Quick End of Year Hauls~

Hellos!! These few days I have been doing nothing but eating and sleeping, so I opted to drag myself to the nearest mall. Upon wandering at the downtown mall, I decided to purchase some products just because *well I don’t know* maybe I just wanted to purchase something before the year end (I know it doesn’t make any sense T__T).
I got a K-Palette Liner because I lost my Dolly Wink eyeliner! >_< I have heard great reviews on them so I went on and get one.
I’m in a lookout for a nice highlighter and PALLADIO HERBAL MOSAIC POWDER seems to have caught my eye. The colors are really nice individually and when you swirl altogether it looks very pretty too plus the price ain’t that bad either.
Initially plan to get a Lash adhesive but end up getting the ANDREA STARTERKIT instead.
Lastly, drop by Watson’s to get the N6 brush of Marionnaud.
Today is the end of 2012 so I’m greeting all you guys a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR and Wish you all Best of luck in the coming 2013!
Happy 2013 Everyone!!! ^_~

My Holiday Look~

Hellos! Been lazy nowadays so just wanted to show you my Holiday Look that is suitable for either morning or evening events.
 Apply a pink or beige eyeshadow as  base and top it off with a light brown eyeshadow all over the lid. Choose a darker shade brown and apply only on the outer lid and blend it into the middle lid.
Conceal lips using a foundation and apply a pink shade lipstick in order to achieve a frosty lips
That’s it for my Holiday Look~
What do you guys think?
Thanks so much for dropping by ^_~

Fynale Honoo Brown Circle Lens Review

Hellos! Today I wanted to share with you my current favorite circle lens which is the Fynale J01 Honoo Brown Circle Lens by Loveshoppingholics.
Design: J01 Honoo Brown in 15mm 

Enlargement: It does enlarge the eyes but not too extreme
Comfort: Extremely comfortable as I didn’t experience redness or irritation for straight 8 hours plus it has a water content of 55%
Life span: 1 year
Brand: Fynale Cosmetics Lens which is Made in Korea
Availability: Ready On Stock at Loveshoppingholics
Delivery: Everything was packed SAFELY and SECURELY in a Bubble wrap and took 7-10 days for International shipping
Why I’m loving it: I have uneven eyes and Honoo Brown lens help makes my eyes look even. It also gives volume and enlarges my eyes naturally. Definitely wearable with or without makeup and still manage to look like a human(lolz); just nicer looking eyes =)
A Huge Thank You for adding a Hair Velcro and Cute Lens Case from Loveshoppingholics
Loveshoppingholics carries HUGE range of Circle Lens with or without grade and ships INTERNATIONALLY. Make your eyes dazzle this Holiday by dropping at Loveshoppingholics!

All I Want for Christmas Tag & FOTD

Since today is Christmas Day, I decided to wear a look that has a mixture of silver and gold.
This is super late but I still wanted to do it since its Christmas Day!!~
Thank you Linh of Blushology for tagging me on the All I Want for Christmas Tag

1) What was the best present you received as a child?
l         A Diary; That is the time I gain interest into writing and know where to confide my emotions

2) What's at the top of your wish list this year?
l         A lot and it usually changes but as of the moment I would say a car? Lolz

3) Do you have a funny Christmas tradition?
l         None

4) What are your 3 Christmas party beauty essentials?
l         Gold & silver eyeshadow, highlighter and red lips

5) What's your favorite Christmas movie?
l         Home Alone

6) Are you a giver or a receiver?
l         Definitely a giver cuz’ I love giving people gifts!

7) Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe this year?
l         Song Seung Hun in my dreams! HA! Lolz =)

I just wonder what do people usually do during Christmas Day? Cuz’ I have been doing nothing but eating and sleeping T___T~
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

MULE: Artist Natural Foundcealer Review

I’m arranging my stash of makeup and notice that I owned quite a number of foundations. I have like 15 different brands of foundations and around 5 BB’s wherein most of the BB’s are only touch once because BB’s broke me out badly >_<
I should really STOP hoarding foundation since I only have ONE face and I don’t think I’ll be able to use them all up. None of them are even half finish and most of them are still 80-90% full TT___TT~

Anyway back to the main topic of this post which is the review of MULE: Artist Natural Foundcealer. I won’t talk much on the brand MULE as I have already introduced it on my previous post HERE and HERE.

MULE- Artist Natural Foundcealer in Light              Price:USD68
Let’s start with the Packaging:
  • It comes in a thick acrylic compact wherein there is a mirror inside, a plastic cover and 2 black puff/sponge included
  • Cream consistency concealer and eye brightener is located on top and a pressing button at the bottom is made available for the liquid foundation to flow on the tiny hole in the middle part.
Available Shades: Light and Medium
Swatches in Light
The Concealer Cream is quite thick and creamy in my opinion. Although the coverage is superb but I find it a bit difficult to blend and work on. The Eye Brightener is thick too but a simple tapping can help minimize dark circles.

