Hauls + Pending Products for Reviews (very long post…)

Been sick these few days; runny nose, sore throat, non-stop coughing = VERY ILL!!! Despite feeling really weak and sick, I still manage to drag myself to work! And squeeze in a short post about my recent hauls + quick overviews.

Corrector Wheel by Lulu Make-upBought at lulu online shop 
Have tested this one, really love the green shade- able to conceal redness effectively. (full review to be posted!)
Mineral Powder by Ellana Minerals- Bought at Ellana online shop (full review to be posted!)
Concealer Powder in Innocence  
Very effective in concealing acnes and red patches 
Concealer Powder in Whimsy 
Powder Blush in Doll 

Tony Moly Mineral SkinFit Makeup Base and Concealer Pot - Bought at Tony Moly Shop

       Super LURVE the Makeup Base as it conceals REDNESS effectively and makes your skin so smooth! (full review to be posted in next entry)

Candy Doll Cheek Color Highlight Cream Beige- Bought at Geisha’s secret online shop
The Best highlighter I’ve ever tried!!)
 Revlon PhotoReady Concealer Stick- bought at Watson’s
                                                             USELESS CONCEALER EVER!!!   
 SK-II Cellumination Mask In Lotion- Bought at strawberry.net

 I break out upon using this!!!! So not all “high-end” products delivery good results eh? (full review to be posted!) 

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel- Bought at strawberry.net
 Very sticky and not that effective on removing makeups!(another *miss* on SKII) (full review to be posted!) 

St.Ives Mineral In Shower Exfoliating Body Polish- bought at Cash&Carry

  Super LURVE this body polish, makes your skin EXTREMELY SOFT and SMOOTH plus the smell is just so comforting. Oh, it is gentle enough to use it everyday! (full review to be posted!)

Aveeno: Nourish+Volumize Shampoo- bought at Cash& Carry
 For those with thin hair problem! This is the solution, makes your hair more fuller! (full review to be posted!)

 Cetpahil: Daily Facial Moisturizer, SPF15- bought at Cash& Carry

Just used it for 3days, will post a review soon! (full review to be posted!)

Review: Murad Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish

Since my face is pretty sensitive and really prone to acne therefore as much as possible I don’t want to apply makeup. But in reality, I just have to as I have so many blemishes in my skin and it would scare a lot of people if I bare my skin to the public >_<
Nowadays, I learn to just use Mineral make-up or Tinted Moisturizer to cover up my blemishes and imperfection. And it does improved my skin condition and not irritate my skin that much compared to using makeups. I’ve used skincare makeups before such as BB Creams which I don’t really like as it gives you scary WHITE CASTS and thick coverage, Dermalogica’s tinted moisturizer and Treatment Foundation which I think is a really great alternative to mineral makeups. 

I’ve come across the widely advertise Murad Hybrid’s which claims its NOT a makeup, but does more to improve the look of your skin over time- gives healthy and beautiful skin in just one step! By its description, who can resist to not try it? Therefore, I decided to try it out.

Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish
Price: USD 35         Size: 1.0Fl/OZ

Murad Claims:
  • Creates a delicate powder finish that is shine-free
  • Balances oil production while universal shade provides perfect skin tone match
  • Minimize appearance of pores
For more info about Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish, click here

After using for a week, here’s my reviews:
I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews with regards to this product but I still to go for it even after seeing those bad feedbacks. But for goodness sake, it seems that my skin pretty much love Murad’s Hybrid Primer.

What I Like About:
  1. Evens out my uneven skintone
  2. Nice sleek packaging, dispense pump quite hygenic
  3. Light weight and breathable won’t clog pores
  4. Able to conceal the red patches, pigmentation thoroughly
  5. Very easy to apply, just dispense a small amount and pat on face
  6. Will be able to lasts 8-9 hours without melting/ producing much oil
  7. Provide a nice Matte finish; Blendable/Buildable
  8. Can be used as a replacement of liquid foundation
A bit No No:
  1. Only available in two Shade! (the other one is in Dewy)
  2. Mad Expensive
  3. Available only in Murad’s counter
  4. Unable to conceal acne marks specially cystic one
  5. Might not be suitable to those with super sensitive skin as the ingredients are quite complex 
 Do you Recommend & Buy Again? YES! 
How I use Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish:
First, I applied Celeteque Moisturizing Gel then I apply Murad’s Hybrids Skin perfecting primer, lastly top it up with Revlon’s Aqua Mineral Make-up and Voila here's my finished look!

Review: Murad Acne Complex Starter Kit

Seasonal breakout anyone? Yup, I do experience breakout everytime weather changes. Even though I lived in a tropical country, but I still develop breakout due to climate change.(weird as it may sound, but I do!) 

