KPOP Inspired look~

I have been a fan of KPOP eversince the debut of SHINHWA, BABYVOX, SES and FINKL (omygwad! did I just reveal my age?!!!,lolz). Even though I don’t understand a thing they sang but I simply love their upbeat music and fancy music videos. Fast forward 2012, where GANGNAM STYLE has took over the WORLD and KPOP finally dominating worldwide chart . Even though I love KPOP but I still prefer the “classic” KPOP music because they were less “artificial”, if you know what I mean but I guess people have change; thus the industry must adjust in order to captivate the market.

Nuff’ the blabber as I present to you my version of KPOP look!
There are only three essential things in order to rock that KPOP look and these are EYELINERS, EYELINERS and EYELINERS (LOLZ*). What I mean is EYELINER is extremely important in order to achieve that KPOP look.
 KPOP makeup consists of three important things which are MATTE SKIN, THICK EYELINERS and HIGHLIGHTERS. Once you have these three, then you can definitely rock that KPOP look!
That’s it for my version of KPOP Look!
Hope you like it ^_~

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Makeup Collaboration

Going pink for the month of October in lieu of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month~
I was very glad the moment I received Mitchie’s email asking if I’ll be interested in doing a collab for the Breast Awareness compaign and without any hesitate I said YES!

I went for ALL OUT PINK meaning from eyeshadows, blush to the extent I even wore PINK =)
Since I decided to wore this look in the office so I went for a much natural discreet look ^_~
I just used my MULE Correcealer on the entire look!

Being a woman, I wanted you all to remain dedicated in educating and empowering ourselves to takes charge of our own breast health! Also, learn to share the knowledge of breast awareness to your siblings, friends or even neighbors.

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How To find the Perfect Present For Your Loved One

Flowers, chocolates, maybe a bottle of wine – do all of the usual presents you surprise your girlfriend with start to sound a little repetitive? Chances are if you’re feeling bored with the same-old gift ideas, then your girlfriend is too.

A gift doesn’t need to be for a special occasion. One of the most romantic things a man can do is surprise their partner for no other reason than to say: ‘I love you’. With this in mind, if you’re looking to show you girlfriend just how much you care, here are four unique gift ideas that are sure to make her smile.

1.    An experience 
The most memorable gifts are the ones that can be shared. Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers, why not tick something off your partner’s bucket list. Sky diving, wine tasting, ballroom dancing – everyone is bound to have a fun and exciting experience they have always wanted to try. Find out what that is for your loved one and organise their ultimate day as a surprise.

2.    Pyjamas 
A nice pair of pyjamas is one of those purchases that most girls want but often can’t justify spending the money on. Don’t be tempted to go for a seductive looking corset that she will only wear once. Opt for good quality satin pyjamas that are both attractive and comfortable.

This is a present that shows how much you care about your girlfriend’s comfort, a quality that’s always sure to impress.

3.     A pot plant
A unique spin on the traditional flowers that won’t shrivel and die. This is a great project for any couples that live together and isn’t only for people who have a backyard. If you and your girlfriend enjoy cooking, a herb garden is also a lovely idea that fills the house with aromatic smells.

4.    Cook her a special meal
This is a particularly good surprise if your partner is usually the one who does the cooking. If you’re really looking to impress her, then it’s time to work your magic in the kitchen.

Don’t try to get too gourmet and ruin the surprise by burning down the kitchen. Have a look online for tried and tested recipes that have a step-by-step process or video. Don’t scrimp on the finer details either – if you have gone to the effort of cooking, be sure to set the table and light a few candles for ambience. 

Monthly Loves for October

Hellos! Starting this month I decided to do a Monthly Love &  Hate(if there will be any) merely because I am too lazy to write individual post per product lolz~  Anyway, the real reason is I know most people prefer a short but precise review. Thus, I decided why not just come up with a Monthly loves/hates just so people won't have to suffer reading my nonsense blabber most of the time T_________T

Anyhoo without further blabber here’s my L-OV-E for the month of OCTOBER~
·         I love love this cleansing foam!! It cleanses super duper well~
·         Able to remove all sorts of makeup THOROUGHLY
·         Skin felt squeaky clean after wash
·         Since this is just a free product, I decided to try it with my brushes and it works like magic!!! Able to clean the brushes effectively without making the hair strands weak or dry

