Hauls + Product Reviews: Faceshop, Time Balm, YoungBlood, Maybelline, Etude House and more

Went MIA for a couple of weeks because I visited Malaysia for a CNY trip! I’ll be sharing some of my journey during the trip as I stayed there for a week and so…..basically food porn! Haha…=P

My main stops are always in “Bukit Bintang” because I simply love visiting their Watson’s, Guardians (kinda similar to mannings), Sasa and Sephora!!! They have wide varieties and a whole lot of extremely nice products I wanted to bring back home! Despite the temptation, I still managed to control my “shopaholic demon” and just get what I really needed..hehe..

‘Nuff said, here are some of the products I hauled over KL:
(forgot about the prices, just click on the name to direct you to its website)

·         I just started using this for around 5 days and so. I still wouldn’t know how effective it is in terms of fighting acnes or eliminating blemishes. But the initial reaction to my skin was quite good! I believe it is a gentle cleanser as it makes my skin soft but was able to cleanse thoroughly! So far, betting on this cleanser! I think it does help controls my breakout as my acnes were not getting worse (*cross-fingers*) Will update you if this would be a YEY or NAY once I finished the entire 200ml bottle! =P
         Recommend? Yes! Worth a try!

·         I’ve tried a lot of 2 phase makeup remover and I’d have to say this is the least oily I have ever tried. Though it does remove heavy mascaras and eyeliner thoroughly but I dunno I felt that it is NOT that “refreshing” as compared to the “REWIND Make-up Remover”. Overall it’s an extremely gentle remover as it does NOT irritate my eyes despite rubbing and tugging (thou you shall NOT!) many times! It’s an effective remover for waterproof makeup and extremely gentle as well, so for those with sensitive eyes and skin, try this with no hesitation =)
       Recommend? Yes to those with sensitive eyes and skin =)

·         I super super super MAD LOVE this wash…as you know I am addicted to anything with AHA and BHA…hehe..=P Even though it is an exfoliating wash but I tell you it is GENTLE enough to use it daily or even twice/thrice a day!!! It cleanse your skin really well and make your skin zuper smooth and clear!!! I finished the entire 130g tube so I can really say that it’s a great cleanser in achieving a clean and clear face! (though it does not help much on healing acnes but it does lessen the redness of skin)
      Recommend? Yes!!!!!

·         This is simply just a wet tissue nothing more! I tried using this to wipe off the mascara on my eyes and it stung my eyes badly and the mascaras were not removed at all. Aside from giving me panda eyes it blurred my vision as well! I really can’t think of anything good to say aside from being convenient and handy. But it makes the “handy & convenient” no sense as it was not able to cleanse/remove makeup effectively! I’d rather bring a pocket of cotton then pour my Maybelline2 phase makeup remover rather than bring this “handy” cleansing oil sheets and does nothing on removing makeups!

        Recommend? No please, don’t waste your money!

·         I bought the light/medium shade because this is my closest shade as I swatch it in the counter. The consistency is really creamy and light; perfect for covering undereye circles and blemishes. But I think the shades will be more suitable to those with pink undertones. I am a yellow undertoned so when I applied this to my acne affected areas it tends to shows a light pinkish(light salmon) color to those areas which is quite obvious. Overall, the consistency and coverage is quite good but the shade is not really suitable to people with yellow undertones

         Recommend? For those with pink undertones

·         I bought this because I love the Duo concealer but kinda regret it as the foundation is quite “paste” form and might create strike when applied. Might not be suitable to those with dry skin as the consistency is quite hard to blend. The shade is also kinda weird, appears too yellow orangey me. Not really that attractive when applied alone, should be mixed with a moisturizer or primer for a nicer finish.
       Recommend? Maybe No.

·         I’m impressed with this water based remover as it managed to remove waterproof mascara quite thoroughly. Skin felt super hydrated and refresh after using this. Doesn’t hurt my eyes or blurred my vision at all.A great alternative for those who doesn’t like oil based remover!
       Recommend? Yes, for those who doesn’t like oil based remover

·         This loose powder is grind very finely which makes it so easy to apply on skin. It kinda softens the look on my skin and diffuses imperfection quite nicely. So far, I have nothing to complain except for the pricetag!The price is mad expensive, I bought it around $40!!!

