Son Dam Bi’s Inspired Pure Girl to Femme Fatale Makeup Look~

Hellos! It’s been awhile I did an inspired make-up look; simply because I am mad lazy >_<~
Then came one Saturday that I had nothing to do, but browse on BNTNEWS and saw the gorgeous pictorial of Son Dam Bi with BNT. 
They made her turn from a Pure Girl into a Sexy Femme Fatale!!
I got interested with the Femme Fatale look they have on her, hence decided to do my own version ^_~ 

Below were my Versions:
Some Close-Up Look on the Make-up: 

 Some More photos for the Pure Girl Look:
Some More photos for the Femme Fatale Look:
I know I look WAYYYY FAR from Son Dam Bi’s sexy look, but this is my own ugly version~>_<~
Which do you prefer the Pure Girl of Femme Fatale look?

Review on VMV Skintagible “Faint” ation Skin-Refining Non-Makeup SPF 30

Hey hey hey, it’s time for ANOTHER review on Base Makeup! This time around a brand that is locally made, but quality has surpassed even other high-end brands.

What it claims:
  • Known as BBBB (BB But Better)
  • Ultra-Light and  natural looking finish
  • Proves to be Antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-acne and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Purely mineral SPF30 plus light protection
  • Non-comedogenic, Contains NO paraben and tested for all skin types
Consistency: Comes out in cream lotion type
Shade: Comes out in really dark yellow beige (available only in 1 shade)
Oil-Control: Low (oiliness already after 4 hours)
Coverage: Low to Medium (able to even out skintone and buildable)
Finish: Sheen Glow
Packaging: Glass Bottle With Pump
Price: PHP 600 or USD 15
Size: 12g
Suitability: All Skin Types
Availability: All VMV Online Shop and retail shops HERE

What I Loved:
  • Cute packaging, travel friendly bottle that has convenient pump
  • Formulated with no parabens and other harmful ingredients
 What I Don’t Like:
  • The shade is way too DARK and does NOT fit my skintone at ALL ( I look like ompa lumpa! >_<)
  • The finishing is too “FAKE”, it kinda appears like I have a glossy Mask ON
  • It feels sticky on face
OverAll Reviews:
  • Sorry VMV, this product does NOT do well on my skin as it just DOES NOT adjust or fit my skintone!
  • I look like I applied an ORANGE bronzer rather than a foundation on my face
  • Even though it does NOT cake or become greasy, but the finish is so shiny, kinda like a sheen mask applied on my face (looking very “fake”~)
Here’s me with Skintagible plus setting powder~ 
See how I look so “bronze” and orangey compared to my neck >_<~
This might not be a product for me, but I still love their skincare products:
 which I have reviewed HERE and HERE ^_~

Review on NYX Matte Bronzer in MBB03 Medium/ MOYEN

Hellos! Today I’ll be reviewing one of the essential items on my makeup bag which is “Bronzer”. I love love love contouring as it works as an instant cheat to my round and bloated face.  I’ve tried quite a number of bronzers such as Elf, CanMake, Benefit, Etude House and finally gave in to NARS Laguna. Ever since I’ve tried the NARS Laguna, I’ve “unofficially” ended my bronzer journey as I’ve already found my HG bronzer!

Despite recognizing my Holy Grail, I just couldn’t resist to try other bronzer, well, just because I enjoy contouring! ~
What it claims:
l         Able to achieve natural and healthy looking complexion
l         Provide a desired honey glow
l         Available in 5 russet shades

What I loved:
  • Nice packaging, contains a huge mirror
  • Minimal fall-outs
  • Affordable
  • Good color payout

  • Finishes as Matte (no shimmers/dewy effect at all)
What I don’t like:
  • The shade look too artificial (too orangey) on me (wasn’t able to provide a natural looking contour effect)
  • Contains talc, paraben and silicone!
Overall Reviews:
  • The shade just doesn’t look right on my skin as the bronzer look too “orangey” and wasn’t able to contour naturally
  • I think this would look great for those with pink/beige undertones as it would look much  natural on their skin
  • But for me, the shade appeared too “fake” and I kinda look like oompa lumpa that has dirt on his face >_<
  • I would still stick with my Holy Grail NARS Laguna as my daily bronzer

That’s it for my NYX Matte Bronzer review!
Check out my ELF VS NARS Bronzer review HERE ^_~

Review on Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Tone Correcting CC Cream Moisturizer

Hellos! I’m back again with a CC Cream review, but this time around with a much drugstore brand which is OLAY.  My cousin just came back from the states and handed me this really nice looking cc cream bottle from Olay. Before I proceed with my review, I’ll provide you with a quick product claims first.

