Review: BYS eyeshadow Palette and Concealer Tube

I was roaming around the mall and caught glimpse of a new makeup counter that is quite sleek and stylish. Then,I remember I have read Arienne’s post about the new brand she discovered lately. This sleek and stylish brand is called “BYS” which means “BE YOURSELF” and is an Australian brand. Though the products were designed and developed in Australia but all of them are still made in CHINA(like ELF, NYX etc)
If you want to know more about the BYS click HERE

I really like their packaging because it is simple yet classy plus the price is quite afforable too.

Since it is just a new counter, they didn’t have much tester nor even a shade chart for you to swatch it. That was a bit off and the SA were NOT helpful at all so I just check and decide on my own.
I got only two products from BYS because of the lack of testers and not-well trained SA >_< I would have purchase more if only they have testers on each product and a more experienced SA. But oh well, since they are just new I bet they are still working on it.

I bought the 18 EYESHADOW PALLET VERTICAL in 01 NEUTRAL CHARM and the price is PHP499 around USD10
It comes in a sleek packaging and a mini horizontal mirror inside. It also contains two eyeshadow applicator wherein the quality is quite good unlike the one with ELF which are mostly flimsey.
As you can see the colors are all with shimmers but not overly sparkly. I love the shades in this palette because you pretty much have all the colors in it.
Now lest go on to my review on this palette:
l         Quite affordable for an 18 colors eyeshadow
l         Sturdy packaging and applicatior
l         Pigmentation is good
l         Varities of colors to choose from

l         Contains Talc, Silicone and Paraben
l         Not long lasting, shades wear off in just 2-3 hours (without primer)
l         Ingredients are made in China (nothing against China but some people doesn’t like makeups made in China)

The second item I got is is the Tube concealer in MEDIUM. Since they don’t have any tester around I settle for the MEDIUM instead.
Concealer Tube is in 12ML tube and they currently have 3 shades available which are LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK. The price is PHP199 or roughly around USD4.
Here goes my review on the Concealer Tube in MEDIUM.
l         Consistency is creamy and blendable
l         A little goes along way
l         Able to evenout skintone
l         Conceal redness
l         Water-based concealer
l         Price is quite afforable as this can last you a long time since a few amount is just needed

l         Contains Paraben
l         Shade is more on a yellow tone so for pink undertone this might not be suitable
l         Limited shades (Light, Medium and Dark)
l         Unable to conceal flaky and cystic acne
l         Might crease and create patches for dry skin
I obviously GOT the WRONG shade but I can always blend it with my other lighter foundation just so I can still use this. =)

I’ll do a FOTD for both products above tomorrow or sometime soon~

Have you heard on BYS? What do you think of their products!! Share your comments below ^_~

Review on Richenna Bubble Color

Hellos!! Today I’m going to review a brand of a Bubble Hair Dye which is called “Richenna Bubble Color”. I love changing my hair color most of the time so I frequently dye my hair once or twice a month or the moment I notice that I’m forming a pudding head.
My favorite brands for Hair Bubble Color is Palty because it doesn’t have that annoying pungent smell whereas most hair dye has. I also do love Prettia because it has a lot of shades to choose from although the smell is a bit off compared to Palty but I can normally tolerate it.  If you want to read more about my reviews on PALTY and PRETTIA, please HERE, HERE and HERE.

One day I was roaming around Watson and I caught glimpse on the hair dye section and notice this cute packaging that has a brand called “RICHENNA BUBBLE HAIR COLOR”. I was quite happy to saw this brand because I’ve been wishing that our drugstore here would carry bubble hair dye just so I don’t need to buy them online anymore.

First off, RICHENNA BUBBLE HAIR COLOR is a brand from KOREA and made in KOREA. They carry wide range of hair dyes from typical gray coverage hair dyes to this type of fashion bubble hair dyes. If you want to know more about the brand, just click HERE.

RICHENNA BUBBLE HAIR COLOR is priced at PHP350 (around USD8) and is available in ALL WATSONS. They only have 9 shades available at the moment and these are Natural BLACK, Light BROWN, Golden BROWN, Natural BROWN, Red WINE, Beige BROWN, PINK BROWN, ASK BROWN and LIGHT BLONDE.

I bought the LIGHT BROWN because I just wanted to even out the pudding head so I chose the shade closest to my current hair color.

Here’s how the box looks like:

Inside the box contains the following:

1)      #1 Colorant 50g
2)      #2 Developer 50g
3)      An empty pump container for mixing
4)      A pair of gloves and a sheet of cape
5)      Henna Therapy Condition

Main Ingredients

Instructions (click to enlarge)

Outcome of the Shade
Indoor light

Outdoor light



So here goes my reviews and impression on this brand:

l         Affordable compared to other bubble hair dye
l         Available locally
l         Color seems to payoff really well

l         Smell is a bit off (similar to PRETTIA but a bit stronger)
l         I find it quite harsh as I felt a slight sting on the scalp and it made my scalp a bit reddesh (it went away the next day)
l         Limited shades

Please check if you are allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients:

Nice pump bottle that produce foam
No pump container; Stir until foam shows
Nice pump bottle that produce foam
I think all of them are quite easy to use
I did check that Japan sells Prettia and Palty at around 650YEN(approx PHP350) locally
Around 20 shades
Around 15 shades
9 to 10 shades
I prefer Palty because the shades are more colorful
Some countries do sell them at drugstore too
Lasting Power
3-4 weeks
2-3 weeks
Prettia definitely last long compared to Palty
Slight amonia smell with a twist of fruity scent
Fruity Scent
Pungent Smell
I prefer Palty as among the three Palty has the least annoying smell
1 box is enough for waist length hair
1 box is enough for shoulder length
1 box is enough for waist length hair
I once use just 1 box for me and my sister both in shoulder length hair
Might feel a bit sting
Mild enough
Quite harsh
Palty is the only brand I didn’t experience any discomfort

Till here, hope you guys find this somewhat useful on choosing the suitable brand of Bubble Hair Dye.

