Hellos! Today I will review about a Facial Mist which I personally don’t use quite often as I generally think it won’t contribute much onto my skin. I have tried facial mist from Gatsby and Evian but never really find it necessary as it didn’t do much on my skin.

Despite the “raves” from the “oh-so-famous” Evian, I really think it is simply water placed in a spray type container >_<  Yes, I have heard great reviews of facial mist from Vichy, Avene and La Roche-Posay; but it really made me hard to believe that sprays would actually “benefit” our skin. 

The brand that I am going to review today is from KOREA called “RESKIN”. I’m not going to talk further about the brand as I have made a quick introduction of it already HERE.

RESKIN SOLUTION MIST                                 Price: USD 24
What it claims:
  • Able to provide in-depth moisture to skin
  • Contains glacial water minerals
  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Has astringent properties
  • Helps keep skin trouble-free, clean and rejuvenated
My Reviews:
  • Basically, this facial mist was able to hydrate my skin
  • If you feel that your skin is burn-out/ too dry, this would help calm the sensitivity
  • Handy and travel friendly
Just my 2 cents:
  • I really don’t think this is a necessity product because I don’t think I would need to spray this when I am wandering at home.  I can simply wash my face if ever I felt the need to freshen up or clean my skin
  • However, when  I am designated on the field and my skin is in need of immediate hydration this would serve as a “Skin-Saver for me” ^_~
  • This would be very much applicable to those who expose themselves most of the time outside whereas skin is a bit burn out and needs immediate refreshing =)
~Fight the heat and skin burn out with Reskin Solution Mist~

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Thanks all for dropping by ^_~


  1. I think facial mist in general doesn't really do any effect except of the 'fresh effect'..
    Btw, your hair is so gorgeous!

  2. I thought need ko din ng facial mist, siguro kung nagyeyelo na sa Pinas bibili ako nyan sis. Hehe. It's good for those who have dry skin siguro. Anyway, thanks for always commenting on my posts ha? Sis here's the link pala to my online shop: Thanks!

  3. thanks for the review. always very informative and honest!
    i understand what you say about the visible effect from any facial mists.
    however, i find myself keep reaching for avene spray. it does calm down the irritation from occasional epilating and i use it instead of toner in the morning. :)

  4. janet what do you have on your lips? it's a pretty color!
    well, too bad i'm not very into this mist :( it breaks me out. maybe i'll explain later on my review too? glad you like it, i wish i could!

    xoxo from another bntgirl! (i think we haven't spoken to each other? but i'm an old follower of yours! XD),

    1. Hello Caroline,
      Its just a random lipgloss on a palette which I don't remember which palette, lolz..
      Thanks for dropping by, already following you =)

  5. Really interesting product looks really nice. Many thanks for you honest review. I think this is a product for a skincare bag for trvael I thinks is nice for that.


  6. Great review :-) And what a pretty girl you are, waw!

  7. I want to try mists that would give a dewy finish ^.^

  8. I really believe that some toners and "refreshing" mists are just water! I really want to take care of my skin more, but I don't think this is a step I'll add to my routine. I love your shirt though!

    7% Solution​

  9. I haven't heard of the brand before but I'd like to check it out. I don't think I need this kind of product though. I guess I can consider this a little luxury especially during the summer heat. :P

  10. Thanks for this review! I haven't heard of this brant but I like the product. Kind of reminds me of a water mist or something by avene! xo

  11. I bet the Evian face mist is just water, too hahahaha
    I haven't tried Reskin, but I love the one by LUSH.


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