SNSD: Tiffany’s Mr Mr Inspired Makeup Look

Hellos! It’s been awhile I did an inspired makeup look and the reason behind that is simply laziness, lolz ^_~

Come one day, where I have nothing to do but stare at a ceiling and day dream that I am travelling to Japan again, lolz~ Anyhoo, to cut the nonsense off, I am merely  feeling productive that day hence got to play with makeup and came up with my version of Tiffany’s Mr Mr Makeup Look.
This would probably be my least favourite inspired makeup look as the color just doesn’t payoff and my right falsie is falling off >_<
My version is super simple and here are the basics:
 Eyes: Apply a light gold eyeshadow all over the lid and blend it with a white shimmery eyeshadow on the outer lid. Line the eyes and apply falsies
 Face: Highlight, Contour and Add Blush
Lips: Conceal and apply lip tint
That’s it for my version of Tiffany’s Mr Mr Makeup Look ^_~

I know it doesn’t look that much of a same but I hope you guys still like it =)

NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder in Translucent Crystal Review

Hellos! Recently I have been obsessed with the brand NARS, hence my proceeding posts would most likely be a NARS product =)

Today, I will be sharing my takes on the Light Reflecting Pressed Powder from NARS. But before I proceed, I’ll share with the product claims first.

  • Enhance the look of foundation without a trace of color
  • Diffuses light and adjusts to new source of light throughout the day
  • Imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles and pores optically fades
  • Help regulate shine throughout the day
For more information on the product, click HERE

Here is my review on the NARS: Light Reflecting Pressed Powder:
Consistency: Soft and silky texture but it kinda felt like a thick foam surface
Shade: Translucent Crystal
Oil-Control: High (Oil-free for 8 hours! With no primer!)
Coverage: Subtle Shimmer in translucent
Lasting Power: Medium to High (last for 6 hours!)
Price: USD 35
Packaging: Compact velvet casing with huge mirror and pouch 
Availability: All NARS booth

What I like about:
  • Paraben-free, Fragrance-free and Non-Comedogenic (good for acne prone skin!)
  • Stayed Matte & Oil-Free for 6 hours and more with no primer
  • Diffuses enlarges pores and ice peak skin seamlessly
  • Able to seal in the foundation for hours
  • Photographs perfectly
What I don’t like:
  • Expensive
Overall Reviews:
  • I don’t have any complains on this pressed powder as it basically lived up to all its claim!
  • This basically replaced all my setting powder upon first try
  • I really recommend this light reflecting setting powder as it works wonder on me ^_~
Thanks for dropping by ^_~

Nars Sheer Matte Foundation in Vallauris review

Hellos! Last month, I went to the mall in search for a foundation to replace my emptied Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. Initially, I plan to get MAC prolong wear foundation but as I stop by NARS booth, I ended up getting a foundation from NARS instead.

Before I start with the review, let me introduce to you with the product first:
NARS: Sheer Matte Foundation in Vallauris
What it claims:
  • Provides oil-free, soft matte finish and buildable coverage
  • Able to controls shine throughout the day
  • Gives even skin tone and perfect porcelain look
For more information, you may visit this link
Here are my takes for this particular foundation:
Consistency: Creamy liquidity but not runny
Coverage: Low to medium but buildable
Oil-Control: Medium to High (stayed oil-free for 5 hours without a primer!)
Shades: Available in 19 shades (click here for reference) and I got the Vallauris which is Medium with pink undertone
Finish: Matte
Lasting Power: Medium to High (still intact after 4 hours!)
Packaging: Glass bottle with no pump
Availability: All NARS booth
Price: USD 45
Size: 30 ml
What I like about:
  • Help me stayed oil-free and does NOT cake at all (im oily-combo skin)
  • Able to minimize redness and conceal broken capillaries
  • Does not have to set it with a powder as it finishes matte
  • Does not transfer and dries up quick
  • Did not experience any discomfort upon using this product
What I don’t like:
  • No pump included!
  • A bit difficult to blend with brush
  • Expensive
Overall Reviews:
The SA suggested that Vallauris would be a perfect match for me but I think it’s a wee bit dark for me =( Good thing, I was able to balance it out using a lighter shade setting powder.
I like this foundation but NOT to the point of LOVING it. I like it because I don’t have to worry on having a greasy and shiny face anymore. However, still not loving it as the coverage is lacking and it is a challenge to blend and buff with a brush.

Yes, if your main problem is oiliness then this foundation really helps stay matte for hours!
No, if you have normal/dry skin as this doesn’t work that much of a wonder considering the hefty price tag
Thank you for dropping by ^_~

Japan Photo Diary 1

Hellos! If you follow me on my Instagram, you would know that  I visited Japan for a short vacation =) The moment I arrived at the Kansai Airport, everything amazes me!
The heated toilet seat (yes! that’s the first thing I encountered upon landing in JAPAN, lolz), super clean streets , yummy foods and of course GORGEOUS people!! Why is it all people in JAPAN are so chic and fashion! It’s like all of them just walk out from a runway or a fashion magazine ^_~ I kept drooling on them as the way they dress and walk just makes me want to worship them!! =) *for real*

Anyway, before I continue to blabber nonsense, here are some sets of photos  that I took while I have my short visit in JAPAN.
@ Universal Studio
 @ Kyoto Shrine (amazed by Cherry Blossom)
@ Continue exploring Kyoto
@ Kyoto Village
@ Still in Kyoto with a Bald Sakura -__-“
Went to have a Traditional Japanese Lunch that cost 2,000 YEN =0

 Some more Cherry Blossom to mesmerize with 

@ Osaka Castle and being fascinated with all the Sakura’s
@ Namba where we resides, lively streets and lots of yummy resturants !
Lastly, can't get enough of Sakura's lolz =)

That’s it for my Japan Photo Diary 1, I’ll continue with the series if you guys like it ^_~
Thanks again for dropping by ^_~

Urban Decay Flushed Palette Review

Hellos! After missing for so long in the blogging environment I am now back! Yey! I hope I can continue to be more productive this coming April in order to compensate my lack of posts during the previous months. I’m not sure if there would still be people reading this blog as I’ve abandoned it for almost 2 months =( 

Nuff’ the intro as today’s post will be about my newest makeup add-ons which is the “Urban Decay- Flushed Palette”.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette                                            Price: PHP 2,250
What it claims:
  • Contains a sheer medium bronze satin, soft pink champagne shimmer and dusty rose satin with a hint of shimmers powders
  • Formula promises a silky, easy to blend texture with excellent pigmentation
  • Free from parabens, fragrance, alcohol and mineral oil
What I love about the “Urban Decay- Flushed” Palette:
  • 3-in-1 palette that contains Blush, Highlighter and Bronzer
  • Sturdy packaging and travel friendly compact with HUGE mirror
  • Pigmentation for the blush, highlighter and bronzer is just right for its function
  • The bronzer is almost comparable to NARS-Laguna which has the ability to achieve the “cheat to a skinnier face” effect
  • The highlighter is “oh-so-awesome” that could really accentuate the needed areas
What I don’t like:
  • Wears off pretty quick after 2 hours, so re-applying is a must
Would I recommend?
  • I would definitely recommend this as the quality is good and pretty much suitable to everyone!
Where to buy:
That’s it for the Naked Flushed Palette short review ^_~
Ending the post with a FOTD using the Naked Flushed Palette =)
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