Reviews on Elite Mineral Makeup + FOTD

Many of you might not be familiar with the brand Elite Mineral as they are still quite new on the market.
Basically Elite Mineral  delivers pure, all natural, preservative-free and “one product that fits all skin types” makeup. Sounds too good to be true? You can visit HERE to find out more.
Here are some of the products I received from Elite Mineral:
(just click on the product name to know more about the product)

 My Reviews:
·   The powder is grind finely and has this tiny shimmers on it
·   Skin felt super soft and even when applied. No ugly streaks at all.
·   Coverage is light to medium, able to conceal redness and pigmentation effectively
·   Matte finish but has a radiant glow within
·   Didn’t experience any discomfort such as breakout/rashes..NADA… (I have sensitive skin)
·   Won’t clog pores or oil-up ( I have oily skin)
Recommend & Buy Again?
At first I was kind of hesitant to wear this at the office as I’m afraid that I might turn into a disco ball since the powder itself has shimmers on it. But after applying it, I didn’t notice any sparkle or shimmer at all, instead it adds natural glow to my face which is really quite surprising! The only cons I would say is the packaging, darn! We all know that applying loose powders can be quite messy at times =) I would definitely recommend & buy again!

2)      Eye Shadow Primer
My Reviews:
·   The consistency is really thick and creamy
·   The shade is in light beige but it would turn transparent once you blend it
·   Helps keeps the makeup last for the whole day; no crease at all

Recommend & Buy Again?
I do not just use this as eyeshadow primer but also as concealer based. I simply dab it on the spots that needs some concealing and top it off with a concealer. It helps keeps the concealer intact and won’t wear off that easily. The jar might look tiny but it would last you for a long long time. I’ve been using this for weeks already and yet it seems that it is still 99% full. I would definitely recommend & buy again!

My Reviews:
·   The powder is ultra-fine and soft with hint of gold shimmers on it
·   The shade is a mixture of pink & brown with added shimmers
Recommend & Buy Again?
At first glance, I thought that the shade might be too dark for me. It is quite tricky to apply this but as long you are light handed and know the right areas to contour it’ll turn out naturally! Don’t worry about the shimmers as it won’t make you look too made up. I wear this at the office and people ask me if I did lose some weight! Lolz! I’ve been using this for weeks already and yet it seems that it is still quite full. I also use this as eyeshadow and it really gives that sizzling sultry look!I would definitely recommend & buy again!

My Reviews:
·   The powder itself is super fine and soft
·   The shade is a combination of pink and gold shimmers on it

Recommend & Buy Again?
Even though this is an eye shadow but I use it more often as blush just because the shade is just so pretty! If you are a blush addict! Then you’ll probably go ga-ga over this shade! I don’t know how to explain it but it adds pinkness on your cheeks naturally. It has gold shimmers on it, but again, as I have mentioned above it won’t make you look really “made-up”. You just need a tiny sprinkle and you would look fresh and blooming in no time! I would definitely recommend & buy again!
FOTD using ONLY above 4 products from ELITE MINERALS
(except the eyeliner)
 Tell me which product are you most interested in..

For more info on ELITE MINERALS, please click HERE

I’ll post up the sultry and innocent look using Candy Girl and Bronzer as eyeshadow soon!

Hauls & Review: Shu Uemura, ELF, Pur Minerals, SNOE and more

Hellos, just some random hauls and items I received for the past month.
(just click on the product name for more info)

My Reviews:
  •     Unlike the highperformance balancing cleansing oil, this is less oiler and able to remove makeup throughly 
  • Though I wasn’t able to notice any “brightening” or “whitening” but I did see a little improvement on the clarity side
Recommend& Buy Again?
It is mad expensive, but I find it really effective in removing stubborn mascaras/gel liners. I would probably recommend this to those with extra sensitive skin and eyes as this will be a great makeup remover for you. I think I would still buy this again.

My Reviews:
  •    This is one of my favorite cleanser as it was able to clean my skin thoroughly without stripping out the moisture within 
  •   It contains Aloe Vera so it also tends to soothes and heal my much errupted skin 
  •     Suitable for all Skintypes even super sensitive one!
Recommend& Buy Again?
       Yes! Especially to those who needed some soothing and calming properties as it tends to works effectively. This also contains Jojoba oil so it can also locks in moisture onto skin. Would definitely buy again.

My Reviews:
  •        Able to tone down the redness around 60-70% less redness 
  •   Consistency is silky, won’t look cakey or super oily 
  •  Didn’t break me out as it is Paraben and Gluten free
Recommend& Buy Again?
This primer does tone down the redness but staying power is really not that long. It wears off after 3-4 hours, doesn’t really keeps makeup intact or last longer. Would not buy again.

My Reviews:
  •   I think it does makes my skin look pretty much more radiant and healthy looking
  •  Suitable for all skintypes even sensitive one
Recommend& Buy Again?
Yes yes yes! I did notice that my skin has improved interms of clarity. Would definitely buy this again.

My Reviews:
  •    Reason I bought it because it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which work super well on blemishes and dark spots 
  •  It made my skin more smoother and softer, a very refreshing feeling after every wash
Recommend& Buy Again?
Yes! It didn’t gave me any bad reactions despite me having sensitive skin. Would continue using this and buy again as it made my skin soft and smooth.

My Reviews:
  •      Super love this! Gives instant glow to skin!
(Will make an indepth review on this on next entry)

  •    I bought it only at $3 as it is onsale!! I love all the shades, all colors are wearable!
Super loves!!!!

