Review: BYS eyeshadow Palette and Concealer Tube

I was roaming around the mall and caught glimpse of a new makeup counter that is quite sleek and stylish. Then,I remember I have read Arienne’s post about the new brand she discovered lately. This sleek and stylish brand is called “BYS” which means “BE YOURSELF” and is an Australian brand. Though the products were designed and developed in Australia but all of them are still made in CHINA(like ELF, NYX etc)
If you want to know more about the BYS click HERE

I really like their packaging because it is simple yet classy plus the price is quite afforable too.

Since it is just a new counter, they didn’t have much tester nor even a shade chart for you to swatch it. That was a bit off and the SA were NOT helpful at all so I just check and decide on my own.
I got only two products from BYS because of the lack of testers and not-well trained SA >_< I would have purchase more if only they have testers on each product and a more experienced SA. But oh well, since they are just new I bet they are still working on it.

I bought the 18 EYESHADOW PALLET VERTICAL in 01 NEUTRAL CHARM and the price is PHP499 around USD10
It comes in a sleek packaging and a mini horizontal mirror inside. It also contains two eyeshadow applicator wherein the quality is quite good unlike the one with ELF which are mostly flimsey.
As you can see the colors are all with shimmers but not overly sparkly. I love the shades in this palette because you pretty much have all the colors in it.
Now lest go on to my review on this palette:
l         Quite affordable for an 18 colors eyeshadow
l         Sturdy packaging and applicatior
l         Pigmentation is good
l         Varities of colors to choose from

l         Contains Talc, Silicone and Paraben
l         Not long lasting, shades wear off in just 2-3 hours (without primer)
l         Ingredients are made in China (nothing against China but some people doesn’t like makeups made in China)

The second item I got is is the Tube concealer in MEDIUM. Since they don’t have any tester around I settle for the MEDIUM instead.
Concealer Tube is in 12ML tube and they currently have 3 shades available which are LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK. The price is PHP199 or roughly around USD4.
Here goes my review on the Concealer Tube in MEDIUM.
l         Consistency is creamy and blendable
l         A little goes along way
l         Able to evenout skintone
l         Conceal redness
l         Water-based concealer
l         Price is quite afforable as this can last you a long time since a few amount is just needed

l         Contains Paraben
l         Shade is more on a yellow tone so for pink undertone this might not be suitable
l         Limited shades (Light, Medium and Dark)
l         Unable to conceal flaky and cystic acne
l         Might crease and create patches for dry skin
I obviously GOT the WRONG shade but I can always blend it with my other lighter foundation just so I can still use this. =)

I’ll do a FOTD for both products above tomorrow or sometime soon~

Have you heard on BYS? What do you think of their products!! Share your comments below ^_~


  1. Looks like a nice palette. Hope you get your uses out of it :D Looking forward to a FOTD :D

  2. I'm not familiar with this brand. I wanna try it! It's quite affordable and the shadows are quite pigmented! Thanks for sharing and for the swatches! ♥

  3. I have never heard of this brand. The colors in the eyeshadows look very pretty though. That concealer looks crazzzzzy yellow though.

  4. the palette looks nice! But it looks like all of the colors have shimmer,arent they?
    I'm not sure about the foundation, it looks a bit too yellow for my like..
    oh btw, I love your new header!!

  5. I have tried a few BYS products, and I'm not quite fond of them. I find that most of their products aren't that great quality - but that's just my opinion. I can't wait to see how you use them though! :)

  6. I thought BYS was only sold in Australia :P
    I have tried some BYS, some are okay, some are terrible!
    The palette looks good though.

  7. Never heard of this brand before! The palette looks really pretty, but too bad there are parabens. :(~
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Just saw this yesterday. I was trying to look for a matte eyeshadow palette and wasn't able to find any.

  9. Hi! I haven't heard of this brand yet. The concealer seems interesting...Do you think it will work for undereyes? :)

    1. Hi Gale, I don't think so as it does crease so it might not be that flattering on the undereyes..~

  10. I love that the palette has a lot of earthy tones. :P I love the shades with brown hues. :)


  11. boohoo I don't like it when SAs aren't helpful :( But I think you picked out a nice palette!

  12. this is the first time I heard of BYS.. The packaging looks professional and in my opinion, the shades are pretty, i love natural colors XD too bad that it's not long lasting..
    Thank you for sharing, Janet ^^

  13. Nice color, I never try those products before since they're not available in indonesia.

  14. Wow!! finally you found it! :) Thanks for sharing your opinion! :) LOVE it!

  15. oh I didn't realize BYS was Australian! I've got a few things from the brand and they seem ok. The colours are always really nice!

  16. hmm the not long lasting is a turn off for me, since I usually go out for more than 2 hours at a time...

  17. I have quite a few BYS products and they are not so bad. I have a concealer in black tube, which I also will be reviewing soon, and I actually use it on my under eye :). I love that eyeshadow palette!


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