Updated: AcneCare Product Spotlight +Giveaway CLOSED

If you are frequent reader of my blog, you would know that I’ve been fighting with acne for more than a decade; and still struggling on combating those nasty breakouts every now and then.

These incidents happens to me ALL the TIME: (REAL LIFE DRAMA!!)
Through the years, I have only been concerned on treating my acnes with creams and ointments until I was introduced to AcneCare.
What is AcneCare?
·         The first oral pill for acne in the Philippines that combines three potent skin medicine which brings you the ACNE3 Complex.
How Acne3 Complex Works:
1)  LACTOFERRIN – has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-allergic and even anti-cancer properties
2)  LINUMLIFE – controls sebum and oil on skin surface
3)  ZINC – repairs broken skin, controls premature aging and prevents breakouts on skin
These 3 KEY ingredients helps keep skin SMOOTH, SPOT-LESS and ACNE-FREE!
So what are you waiting? Add a Healthy dose of AcneCare to your diet and take advantage of the wonders that your own body can do for your skin.
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AcneCare  is kind enough to offer TWO bottles for you guys to try and experience a truly Healthy, Beautiful and Glowing skin!
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Since I was not able to receive a reply from the original chosen winner, I have decided to choose a new one.

Collective Hauls, Swatches + Reviews

Hellos! Just wanted to share some items I bought over some time but never had the time to post it here.
 Let’s start with Makeup products:
1)      ELF Studio Golden Bronzer
·   I forgot the exact price but this is less than PHP300 (around USD6)
·   This actually is my fourth palette because I lost the first one and the 2nd and 3rd I accidentally dropped it on the floor resulting to a damage and broken palette =(
·   It contains 4 shades and I get to use all four shades most of the time
·   Some people find it too shimmery, but not for me as I find the bronzer really prefect for contouring and the blush really great for a natural pinkish look!
·   I find this really multi-purpose as I use some of the shades for eyebrow shading and lining the eyes too
·   It is a bit sheer but I actually prefer sheer and subtle bronzer compared to overly pigmented shade because it gives you a much natural illusion
·   Been using this for more than a year and this is still my HG Bronzer ever

2)      ELF Brightening Eye Shadow #11006
·   I bought this at around PHP125 but I saw this only USD1 at ELF site
·   The is a pretty tiny palette but since all four shades are shimmery I think the amount provided is just adequate
·   All shades are really pretty especially for brightening purpose as they are quite glowy and sparkling
·   Ideal use for night events and parties ^_~

3)      ELF Eyeshadow compact in Natural #11012
·   This is around PHP275 but ELF website sold this for only USD3
·   Pigmentation is acceptable and it doesn’t appear chalky or had any fallout
·   Overall, loving this simple compact palette for everyday on-the-go

4)      Ever Bilena:  EXTREME Lipstick Pink -A- Boo
·   Shade is a bit sheer but its totally buildable and appears nicely on lips
·   Smells super sweet like a cotton candy and gives lips a dewy look

Now, onto Facial Cleansers:
1)      St. Ives: Moisturizing Olive Cleanser                              USD 6
·   Bought this and used it as my 1st step cleansing but it leaves my skin oily and does not really cleanses well enough
·   If you have oily combination skin, best to skip this as this would make skin more oily >_<

·   Lather well enough and cleanses skin thoroughly
·   Stings eyes
·   My skin reacted quite badly on this as it made my skin develop some rashes and cystic acne! (talk about having a certified organice ingredients!)

Moving on with Hair Care products: Shampoos
1)      PALMERS: Olive Oil Shampoo          USD 5.59
·   I have dry scalp and frizzy hair and I absolutely love how this shampoo makes my hair softer and smoother
·   I am quite diligent in choosing my shampoo because one of the reason why I broke out badly before is due to the harsh shampoo I am using. This shampoo is safe for acne-prone as it doesn’t trigger any breakouts while using this

2)      JASON: Fragrance Free Shampoo             USD 8.92
·   Comes in a transparent gel type consistency and doesn’t lather much
·   It makes my hair dry and tangled

3)      JASON: Dandruff Relief Shampoo                USD 10.87
·   Smells a bit strong similar to a minty scent
·   Comes in light green liquidity consistency and doesn’t lather much
·   Scalp will feel cool and fresh
·   My hair is not that itchy anymore and dandruff has been reduced (but still tend to have some)

Lastly, SkinCare Products:
1)      Vaseline: Lip Theraphy Petroleum Jelly          USD 1.66
·   Keeps my dry and cracked lip super moisturized and healthy looking
·   I also use this on my Eczema attack and it works super well as it helps heal my eczema

·   This was a sample size and was given to me by The Body Shop
·   I use this mainly on my Eczema attack and it works pretty ok but I prefer the Vaseline more as it provides more moisture
·   It did hurt a bit on my first application since my Eczema is all sore and swollen
·   It does help minimize the redness but the dryness on skin is still there

That’s all for the collective hauls and reviews! Any product you have tried above? Share your experience! ^_~
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