottle that is easy to carry around
Efficacy: Applied this on my nose area and after just 1 week of usage, noticed that the blackheads has minimize (but not entirely)
What outstands this compared to other blemish cleanser: Other blackheads remover tends to make skin red or dry but this one doesn’t but still able to minimize blackheads effectively
Downside: Might feel a bit stingy for sensitive skin

OverAll Reviews:
·         I’ll probably give it a 9 out of 10 for this range as it really does what it claims though not an overnight wonder but definitely does lived up to its claim
·         These products are effective yet you don’t have to undergo the “nightmare” stage such as “purging”, “peeling”, “flakiness” where most acne product does
·         You don’t have to wait for 3-6 months in order to see results or improvement as a time frame of 2-3 weeks is sufficient enough to see the effectiveness

I hope you find my reviews helpful and please do take time to visit B.LIV sites as they does not only specialize on ACNE but also on areas such as Treating Blackheads, Anti-Aging etc.
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