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Lately, I dyed my hair thrice..! yeah, I know its damaging...but I already bought it so have to use it...Just dye only, won't die anyway, the fact my hair is already in SEVERE damage so what's to worry... T__T

I bought Palty and Liese aka Prettia aka KAO dye products and upon using it I fell ♥ with them immediately. These are not ordinary dye products where you have to use a comb and color hair in those paste-form dye with SMELLY amonia upon using it.

Thanks to the Japanese who are a REAL genius in BEAUTY and Fashion..(~as always~) who invented this type of easy-to-use DIY hair color products.

Liese Bubble Hair Color is a new type of permanent hair color. Just apply foam on hair and massage. No more troublesome sectioning of hair! Foam reaches all over the head easily and you can achieve beautiful, evenly colored hair easily!Here are the colors I bought:

I haven't tried the Chiffon Beige just yet, cuz I'm afraid I might turned into a *TH to be a blonde* Asian Fat Chick. I bought that shade because that's the only color left besides Natural Brown(bleh, who likes natural brown?).

Although it's so EASY to use, but I failed in my first attempt due to stupidity and NOT reading the manual which I CAN'T READ @ ALL since its all in JAPANESE. I thought its the same procedure as the other dye products whereas after putting Bottle A to Bottle B, SHAKE VIGOROUSLY! and I did but FAILED max. The solution didn't turn into bubbles, still in liquid form but luckily after several squeeze it managed to pump out some bubbles. So please DO NOT SHAKE the bottle, just hand it up and down for 5 times then squeeze, VOILA! bubbles to color your hair!

Oh oh, forgot to mention, it also includes a Skin Allergy Test sheet where you could test the product first if you're allergic to it or not. (sweet or not!)

Sadly, its not distributed in the Philippines yet but there are plenty of multiply shops which sells this. I bought mine at vanitygirlshop.multiply, she sells it @ PHP650 and i think she still has few on-hand stock left and does provide Pre-order spree for this as well.

Anti-Acne Products Review: Defensil VS Panoxyl

I've been suffering from SEVERE ACNE this few months and until this moment it's still all over my face. I tried almost all anti-acne products but still none of them really works.
So for those who have the same problem as mine and plan to purchase Defensil or Panoxyl. Here's my review on them:
Let's start off with Defensil:
Defensil has two line of products one is the BAR SOAP which costs roughly around PHP35 @ Watson's.

As stated in the box, it should ONLY be washed on affected areas.

1) Cheap and Affordable
2) Pocket size which is easy to carry around
3) No unpleasant smell
4) Does NOT dries your skin

1) No significant effect on healing pimples/acne
2) Even though its only PHP35 but if it doesn't do what it claims to do its still a waste of money

Another line of Defensil is the Defensil Cream:
(I'll upload the pic later)
-It's basically a lotion cream in a tube which claims to prevent breakouts.

- Non greasy, easy to apply
- No unpleasant smell

- PHP188 that claims to ONLY prevent pimples is quite pricey
- No significant effect in terms of preventing breakouts, I still got pimple even using this cream.

Next is the ever famous PANOXYL:

There are 3 types of PANOXYL ointment/gel:
2.5%- white/blackheads
5%- mild acne/pimples
10%- severe acne/pimples

I bought the 2.5% cuz' I want to start in low dosage as I don't want my skin to peel extremely. But still my skin peel badly, yet despite the peeling stage my pimples/acne are still there. Although pimples are getting smaller but merrier though (what I meant is that the pimples are spreading and increasing!)

1) Dries up pimples
2) Really works for new/fresh pump pimple, it would definitely disappear overnight
3) Available in Mercury, Wastson's and other drugstore
4) Price is around PHP140, quite satisfactory for the price as you can see some healing on the process.

1) PEELS your skin
2) Will create a transluscent thin layer onto the skin once its dries up
3) Might experience thingle or slight itchiness
4) Redness of skin

We move now to PanOxyl Gentle Facial Wash:
1) Very gentle and does not dries up skin
2) Cleanse thoroughly
3) No unpleasant smell
4) Makes a perfect combo with the PanOxyl Gel

1) Quite pricey for a small bottle that cost around PHP189!

Overall, I would rate 3 out of 5 for the PanOxyl GEl and Facial Wash.
Although there's no significant effect on healing of pimples/acnes,    but at least you could feel the smoothness and cleanliness of your skin.

Conclusion: I would recommend to use PanOxyl Combo compare to Defensil. Although PanOxyl might be a little pricey but the effect is much much better than Defensil.
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