The Liquid Foundation is very creamy and it blends well on skin. The coverage is low to medium and buildable. Able to even out skintone, minimize redness and gives a dewy finish. Oil-control is good enough as I didn’t oil-up for 4hours and staying power is great as I don’t need to retouch for straight 6hours.

1-2  press is sufficient for entire face and the included puff is useful in applying the liquid foundation.

Overall Reviews:
I’m not that impress with the coverage of the liquid foundation as it did NOT conceal my acne scars and pigmentation. I guess that is the reason why they included the concealer cream whereas you could use it if you need an extra concealing. I do love the feeling of the liquid foundation as it is not heavy since you could still feel your pores breathing. The finishing is quite good too as it gives a smooth  feeling whereas a setting powder is not necessary at all. I would recommend this to those who have minimal blemishes and wants a lighter feeling foundation.

That’s it for my MULE:Artist Natural Foundcealer review~
Thanks for dropping by & Merry Xmas!!

LED TV, Skin Rashes + Giveaway winner!

Hellos! I know I know the title is pretty confusing and almost non-related to each other but I just wanted to share tiny bits of my happenings. My daily life is ULTRA boring to the max so I seldom include it on my blog but this happening is one of a kind to me so I just need to share it! Last weekend, I attended our team Christmas Party and guess what! (*Drum rolls*)
I won myself an LED TV!!! 
I have been with the company for 5 long years, never did I won anything and this is the very first!~ 
This is quite memorable to me cuz’ this is the 1st prize I ever won in my ENTIRE LIFE!!! I hope more blessings and my “LUCK” continue to grow.

My skin is acting really weird lately as my face grew tiny bumps of rashes and few cystic pimples popping out of nowhere. I’m not sure who the culprit was but I think it would be either the INNISFREE Melting Foundation which I have been using consistently these few weeks or the Kojie-san Cleanser Toner that I have started using these few days. I have been using the INNISFREE Melting Foundation for few weeks already and never did I expertise any disturbance until I started using the Kojie-san Cleanser Toner.
I bought the Kojie-san Toner because the shop I visited does NOT have Eskinol Spot-Less C so I opted to try the Kojie-san instead. I have high hopes on it as it claims to cleanses, tone and prevent blemishes. Which in my instances, it does cleanse well enough but it gave me cystic acnes and rashes!!! I guess never switch products especially if you have acne-prone skin >_<

Lastly, my 300K giveaway has ended and the winner is…………………………............................................
Congrats on winning Lovely A. w/ GFC name as  Crazy Kenpachi
 Please do email your complete name, address with zip code and contact number to allaboutjyl@gmail.com
I’ll wait for your email in 48 hours orelse I’ll have to choose a new winner!
Thanks again to all who joined!! Loved you all =)

Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Review

Hellos! Today I’m going to review Innisfree’s Mineral Melting Foundation which got me really interested after reading Yan’s review HERE. The coverage look good on her and she share the same skin condition as mine so I bought it without second thought.
INNISFREE- Mineral Melting Foundation SPF32/PA++ in W3    Price: USD20
What it claims:
l         Contains Jeju mineral and organic green tea
l         Provide moisture from 100% jeju organic green tea water
l         Gives a natural coverage and transparent complexion

My thoughts after using:
1)      Consistency- it is in cream compact that feels really soft and melts once you touch it
2)      Shades- Available in 5 Shades Pink, Light, Natural, True and Deep Beige (Cool & Warm skintone)
3)      Packaging- acrylic compact with mirror, separator flap and sponge included
4)      Oil Control- good enough as I stayed oil-free for 3-4 hours
5)      Coverage- Medium to full and buildable; Able to conceal all sorts of imperfection well enough
6)      Scent- Strong “old” lady scent; similar to old perfume scent and will stay in your face for hours!
7)      Application- very easy as the provided sponge is quite useful and a simple “tap, tap, tap” is all you need. No brush is needed at all
8)      Lasting Power- It stayed on my face for 5-6 hours wihout wearing off and I did NOT even use a primer beneath nor top it off with a setting spray
9)      Suitability- This is a mineral powder so I guess this is suitable for all skintypes. I did NOT encounter any discomfort upon using and I have acne-prone and sensitive skin
10)   Availability- Even though we don’t have Innisfree here but there are a lot of online sellers selling it so I guess this is easily accessible

What I like about:
l         Provides decent coverage as it managed to conceal all my acnes and pigmentation quite effectively
l         I love how it gives a dewy finish without looking greasy or oily
l         Even without setting powder, the foundation is non-transferable so no worries on having foundation all over your cellphone lolz~
l         Despite it’s high SPF, NO white cast on flash photography at all =)

What I DON’T LIKE about:
l         Though the foundation is NOT sticky or oily but you could still feel “something” on your face
l         I’m not really fond of makeups that has smell and this foundation does have an “old” lady perfume scent and the scent would stuck on your face for hours

Overall Conclusion:
Despite the annoying smell, I really really LOVE this foundation and this becomes one of my favorite and I’ve been using it every single day! Coverage is good already so I normally skip the concealer as I only need the compact itself and off I go. No other tools is required as the sponge pretty much does the job already. No ugly streaks or uneven application as the foundation is very easy to work with.

