Review on Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50+PA+++

Hellos! Today I’m going to review about sunscreens! Though I am not a fan of sunscreens as I honestly don’t wear them, but recently I noticed that I have developed some sun spots! I hope it is still not too late, so I opted to surely add a sunscreen on my daily routine!
I have heard so many good reviews on sunscreens from Biore so I decided to grab one from Biore =)

Biore: Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse SPF50+ PA+++          Price: USD 10 / Size: 33g
What it claims:
l         Contains unique aqua micro capsule with UV block ingredient
l         Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Citrus Essence
l         Able to Hydrate and Soften skin
l         Water-based texture makes it easy to spread into skin
Consistency: White mousse that would turn into tiny water drops and easily absorbed to skin
Scent: No definite smell
Packaging: Light-weight and sleek squeeze tube
Coverage: Provide skin an instant glow
Finished: Velvety smooth

I’m Loving it:
l         Not sticky, greasy or heavy at all
l         Absorbed quickly to skin
l         Gives an instant glow and velvety finish to skin
l         Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin

l         I honestly don’t have any complains to this except that this is not easily available in our country. I love everything of this product from the packaging to the product itself! Hands down onto it =)

That’s it for my reviews on the Biore UV Face Mousse! ^_~
Thanks for dropping by =)


  1. Replies
    1. hi sis, I bought this an grocery shop near chinatown, priced at PHP399 i think ^_~

  2. There's a new japanese grocery in our area and they have biore. Priced at 399 to 499 not bad.

  3. I dont like wearing sunscreen as well but I have a mom who dictated me since I was a kid that sun screen is the most important step to do before applying make up. lol
    my mom is always really strict with skin care.

    I am currently using a base from paul&joe which has SPF 45++ and i am so far like it.. But it is quite expensive, so this one from biore looks like a good alternative.. maybe I can track it down in ebay :D

  4. Is really important for our skin for that reason I love it the sunscreens are neccesary and perfects to me. This Bioré sunscreen looks really nice maybe try this product sometime! Many thanks fot the review Janet!

  5. This sunscreen looks really watery! I love that, doesn't seem heavy at all~
    I usually don't wear sunscreen either, since most face products like BB creams, moisturizer, foundations already have SPF in them, so I'm too lazy to add another layer haha :P

  6. So you use bb creams? Usually kasama na sun screen dun so isang lagayan nalang sa face :)

    1. ayaw kasi ng bb cream sa fez ko, nagkakarashes me sa bb cream kaya i still stick to foundation =)

  7. Love your review! I might check this one out for next winter!

  8. thanks for the review! I've seen some Biore products in some Japanese grocery store in Baclaran :D

  9. Great review! This sunscreen sounds great! I hate wearing sunscreen as well as it always makes my face feel/look greasy and heavy!

  10. Great review I love hearing about different sunscreens to try.

  11. Another product to try! I always make sure I apply enough amount of sunscreen to my face.. Prevention is better than cure dba? :) its never too late! I just hope makahanap ako ng store na medyo malapit skn :)

  12. Interesting. After reading your review I realized na I'm not using any sunscreen nga. Though I do have products for my face with SPF content. Still, a girl needs her sunscreen. Thanks for the review! :)


  13. Ahh I really wna try this! But is this water and sweat proof? I need this for outdoor activities! :)

    1. I'm not sure if its waterproof but its definitely sweat proof as I have been wearing this in the field and so far no melting moments, lolz =)


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