Vassen Super Crystal Grey Review

Hellos! I’m back again with another Circle Lens review!! Still gratefully provided by CANDYLENS.COM.  This time around I’m going to share the review about the “Vassen Super Crystal Grey”.
Price: USD 23.90
Brand: Vassen
Design: Super Crystal Grey
Weight: 100 grams
Availability: HERE
Suitability: Extremely comfortable; no irritation or dryness encountered at all
Overview Reviews:
This circle lens would provide instant enlargement to eyes, but of course not too extreme, still managed to look very “human”. 
It would give a “sparky” look to eyes and very suitable for attending events as it would reflect very stunning on photos.
Pair this circle lens with any type of makeup and would look gorgeous and not too artifical^_~
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Hellos! Today I will post YET another Bubble Hair Dye review!! I guess you all are quite fed up with my Bubble Hair Dye reviews already, but I’m not; so I will still proceed with the review, LOLOLZ ^_~

I am a certified Bubble Hair Dye addict! I’ve tried most Bubble Hair Dye available in the local market and I just can’t help but to compare them.  And so far to date, my favourite brand of Bubble Hair Dye would be “Schwarzkopf” which I made a review HERE. While, if you guys were a little curious about my other Bubble Hair dye reviews, you can click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. The brands that I have reviewed were PALTY, PRETTIA, RICHENNA and SCHWARZKOPF.

Enough the introduction, let’s now move to the main product for this post which is the LOLANE: Z COOL BUBBLE HAIR DYE! This brand is from Thailand and you could find more details about the brand LOLANE HERE. Before Korea went famous on its beauty trends, Thailand is the country who dominates the beauty industry and ever since (until now) I’m still a fan of Thailand made products!

Price: PHP 450 /USD 10
Size: 1 box is enough for waist length hair
Shades available: click here
Suitability:  FDA approved! Two thumbs up!
Scent: Strong ammonia scent that is super striking if you have sensitive nose
Availability: Lanmark Department store
Lasting Period: 1-2 months

Each pack of LOLANE Z COOL Contains the following:

Methods on How to Use:

Photos Comparison Before and After using:

Overall Conclusion:

Honestly, this would be my least favourite Bubble Hair dye as the scent was just too extravagant to my sensitive nose. Color Payoff and Lasting period was okay but other than that I don’t know what other pros I could think of. This would probably be my 1st and last on trying out the LOLANE ZCOOL Bubble hair dye =(

Vassen Sandy by

Hellos! It’s been awhile I reviewed on Circle Lenses and thankfully Candylens were able to send some over for me to try, Yey ^_~ Basically CANDYLENS.COM is an online shop that provides WIDE range of AUTHENTIC Circle Lenses and Beauty Products that you can select and shop into.
I selected the brand Vassen because I’ve tried this brand before and I have no complains whatsoever on this. If you happen to read my reviews about circle lenses HERE, my FIRST priority in selecting a circle lens would be COMFORT and comes the design then the diameter. I have super sensitive eyes so I am very cautious in terms of trying out Circle lens as I don’t want to mess up my vision or irritate my eyes at all.
Brand: Vassen
Price: $23.90
Design: Sandy Brown
 Diameter/Enlargement: 14.5 mm
Weight: 100 g
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Comfort: Extremely comfortable, no irritation or dry eyes encountered
Delivery: 7-10 days
Packaging: Everything was packed securely in bubble wrap and arrived safely without a tiny scratch ; super cute macaron lens case included
Replacement Period: 12 months
Availability: Candylens
 Conclusion: I only wear minimal makeup here, but it still look quite natural; so definitely a nice choice for those about to hit the school as well as those already on the corporate world ^_~
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LadyKin: Gumiho Luminous CC cream review

Hellos! Today I’ll be sharing so far my favourite CC cream to date! I’ve compared this CC cream to the other 2 CC creams I’ve tried before and this cc cream reigns among all 3 ^_~
The CC cream I am going to review for this post is the Ladykin’s Gumiho Luminous CC cream
What it claims:
  • Provides skin treatment such as whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing benefits
  • Able to adjust accordingly to own skin tone
  • Grant sufficient coverage for pores and freckles
  • Transform skin into luminous complexion
My Reviews:
Consistency: Comes out in white creamy consistency that would adjust to own skin tone once blended
Coverage: Zero to Low  and not buildable
Shades: Pink Beige (fair skin tone) and Yellow Beige (medium to dark); I got the Yellow Beige~
Oil-Control: Medium (stayed oil-free for 5-6 hours, not bad!)
Packaging: Sleek white tube with pump
Price: PHP680 or USD 15
Finish: Dewy velvet with added radiant glow
Staying Power: Low to Medium (around 4-5 hours)
Availability: LADYKIN Website
Suitability: All Skin Types

THE GOOD: (What I Love):
  • I love how it gives instant hydration (not oiliness!) while blending the cc cream to skin
  • Able to conceal redness and even out skintone
  • Feels light almost wearing nothing
  • Adds natural glow to skin without adding shine or oiliness to face
  • I somewhat felt that it kind of improve my overall skin complexion, looking more radiant and healthy~ (My skin but better look!)
  • Does NOT give  a scary “geisha” white cast on face
THE BAD: (What is lacking):
  • Low Coverage –unable to conceal acne spots
 Overall Reviews:
                                 For more info about Ladykin, you can reach them at:
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