2) SYOSS: Anti-Dandruff Control Conditioner (Pro-Keratin)                 Price: PHP90
  • Smells super duper refreshing
  • It really helps control dandruff and itchiness of scalp effectively
  • I think this is the best anti-dandruff conditioner I have ever tried in my life
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
That’s it for my October LOVES! So far, I didn’t have a HATE product for the month of October~ While the rest are just so-so that’s not even worth mentioning >_<

How about you? What are your loves for this month? Share it on the comment box below =)

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Review on IASO Skincare Routine

I have blogged about the IASO Intensive Clear Boosting few days ago HERE and now I am going to share the IASO Skincare Routine I used for exactly two weeks.

I have mentioned in my KOREAN BEAUTY HAULS HERE that I was given with a generous amount of samples from IASO and one of them is the IASO Trial Set which consist of the following:

·  It claims to repair skin’s moisture barrier and retain natural lipids.

·  The consistency is in a creamy texture that is easy to lather
· The only thing I notice is my skin felt silky smooth after  wash

·  Claims to clarifies and brightens skin as it exfoliates dead cells
·  It comes in a wet cloth type wherein you simply wipe it along the face
·   I did notice that it brightens up my face a tiny bit

STEP 3: Apply PURIFYING TONER  (For Oily and Combination)
·  Claims to bring immediate freshness and control excess sebum and clarifies skin with botanical extract
· Skin immediately feels refresh and cool
· Does NOT sting at all
·  I did notice that it minimize the pores and brighten up my skin

· Claims to re-texture and exfoliate dead cells and speed up skin’s own shedding cycle
 I have made an INTENSIVE review HERE

LAST STEP: Apply Face with PURIFYING EMULSION (For Oily and Combination)
· It claims to clarifies skin
- It is NON sticky and feels super LIGHTWEIGHT on skin
· It  absorbed quickly to skin
· I notice it helps soften up skin

· This range contains an active ingredient of CENTELLA ASIATICA which is known to repair damage skin.
· The good thing about this set is it doesn’t aggregate my existing acne neither did I experience any discomfort on it.
· Even though I did notice quite a little improvement but there are only 2 products I would consider on purchasing the full size. These are the PURIFYING TONER and INTENSIVE CLEAR BOOSTER as I did notice these two items helps minimize my pores and redness quite effectively.

·  This basically is an ANTI-AGING set so I would probably recommend this to those who wants to improve overall skin clarity.

Have a Healthy Skin Everyone!! Ending with a shameless FOTD, keke T____T

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Review: Coreana Senite Fresh Herb Nature Foam & Tissue Cleansing + FOTD'S

Hellos! I’m here again to review a brand I think most of you or precisely all of you haven’t heard of. I, personally am NOT familiar as well, these were apparently included in the Coreana 4D Motion Cleanser set I purchased HERE and reviewed HERE.

Basically Senite is a sub-brand under Coreana. I, too am not familiar with the brand so if you guys are interested check their site HERE.
Here goes my review on the two Senite items included on the Coreana Motion Cleanser set:
1)    Senite: Fresh Herb Nature Foam Cleansing
·         Claims to remove makeup without leaving skin feeling tight
·         Contains herb & jojoba  extract, apricot & kiwi

My Review:
·         It comes in a cream consistency wherein it lathers pretty quickly
·         The color comes out in a light green shade that smells quite minty
·         It was able to remove some of my makeup quite nicely but my waterproof mascara were still stuck on my face
·         Doesn’t experience any discomfort or aggregate my existing acnes

2)    Senite: Fresh Herb Cleansing Tissue (80pulls)
·         Claims to gently remove makeup and at the same time provide moisture to skin

My Review:
·         Able to remove all sorts of makeup is just 1 sheet!
·         Does NOT sting nor hurt my eyes even if I wipe or tug vigorously (thou u shall NOT!)
·         Would definitely recommend and buy again (though hard to find) as this comes really handy & convenient especially on travels

Overall Reviews on both the Foam Cleanser & Cleansing Tissue:
·         The foam cleanser is probably a failure for me as it doesn’t remove makeup that thoroughly so I wouldn’t really recommend it at all
·         As for the Cleansing Tissue, if you are in search of a cleansing wipe that works tough but gentle on the skin. Definitely try this out! It works so much better than the Biore that I had reviewed HERE

