Giving Natural Remedy a Try!

Hellos! Today I’ll be sharing some skincare tips using the most natural and organic ingredients you can grab from your kitchen.
I never had a clear skin in my life as I always struggle with acne, redness, bumps and sandpaper skin in my entire life. Since I have the worst skin condition hence I never expect that natural remedy would work for me which is why I always entrusted chemicals onto my skin.
Due to lack of resort, I opted to try out some Natural products and amaze that it did some work on my acne skin condition.
Below were some of the natural remedies I tried and did see improvement on my skin:
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) as Toner
  • After cleansing, I spray on the ACV in a cotton pad and gently pat to the acne affected areas
  • It helps heal inflame acne and reduce redness
  • Very effected for milia
  • In my case, I see results in 3 days

  1. Brown Sugar(or Oatmeal) Mix with Lemon (or ACV) & Coconut Oil (or Honey)
  • Mix all 3 ingredients and use it as scrub
  • It helps minimize redness  and enlarged pores

  1. Manuka 100% Honey
  • Put a tiny amount on a Q-tip and apply to inflamed acne
  • Helps reduce swelling and redness
Above were some of the natural remedies that I have tried that helps reduce the redness in my skin and heals milia.
Although they did not clear my acne but at least I managed to see some improvement without experiencing any discomfort such as purging or peeling stage.
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