Review: TonyMoly Help Me Lip Balm

Hellos! Does anyone find the title a bit interesting? I hope so, cuz if you ask me I will be quite intrigue on the name itself. This is the first time I have encountered a beauty product that does not only focuses on vanity but at a same time also add protection to safety.
What it claims:
  • Contains Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter which makes lips soft and moisturizing
  • Built-in Alarm that works as a protection especially when walking alone at night
My Reviews:
What I like about:
  • It gives a slight reddish tint on lips which makes it look more healthier
  • Able to provide enough moisture to cracked and dry lips
  • The built-in alarm produces such a LOUD noise which makes me feel more safe when carrying this around
In order for you to see the difference more, I put on cream concealer on Bare Lips and another one with a Lip Balm underneath.
What I don’t like:
  • The consistency is quite sticky and application might be a little tricky
  • I am not a fan of lip balm where I need to dip my fingers, it would make it more perfect if they design it similar to EOS =)
Overall Reviews:
Aside from the flaws whereas I need to dip my fingers to scoop the product, I have nothing bad to say about this product! I truly salute the Development team of TonyMoly for extending out their care towards safety and protection. Hope to see more of this type of product in the market soon! ^_~
Be sure to carry one of this when walking alone in the dark, although I hope we won't be able to use it but it's better to carry around a protection =) (ok, do I sound like a condom commercial, lolz~ )

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  1. I'm liking the concept of having a built in alarm as well. Creative and so useful for girls. I want one tuloy!!! :D

  2. We have the same shade Janet! :) Grabe super ingay nya noh? nakakatuwa. Hihi

  3. wow you do such a fast review, Janet.. i haven't reviewed this one,,
    we have different shade but i like the safe feeling because the loud noise :D

  4. Wow! That's one helpful lip balm ah. I want na kasi aside from making your lips moisturized, may alarm. We need that nowadays. Nice review, as always. :)

  5. wow the alarm thing is so interesting! though I was wondering how if we lost the pull? would it ring loud with no end? lol
    asian beauty brands are usually always so creative! ^^

    1. hahha, i think that is why they made a ring chain on it just we wont lost the key ;)

  6. Like an alarm looks interesting and helpful. But like a lipbalm I´m prefer the lipbalm like EOS or Nivea where I don´t need my fingers because this is a product than maybe use in home with my clean fingers. I can´t stop to laugh with the thing to have protection xD (was really funny) Rhe concep is funny.

    Many thanks for your review.

  7. The alarm is a really interesting benefit of this lip balm. I wouldn't have thought of it myself! :o
    Thanks for sharing~

  8. Great! It's so cute as well because I used to own an alarm and it was so ugly haha. Definitely makes you want to carry this in your bag :)

  9. Wow this is really cool! I really like this concept as well. Have you tried pulling it? Can it get pulled accidentally?

    1. yes i did, actually it just works like a light switch. if you oull off the plug it would alarm, and u just need to insert the key in order for the alarm to stop ;)

  10. this is so cute! and it looks so handy too, with the keychain. great review!

  11. How clever! You can look glamorous while staying safe. :3

  12. Cool has a built-in alarm. Would definitely buy this for that purpose! Thanks for sharing! :)


  13. Hi, Janet
    Cute product u have, he he
    I never tried tony moly lip product before
    thanks for reviewing

  14. Great review Janet! Will check this out!! Mwahh!


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