I do recommend this to all of you as I think the coverage was good and the dewy finish is just perfect for all skintypes.
That’s it for my review on Innisfree Melting Foundation~
Thanks for dropping by =)

Beauty "Jolly" Hauls

We all know that when the month of December strikes, everyone is just so excited and it’s definitely the season to be JOLLY~ So, in order for me to be jolly, I gave myself a “retail theraphy” and thanks to the 13th month pay bonus ^_~

Here are some of the items I gifted myself for this Christmas:
1)      MULE- Artist Natural Foundcealer    Price: USD68
  l         I know its super EXPENSIVE but I love their CORRECEALER so much so I decided to get their Foundcealer too.
l          I’ve  tried swatching it and somehow the coverage was pretty good =)

2)      INNISFREE- Mineral Melting Foundation   Price: USD20
l         I decided to get it after reading Yan’s review HERE as we pretty much share the same skin condition
l         I tried swatching it and I must say the coverage was quite good!

3)     REVLON- PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara    Price: USD10
l         This product is currently on sale so I just grab it since I’m also running out of mascara to use

l         This is also in sale and the shade is pretty nice as well so I got it ^_~

l         I’m about to hit the big 3-0 next year so anti-aging product is my main priority and I just HOPE IOPE does gave me HOPE ^_~

That’s all for my “Jolly” hauls and I’ll be reviewing some of them pretty soon ^_~

How about you? Did you splurge this season too?

Catrin Mineral Makeup Reviews

Hellos! Today I am going to review a Mineral Makeup Line called “CATRIN” which is quite popular in KOREA as it claims to contain 100% real mineral ingredients. For more info on the brand CATRIN, click HERE.
 Just click on the product name to know more about the specific product

1)    Step 1: CATRIN Mineral Skin Finisher/Makeup Base                  30ml
·         Works as a makeup base
·         Contains pearl particles that illuminates skin
·         Helps minimize pores and diminish wrinkles
MY Reviews:
·         Makes skin surface soft and smooth wherein it makes makeup application more easy and glides smoothly to skin
·         Gives natural glow to skin (no shimmery effect, just subtle glow)
·         For those who have nice skin, wear this alone helps compliment the entire skin texture

·         Available in three shade: #13 (Light), #21(Light Beige) and #23 (Natural Beige)
·         Helps sebum excretion and absorbs excess sebum
·         Provides natural coverage and even out skintone
MY Reviews:
·         Gives a low to medium coverage and buildable
·         Does NOT cake or oil up
·         Stays intact for 10 hours straight without retouching or blotting
·         Provides a nice Matte finish

3)    Step 3: CATRIN Magic Blooming Mineral in Baby Pink
·         Soft, blendable cheek color
·         Long lasting and pigmented blush
MY Reviews:
·         Provides a natural pinkish look
·         A bit shimmery on the side

·         Cooling Hydration
·         Pore & Sebum control
·         Soothing and Moisturizing

MY Reviews:
·         Provides a cooling effect
·         Helps keep skin stay hydrated and moisturize

Overall Reviews on Catrin Mineral Theraphy Set:
The only product I loved on this set was the Mineral Skin Finisher as it gives such a nice radiant glow on skin naturally. I would definitely repurchase if I ran out of it.

As for the Magic Covering Mineral Puff, the packaging was really nice as it makes the application less messy and more convenient. I don’t know if I got the wrong shade or no particular shade was close to my skintone as it appears a bit too orangey on my skin.
In order to minimize the “orangeness”, I cover it up with another layer of “white”/”translucent” powder.

The Magic Blooming Mineral Blush is a gorgeous pink shade but I find the shimmery a bit too much hence I only wore this at night.

Lastly, the Waterveil Mineral Mist works just like any other Mist so nothing fancy about it. Overall, this set is just so-so and I really would NOT recommend it as I find other mineral brand product more “worth” buying compared to CATRIN.

That’s it for my review on the CATRIN Mineral Theraphy Range~
Ending with an FOTD using Catrin Products only~
Can anyone recommend a GOOD Mineral makeups?

BTW, I'm having my 300K International giveaway HERE:
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