  •        I love it!!!!!!!!!! Shade is quite sheer but still very pretty!!!
9)      Estee Lauder: Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick Paletter
  •        Very pretty shades!
  •         Really pretty color, but I tried rubbing it and it wears off completely >_<
11)  SKIN79: Minature Set BB Cream
  •      I’m quite liking SKIN79 BB cream!!! Love the consisteny and the coverage. I think I might have found my suitable BB cream  ^_^
(Will make an indepth review on this)
12)  MISSHA: Signature Real Complete & Perfect Cover BB cream
  •      Nice coverage but both gives me breakout >_<
(Will make an indepth review on this)

Anyone of you tried these products, Share your experience!

Neostrata: HQ Skin Lightening Gel, Ultra Smoothing Lotion, GelPlus, Facial Cleanser & Skin Active Exfoliating Wash Reviews

Today I’m going to review a brand called “NEOSTRATA” wherein their products target skin concerns with Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids. (To know more about the company, click here)
 I’ve been raving AHA in most of my acne-related entries such as here, here, here and here. I am a fan of AHA because it really makes my skin look and feel better. Now that I’ve found a brand that dedicate most of their products with AHA, how could I let it just slip by. (hehe)~

 Even though I love AHA products but I still think the need to check the reviews. I checked sites such as acneorg, makeupalley and amazon’s and almost 80-90% of the reviews are positive and quite promising too. Well, that leaves me no other reason to neglect trying out this brand so I gave in and purchase quite a few of their products ^_^~

(just click on the product name for more info)

 What it claims:
·   Exfoliate and fade dark spots
·   Enhance cell turnover
·   Lightens pigmentation concerns

My Reviews:
·   Might feel a bit thick and sticky upon initial application but once spread evenly it quickly absorbed to skin
·   The smell is really annoying; smells very “chemica-ly” (imagine yourself in a chem lab)
·   Able to lightens brown patches effectively! (notice lightening on the 7th day of application)
·   Did not encounter any allergies or discomfort ( I have sensitive acne prone skin)
·   This gel contains 2% Hydroquinone so it is NOT recommended to use Benzoyl Peroxide related products while using this because it might cause darkening or irritation.

Recommend & Buy Again?
Yes! I would recommend this to those who wants to fade or lightens scars as this really lightens them quite effectively. I would also buy this again once I ran out because I believe continuous usage would fades my scars completely

What it claims:
·   Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
·   Relieved dry, rough and environmentally damaged skin
·   Promotes Cell Renewal

My Reviews:
·   Might feel a bit thick and sticky on initial application but once spread evenly it totally absorbed
·   Heals dry, flaky and cracked skin fast (would see improvement as early as 3days!)
·   Skin felt uberly soft and smooth after application
·   Able to improve skin clarity and condition better

  Recommend & Buy Again?

Double Yes! I would recommend this to those who is undergoing acne treatment because those acne treatment usually dries or makes skin dull and rough. This is a great lotion that could prevent skin from getting dull and also able to smooth skin effectively. This is suitable to acne prone skin because it contains Glycolic Acid which is a known ingredient that combats acne and at the same time also renews cells.

 What it claims:
·   Stimulates Cell Renewal
·   Soothe and Refreshes Skin
·   Enhance skin texture and clarity

My Reviews:
·   It comes in a foam type wash, makes it easy to pump and cleanse
·   Skin felt SUPER CLEAN and Soft after every wash
·   Able to improve skin clarity as I notice that my skin is somewhat brighter after every wash

Recommend & Buy Again?
Double Yes! I would recommend this to people who wanted to enhance their skin clarity as this really promise what it says. Don’t be scared with the name “Exfoliating” it WON’T dry or peel your skin. It simply soothes and refreshes your skin. This is my favorite cleanser so far.

 What it claims:
·   Removes impurities and makeups, without drying the skin
·   Provides anti-aging benefits
·   Hypoallergenic, soap-free, fragrance-free and suitable to all skin types even sensitive and acne-prone

My Reviews:
·   Sting slightly on my first usage but doesn’t anymore on the 2nd and so on
·   Was able to remove all dirt and excess oil effectively without drying my skin
·   Skin felt clean and soft; Skin look clear and bright after every wash (would see result immediately)
·   Improved my overall skin condition, skin felt more smooth and look more radiant

Recommend? Buy again?
·   Yes Yes Yes! It’s a hypoallergenic cleanser so no worries to those with sensitive skin(I have sensitive skin!) Give it a try, you’ll see improvement as early as 7days! (based on my experience)
What it claims:
·   Helps correct visible signs of photoaging such as enlarged pores, uneven texture and pigment
·   Stimulated collagen synthesis for firmer and younger looking skin
·   Softens and smoothes dry skin
·   Able to tone on Oily, acne-prone skin

My Reviews:
·   Stings quite badly on my first week usage but doesn’t anymore on my 2nd week and so on
·   Effectively heals pimples and acne in just 7days! (even cystic one!)
·   Though it healed my pimples but it doesn’t tone down the redness that much
·   Notice improvement on the skin texture, Skin is more clear and radiant
·   It kinda dries out my skin but not flaky at all just a little dry thus I applied Neostrata’s Ultra smoothing lotion after using this Gel. It kinda balance out once I applied the Ultra smoothing lotion so not much of a problem

Recommend? Buy again?
Yes! Especially to those acne-prone and people who wants to get rid off pimples/acnes quickly. For sensitive skin(like me), be sure to add a moisturizer/lotion after applying to prevent from overdrying your skin

Anyone tried Neostrata's product? Share your experience! =)

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