That’s it for my review on both products! I know this post was quite boring since it’s just a
cleansing product and the brand is unknown too. Who knows, maybe Coreana will be available in 
your country sometime soon. BTW, excuse me for spamming you with  some of my recent FOTD', keke T___T Thanks for dropping by ^_~

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TonyMoly hauls + Review

Hellos! Few weeks ago, I drop by TonyMoly and managed to haul over some products. My intension is only to purchase the foot peeling liquid but end up purchasing more than what I needed. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the peeling liquid because I am so excited to try it already. Sad to say, my callus are way too thick so it didn’t work at all T______T ($$$= wasted **AGAIN =(**) Anyway, let’s now move to the products I managed to take photo of.
1)    Mineral Skin Fit Makeup Fixer              Size: 80ML 
Price: PHP450 around USD10
·         It’s basically an upgraded version of Mist because it does not only provide moisture but at the same time also helps keep makeup last longer and more intact
     My Reviews:
·         It’s basically a setting spray with added moisture ingredients and it works FAB on me
·         It helps keep the makeup more intact and last the whole day
·         I normally develop dry patches on the corner of my mouth due to the super cold  aircon at the office but eversince I use this spray I seldom develop dry patches anymore
·         It last much longer and provide more hydration compared to the Krave’s makeup spray that I have reviewed HERE
·         Did NOT experience any discomfort
·         Will definitely buy this again once I finish the bottle

2)    Mother Nature Hair Shampoo in Fruits Cocktail                        Size:300ml
My Reviews:
·         The smell is not that nice as it has a hint of oriental medicine scent
·         Consistency is creamy and lathers really well
·         Hair tends to get dry and a bit tangled but once you followed it with a conditioner, this won’t be a problem
·         Helps relieve itchiness and minimize dandruff
·         Will definitely buy this again as it really helps on the itchiness of my scalp and it control dandruff too

3)    UV Sunset BB Cleansing Foam            FREE

·         It’s basically a cleanser that helps remove makeup containing UV formula.
·         I have yet open this but I'll update you guys once I get to try it

That’s it for my Tony Moly hauls~ Thanks so much for dropping by ^_~

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Review on IASO Intensive Clear Booster

IASO is a premium brand in KOREA designed to address your sophisticated and proactive skincare needs based on the research and expertise of leading dermatologist.

IASO’s unique formula enables the active ingredients to be absorbed quickly, infusing the skin with energy, enriching with nutrients to achieve a remarkable brightness and clarity.

For more info on the brand IASO click HERE
What is IASO Intensive Clear Booster?                                35ml

·        An intensive yet extra gentle skin retexturing formula with an exclusive complex of multi-HYDROXY ACIDS and plan extracts
·        Exfoliates dead skin cells and speed up skin’s own shedding cycle
·        Instantly boost skin smoothness, clarity and radiance
·        Reduces dullness, uneven texture and minor discoloration
·        Reduces surface oil for oily skin
·        Whisks away flakes for dry skin

Directions of Usage:
·         Apply to the face and throat after cleansing and toning, AM and PM.
My Reviews:
I am in love with the classy and elegant packaging, the bottle itself is not that heavy but is pretty sturdy. The consistency is extremely runny so you need to place it on the palm, rub it and pat to face.

·        Excellent packaging; comes in pump and transparent acrylic bottle
·        0 weight (doesn’t feel anything at all)
·        Able to minimize the redness on my face
·        Reduces oiliness on the face
·        Able to brighten up skintone
·        Suitable for all skintypes (Oily, Combo or Dry)
·        Doesn’t aggregate my current acnes
·        Skin becomes super soft and smooth the next morning
·        Allergy tested product
·        Did NOT encounter any discomfort upon using it

·         Not available locally (bought it at KOREA, see my Korean Hauls HERE)
·         Expensive for just a 35ml bottle
·         Smells a bit like rubber
·         Cannot be use if you are undergoing medical treatment that has Retinol, BP or other harsh ingredients
·         Might experience dry patches if moisturizer is not followed

Overall Reviews:
I LOVE this booster so much as it helps reduce the redness on my face and at the same time I also notice that the clarity is improved as well.  I have oily combination skin and it helps minimize the oiliness on my face. My face normally gets greasy and oily after a few hours when out in the sun but after I added IASO on my routine I notice that I don’t oil up that often.  