      Recommend? Maybe, if you are okay with the price

·         A Beauty Blender wannabe’! I wanted to buy the Beauty Blender but can’t seem to find it locally thus I tried this one instead. Though it is much cheaper compared to BB but I think the quality is quite nice! The sponge is really sturdy and won’t crack or tear easily and best of all it does NOT bleeds unlike BB’s. I really love this Puff as it makes your makeup application more intact and flawless looking whereby fingers and brush were not able to do so. Simply keep on bouncing and you have yourself a nice coverage and flawless looking application =)

Recommend? Yes!!!!!

10) Etude House: Portable Ribbon Brush

·         Reason why I bought it? Mad cute!! Hehe~ But never underestimate a cutie because it is a perfect tool for highlighting and even applying blush

Recommend? Not really necessary but it’s always nice to have something cute on your makeup bag =)

·         First impression? Smells really really bad like a dog poo. Despite the awful smell, it did make my skin look more clear and radiant. Though it is an exfoliating mask but it is gentle enough even to those suffering from severe acnes(yours truly). Does not dries or irritate my skin at all. But the radiant effect is only temporary as my skin gets back to being dull the 2nd day

Recommend? No! Mad expensive, bought it around $55

(bought in Phils)

·         Just a quick on the go foundation, doesn’t really cover much but able to conceal a little redness and pigmentation. I guess this is only suitable for those with lesser imperfections

Recommend? Yes, if you are quite flawless to begin with

·         I prefer their powder concealer compared to this one. I think the shade is too sheer and waxy quite similar to the Elf concealer palette. Plus they only have 2 shades available which both doesn’t match me at all.

Recommend? No

15) CAINZ: Acne Facial Foam

·         These two facial wash targets on acne prone skin that claims to eliminate bacteria which cause pimples. Upon using the entire products, still does nothing on my acne skin. Made my face dry and loss of moisture.

Recommend? No!


Hauls + quick review : TFS BB cream, Philosophy, Rewind & The Body Shop

I don’t even know why I bought this because BB cream hates my skin. I broke out everytime I used BB cream regardless of brand. Anyway, I drop by TFS and tested all their BB creams and so far this is the only BB cream that can conceal redness/acne thoroughly. I chose the shade “Natural Beige” and I think the shade is just right for me.

·         Able to conceal redness/acne perfectly
·         Not heavy at all/ won’t clog pores
·         Love the semi glowy finish
·         Didn’t break me out *cross-fingers*
·         Would recommend this to people who have redness of skin and uneven skintone as this will be a great coverage on those areas
·         THE ONLY DOWNSIDE is it will create EXTREME WHITE CAST on FLASH PHOTOS! (-_-)” (because of the high SPF)

2)    Philosophy: Help Me Retinol Night Treatment             USD45  1oz
This is mad expensive but since I haven’t tried “retinol” related products yet so I decided to try this out. So far, loving this cream

·         Dries up pimples FAST! (overnight!)even cystic one!
·         Able to heal acne gradually around (7-14days)
·         Didn’t experience any discomfort such as burning or sting
·         Skin does turn red but only because I applied too much. (Remember to only apply small amount/pea-sized to affected areas ONLY)
·         Would definitely recommend to those people who suffers from Big cystic acne as it dries up fast and effectively

3)     The Body Shop: Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover      USD14.50    8.4floz            
I’m in search of a gentle remover and decided to get this one since the product itself
States that its “Camomile Gentle” remover.
·         Not gentle on eyes at all; accidently gets into my eyes and hurts so much
·         Unable to remove waterproof mascaras/eyeliner
·         Makes my skin red after using but subsides after few minutes
In search of a good concealer that can hide redness and acnes thus decided to get this duo.

·         Able to conceal redness and acne perfectly
·         The cream stick might be a little drying but as long as you put moisturizer underneath, will not be a problem
·         The shade NB21 is just perfect for me, the color is light beige (no orangey effect unlike the usual concealers)
·         Finish is powdery so it is not that noticeable
·         Could last around 6-9hrs and still intact

5)    Rewind: Bi-Phase Makeup Remover    USD12
Love this make-up remover as it can remove all waterproof makeup thoroughly
·         Extremely gentle; even though I rub it vigorously on my eyes(though you shall NOT!) didn’t feel any discomfort
·         Not greasy at all
·         Overall, a wonderful make-up remover suitable for all skintypes!
·         I think its time for me to replace my good old Maybelline to Rewind Bi-Phase instead =)

To know more about the products just click on the name =)
(I’ll make a more detailed review on the “Help Me” retinol cream with my application and all soon)

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