Review: TWINBIRD 4 in 1 Face & Body Cleansing Set

I’ve always wanted to try Clarisonic due to its raves on blogging community but the price is just too steep for me to go and actually buy one. Since price is the main reason that hinders me on purchasing a Clarisonic, therefore I decided to just purchase a more “budget friendly” cleansing brush instead. I asked my sister to buy a Cleansing Brush she can find in TAOBAO and she manage to get me the TWINBIRD 4 in 1 Face & Body Cleansing Set for only RMB98! (around USD13 or PHP 580)

I know TWINBIRD is far different from Clarisonic and it's not even close to be considered as dupe but I just wanted to try a device that works and functions quite similar to Clarisonic.

Anyhow, here goes my review on the TWINBIRD 4 in 1 Face & Body Cleansing Set:
First off these are the features of this product:
1)    Restore Soft and Smooth Skin
2)    Exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal radiant and youthful skiin
3)    Reduce fine lines and blackheads
4)    Compact and Lightweight
5)    2 Options settings: LOW for Daily Cleansing and HIGH for Exfoliation
4 Heads included:

a)    Soft Sponge- Massages skin to increase skin elasticity
b)    Soft brush- Deep clean and exfoliating purpose
c)     Pumish- Exfoliate,  polishes and removed rough callus skin on foot or elbow
d)    Nail Polish- Smoothing and Buffing Nails

What the TWINBIRD claims to achieve:
1)    Experience a much cleaner, softer and younger looking skin
2)    Helps unclog pores and prevent blemishes
3)    Promotes a healthy radiant skin

·         Very handy, lightweight and user friendly device unit
·         Easy to interchange different heads
·         Affordable and nice sleek looking device

·         NOT waterproof (although I’ve used this in the shower and have accidently soak into water and is still working fine)
·         The 4 heads included are made with low quality materials:
a)    Soft Sponge- not thick and smooth enough
b)    Soft Brush- the bristles are a bit rough so if you intend to exfoliate using High speed it would hurt a bit
c)     Pumish- it has the same quality of an ordinary pumish sold in sidewalks
d)    Nail Polish- same as the Pumish
·         No additional backup for the heads and I don’t think they sold heads separately

Overall reviews:
Even though there are much CONS compared to the PROS but I have to say that this really cleanses skin THOROUGHLY! I did an experiment comparing my face after washing it with bare hands versus washing it with the help of TWINBIRD and the results is very clear that TWINBIRD cleanses more compared to just using bare hands. It really digs deep and removes all those nasty dirt hiding beneath the pores.
I  tone my face right after washing  and you see clearly on the cotton pads the difference between using just bare hands versus using TWINBIRD Cleansing device.

I seldom turn the speed to high cuz’ it might be quite extreme on my skin thus I stick to just using the low speed and it works well on thorough cleansing. I usually just use the Soft Sponge and Brush Head as I really intended to just use this device on my face.

Overall, I’m pretty ok with the TWINBIRD cleansing set as it does cleanse my skin thoroughly.

Have you guys tried any electric facial brush? Share your experience on the comment box below =)


  1. Mura ha, as in fraction of the cost.

    Still debating if I'll get the skinsonic. Around 2k+ naman that one.

    1. mura diba? ang mahal kasi ng clarisonic...pero feel ko same lang naman cla so I'd rather go for a cheaper one instead..=)

  2. wow this looks like Clarisonic.. but it's cheaper, isnt it?
    Glad it works for you, so you don't have to spend much money on the original clarisonic ;)

    1. yes its much much cheaper than clarisonic..^_~

  3. I use one of these things to clean my face every other day :D I have a different brand but I think they essentially are similar. It cleans really well, I agree!

  4. I always wanted something like clarisonic too ><
    thanks for interesting review ^^

  5. Oooh, I didnt know Clarisonic had cheaper alternatives. Your review is very in-depth and I'm thankful I stumbled upon it Janet! I might just try this cos I see the great benefits of electric cleaners as compared to just my hands :)

    The Misty Mom

  6. Following you blog totally! I've been abusing my skin health &beauty recently. I think reading your post will help. I love you blog. Keep inspiring! I hope you can follow back:

  7. Too bad there are so many cons. :O Good to hear that it did something right though!

  8. wow i wish i can get one, only $13! i can use it on my body or something.
    anyway I just gave tagged you for an award!
    xx Jill

  9. ang mura nga! kaso parang ang daming cons >.< huhu!

  10. There's been quite a few facial cleaning devices from different companies that have come out ever since the popularity of Clarisonic. I have yet to invest in one, though I would probably save up to buy the Clarisonic, still seems to be unbeatable! :P

  11. oh this looks interesting, for exfoliating and cleansing there are so many different tools, def makes me feel like I did my duty if I was to use it haha

  12. Wow, the only facial cleansing device I tried is Clarisonic Mia. And this is so much cheaper!

  13. thanks for your honest review, Janet. ;)
    it kinda sucks the heads are not made of better materials. i've used a very affordable face brush before and i didn't think they made a huge difference. at least you feel this device cleans thoroughly and you can see the visible difference! :)

  14. great review ,
    i should really try
    something like this .
    thanks for this .

    i followed your blog .

  15. Wow! Super mura talaga compared to Clarisonic! Super detailed review!! Love it!:)

  16. hi, where can i buy this if ever? :)

    1. Hi nique, I'm not sure if this is available locally. I bought this in China but I think you can find it at ebay too ^_~


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