Who to Recommend:
I would recommend this to anyone who needs an extra boost on skin clarity and texture. IASO really achieve on what it claims effectively.

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Review on COREANA 4D Motion Cleanser Set

I’ve been seeing a lot of raves on Clarisonic and it made me want to have one badly but the price is just too steep on me. We don’t have Clarisonic here locally, but there are plenty of online sellers selling it at around PHP10K+(200dollars). I find it too expensive for just an electrical brush so I settled for a cheaper version which is the TWINBIRD Face & Body Cleanser that I have reviewed HERE. I am pretty much satisfied with how the TWINBIRD works, but the only problem is they don’t sell brush heads separately. The bristles of my TWINBIRD are going bad already, so I’m thinking on trying a cheaper alternative.

I’m browsing on the internet until I discovered that there are 2 Korean Brand that came up with a Clarisonic dupe. First is the Coreana and followed by Elisha Coy, I was torn between the two but end up with the Coreana since it is much cheaper compared to the Elisha Coy. I bought the entire set at KRW59K (approx USD50) which I have blogged HERE.

COREANA is a Korean brand that has been in the cosmetic industry for 22 years and has also expanded their brand across the globe. Though COREANA may not be “commercially” popular, but consumers who have used their products kept coming back because of the art & quality Coreana has invested on their products.  Click HERE to know more about COREANA.
Now let’s go onto my review with the 4D Motion Cleanser:
  • The packaging is superb! The cute and handy 4D Motion Cleanser unit is safely placed in a sleek hardbound box
  • It comes with a spare head(also sells heads separately)  and 2 brand new batteries

  • The 4D Motion Cleanser unit is paired with a FREE NOKDU Bubble Massage Foam 

  • The NOKDU Bubble Massage Foam comes out in a  gel-type consistency and turns into foam type(similar to shaving cream)  once you tap it

My Reviews upon using the 4D Motion Cleanser Set( The unit and the NOKDU Foam):
  • The packaging box is sturdy and sleek
  • The 4D Motion Cleanser unit does weigh a bit but is still pretty handy to use

  • Replacing of battery and heads is easy (user friendly device)

  • Can be used in a shower
  • Quite hygienic because the 4D Motion Cleanser does have a cap on the brush head
  • Doesn't aggregate my existing acne or experience any discomfort upon using
  • The Nokdu Bubble Massage foam is extremely gentle but still able to cleanse thoroughly without stripping the needed moisture 
  • Not available locally
  • Doesn’t have speed option
  • Couldn’t feel the intensity of the brush since it VIBRATES instead of ROTATE

  • The bristles of the brush are not dense and firm enough

  • There is only 1 type of brush head (I think Clarisonic do have several variants of brush head depending on skintype)
Overall Reviews:
Initially, I am quite disappointed with the 4D Motion Cleanser as it didn’t function as I expected. I was thinking that this 4D Motion would rotate but instead it just VIBRATES. But as I continue using it, I am feeling neutral and eventually liking the device. Even though the brush head is considerably less dense compared to my TWINBIRD Cleanser, but it still manage to swept away dirt and excess oil on the surface of my face.  

This 4D Motion Cleanser doesn't only cleanse but also massages your face. Even though it is not a deep pore cleansing brush, I am still satisfied with the way it cleanses my skin. I don't think I will be buying a Clarisonic sometime soon as this pretty much did the job already!

As for the NOKDU Bubble Massage Foam, aside from providing a thorough cleansing I didn’t notice any difference or improvement on the face.

Does it Cleanse better compared to Bare Hands:
The answer is YES! Even with the low density of the bristles, it still cleanses better compared to barehands!

Tips & Suggestions:
If you guys wanted a deep pore cleansing effect,  paired it up with any of your favorite exfoliating cleanser(the one that has grains or beads). I paired mine with Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and it definitely cleanses way beneath the pores. It is suggested to change the brush head every 3 months of use.

Who to Recommend:
I  recommend this to anyone as the brush head is super gentle and soft so it won’t hurt your skin.Skin will relatively feel clean, smooth & refresh! Every single bristle vibrates rapidly, wherein it helps improve & increase  the circulation of blood in your face. We all know that having a good circulation of blood will help keep skin stay Healthy and Radiant.

That's it for the Coreana 4D Motion Cleanser review, hope you find it somewhat helpful ^_~

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