TonyMoly Kiss Lover Lipstick in Orange Reviews

Hellos! Today I will be reviewing a lipstick from TonyMoly named Kiss Love Lipstick in OR03 which is in Orange Shade! Woohoo, I have tried orange tints before but never did I’ve tried an orange lipstick ever~ *something new and interesting for me *
TonyMoly Kiss Love Lipstick claims:
  • Fills in the line on lips and provide a shimmery shine effect
  • Contains vegetative oil which can help provide full moisture to lips
Consistency: Creamy and easy to spread on lips
Coverage: Average pigmentation
Scent: No specific Scent
Shade: 5 available shades (orange, peach beige, lovely cherry, honey pink & milky pink)
Finish: Smooth and Shimmery
Packaging: Plastic Twist Roll
Efficacy: Provide sufficient moisture to lips
Lasting Power: Last for 3-4 hours

What I loved about:
  • Despite having flaky and dry lips, it still glides smoothly without the need of exfoliating or applying lip balm first
  • Color payoff is quite good
  • All the shades are quite pretty and lovely
A Bit Off:
  • Boring packaging
That’s it for my TonyMoly Kiss Love Lipstick reviews.
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  1. Such a timely post! I'm actually looking for an orange tint right now, & it seems as if I'm looking at a candidate right now! What other orange tints can you recommend by the way? xx

  2. Looks so easily worn! I have very few orange shades but this one looks like its easy to wear!

  3. i've never tried orange lipstick ever but this is interesting :) thanks janet!

  4. I love the look of orange lipsticks and orange make-up - it's my new obsession ^^

    This lipstick sounds really nice, and the colour is cute too!

  5. Sexy lipstick! :) You look so cute!

  6. Looks like such a pretty color! Orange lipsticks are always so fun. :)

  7. This color is absolutely beautiful!
    I don´t have any lipstick orange!
    Now I want try!

  8. What a lovely shade! :)

  9. This lipstick looks really good!! Especially if it doesn't emphasize dryness on the lips~~


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  11. i super like the color!! <3

  12. Great colour! I love a bit of orange to brighten up a look :)


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