What it claims:
  • Provides instant coverage plus correction to fight 7 signs of aging, including uneven tone, age spots and dull skin.
  • Combines a daily anti-aging moisturizer, SPF 15 sunscreen and sheer tint for younger-looking skin.
  • Balances and helps even out tone
  • Improves surface cell turnover and strengthens skin's natural defense against moisture loss
My Reviews:
Consistency: Cream type consistency and turns very watery once blend into skin
Shade: I got the Light to Medium; comes out in yellow beige (also available in Medium to Deep)
Coverage: Zero to Low (barely there)
Scent: No particular smell
Oil-Control: Low (not suitable for oily skin!)
Suitability: For Dry or Normal skin
Finish: Dewy; provides sheen glow to skinPackaging: Plastic tube that has a pump
Price: USD 15
Size: 50 ml
Availability: I believe this is easily reachable in all drugstore in the states

What I Love about:
  • I love the packaging bottle and the twisting effect, looks unique and colourful (reminds me of Stila thou~)
  • It gives instant glow to skin * no more dull/dry days*
  • Adequate SPF that is enough to protect skin from the harsh sun but not to the point on looking geisha with flash photography
What I Don’t Like:
  • Low Oil-control
  • No coverage nor managed to even skin out
Overall Reviews:
  • Aside from the nice glow it provides I really can’t comment on anything nice. 

  • But I would somehow recommend this to dry skinned people as this really helps moisturize skin well enough such as eliminating dry patches etc.
  • Since I am oily combination hence I really don’t like the “extra” dewyness it provide on my skin
This my the 5th CC cream to date and so far my favorite will still be the Ladykin which I have reviewed HERE.
For my other CC cream reviews, click here:

Thank’s for dropping by ^_~

Mini Beauty Hauls + Swatches~

Hellos! Just sharing some mini-hauls made over the weekend, very short and quick =)
*just click on the product to direct you to its link*
  • I got this 4 block blusher as I find the shades so pretty and cute~
  • I am sure all four shades will be workable for me as I fancy these type of shimmery but subtle shades 
  • I am addicted to skin based product especially to those based products that contains skincare benefits!
  • Will definitely make a separate review on this soon ^_~
  • Got interested with the shade Taupe as it is exactly the shade I wanted to apply in my brows just so it would match my hair ^_~
4) Ever Bilena- Eyebrow Pencils
  • Just because I find them really cheap! Plus quality is nice too~
5Generic Lipstick
  • Tried some really cheap and affordable lipstick I bought from a mini bazaar; just $1 each!
  • Chose 2 shades which are Nude and Pink
That’s it for my mini beauty hauls! ^_~
I am addicted to base makeup that is why you often see at least one base makeup on any of my haul post.

What is that “one product” that seems to appear quite too often on your beauty hauls?

Random Hauls: ELF, NYX, DHC etc

Hellos! It’s been awhile I post a haul entry, hence here I am bringing you a random beauty hauls I made for the previous months.

1)      Generic False Lashes which are quite affordable 10 pairs for $10! Quality is nice and designs are so cute and natural ^_~ Loving it =)
2)      Elf- Little Black Beauty Book – loving the shades as all of them are earth tone and is very useful for everyday makeup! Price is around USD5, I think~
3)      NYX – Matte Bronzer- Bought this as I saw some bloggers stating that this is very much comparable with NARS Laguna. Price is around USD 10, more or less~
4)      NYX- Eyebrow Shaper- Just because I have bushy eyebrows >_<~ Price is around USD 10~
5)      DHC- Deep Cleansing Oil- Just because I need a cleansing Oil to remove my makeup!

 6)      DUO Eyelash Adhesive – Saw a lot of good reviews on this particular glue hence decided to grab one and try ^_~
That’s it for my recent random hauls post! I hope you didn’t get bored as I know most of them are so random and not interesting at all -___-
I’ll do a review on the NYX MATTE BRONZER soon ^_~

Day to Night Look~ *photo post*

First off, since I’m quite lazy to post about reviews, hence I decided to just put up a photo post on how I change my look from Day to Night~!
You pretty much know which one is Day, which one is for Night~
 The changes I’ve done are only  switching off lipstick and lining of eyes!

For Day Look:
Champagne eyeshadows, Tightline and Pink lipstick!

For Night Look:
Taupe eyeshadows, Winged lining and Red lipstick
That’s it for my photo post on Day to Night Look~ 

Which do you prefer?

Thanks for dropping by ^_~

Beauty of Three Giveaway~

Hey hey hey!! It’s been awhile I organize a giveaway in my blog! Fortunately, one of the sweetest blogger “Genzel”, whom was also the author behind Genzel Kisses, asks me if I wanted to collaborate with her giveaway along with Yette, whom is the author behind Yettezkie’s Doodles.
Thanks’ to creative Yette, who came up with the “Beauty of Three Giveaway” title and credits to “Genzel”  for taking such lovely photos! ^_~

Enough the intro and let’s go into the exciting part of this giveaway, which are the PRIZES!!!
Let me list down the THREE (3) PRIZES, yes I said THREE; meaning there will be 3 winners for this giveaway!! Yay!

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection (Limited Edition)
ELF Everyday Eye Palette
Facial Mask and Skincare samples

Skin Avenue Garden Delight Skincare Set
4u2 BB Powder
Incoco Nail Polish (Nail Strips)
Avon Anew Vitale
Look Beauty Lip Liner
The Face Shop Facial Masks
Skincare sample

Skin Avenue Cloud Nine Skincare Set
Hayan Oat and Olive Lotion
Pair of Contact Lenses in Plano (Plain)
The Face Shop Facial Masks
Sakura Foot and Heel Lotion
Benefit Porefessional Sample
YSL Samples

Mechanics? Just follow the Rafflecopter below and have the chances to WIN these prizes!!!
GoodLuck Everyone!!! ^_~
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