There’s a low pressure approaching in our country, heavy rains poured in and temperature has dropped quite a few. My Skin is really sensitive in terms of climate change, therefore I experience massive breakout AGAIN! I think I have mentioned the word “breaking out again” 25642532431237252645 times in my blog already >_< 

I’ve been breaking out almost every month for different reasons due to hormonal imbalance,allergy,stress etc etc etc…. Okay nuff’ said, after my successful experience in Celeteque Dermoscience: Acne Solution Care I decided to try another skincare line to fight this seasonal breakout. The reason why I didn’t use Celeteque anymore because I want a FASTER solution! I don’t want to wait 1 month long before I see results. The fact that I’ll be attending some conference so I badly need a CLEAR skin ASAP!  

I’ve been badly wanting to try the very much advertise acne treatment on TV which is PROACTIVE. But was very much hesitant due to massive NEGATIVE feedback/reviews I’ve read through the internet therefore until now I didn’t have the courage to try it out. But maybe someday…I would..but definitely not now…
Aside from PROACTIVE, there’s another acne treatment which is also widely advertise and that would be MURAD ACNE Treatment. 

I decided to choose MURAD over PROACTIVE as MURAD basic ingredients is SALICYLIC ACID which (I think*) is more suitable to sensitive skin compared to PROACTIVE’s main ingredients which is BENZOYL PEROXIDE. Since I just want to try it out therefore I purchased the MURAD’s Acne Complex Kit. 

Price: PHP1950 approx   USD$45 
The kit contains the following:
  1. Clarifying Cleanser  , 2.0 FLOZ
  2. Exfoliating Acne Treatment, 1.o FL.OZ
  5. OIL CONTROL Mattifier (1 Sachet)

More info about MURAD’s click here 
My reviews upon using the entire KIT for around 2 weeks: 

Murad Claims: Prevent breakouts; Antibacterial agents eliminates 99.9% irritating bacteria while Salicylic Acid heals blemishes and prevents future breakouts. 

I Said: The consistency is in GEL form therefore it is quite easy to just lather it on damp face and rinse. This cleanser would make your skin feel MENTHOL COOL and I like the coolness as it makes my skin feel more refreshing. But the downside is it makes my SKIN ROUGH! As for preventing breakouts? Nah! I still manage to have pimple/acnes popping out while using this. 
 Murad Claims: Controlling breakouts, pore-cloggging impurities are eliminated, clarity restored and able to reduce acne in just 3 days 

I Said: The consistency is in GEL so it is also quite easy to apply and spread on skin. Okay here is what I experience upon applying this, my face is EXTREMELY ITCHY (the itchiness would lasts around 20-30mins) and later makes my skin SUPER RED!!!! But I managed to tolerate thinking ~oh this might be working thus the reason of itchiness….BUT NOT AT ALL!! Even though its zuper ITCHY and it hurts so much I decided to still continue the regime, but until now( 2 weeks have passed), I HAVEN’T notice any improvement at ALL!!! WORST, it makes my skin ZUPER DRY and RED!!! 

 Murad Claims: Minimize pores and refines texture, penetrate to clear pores and balance oil production 

I Said: This lotion is not that thick, was quite light weight and when you applied it does not feel anything. But but but here comes the catch, I applied this before applying my Murad Hybrid Primer(I’ll make a review on this soon), after 2-4 hours my skin becomes EXTREMELY ITCHY and then I developed red bumps and patches all over my face!!! And I know this is NOT because of the Hybrid Primer because the next day I applied Primer without the SPL and my face DID NOT ITCH at all. So this is the main suspect! 

Murad Claims: speeds healing of stubborn blemishes on the spot, quickly clears active breakouts and prevents new blemishes from fully developing 
I Said: The consistency of this is similar to a lightweight lotion and is in light green color.When applied, I instantly feel itchiness and tingle for a few seconds and would later subsides. Does nothing on what it claims! Though it does NOT worsen the acne condition but it literally Didn’t improve anything at all. Simply NOTHING…NADA… 
  1. OIL CONTROL Mattifier SPF15
Murad Claims: Controls oil for up to 8hrs, eliminates shine, protects skin 

I Said: The consistency is similar to a cream but totally lightweight and non-greasy.I have to admit this DOES effectively controls oil and eliminate shines on my face. It does actually do what it claims. 
Overall experience on using the Murad’s Acne Complex regime for around 2 weeks: 
(click for larger view)
    1. Does my acne/pimple breakout improved/reduce- NO
    2. Does it worsen my pimple/acne- somewhat YES and NO (see pic above)
    3. Any side effects? Skin implication- My skin has red patches and is now rough and it still with many acnes/pimple
    4. Would you still continue using this regime? NOT ANYMORE, 2 weeks is long enough
    5. Would you recommend this or try this again next time? NO!I know it doesn't work for me but might work for some. BUT I would still NOT risk on recommending this at ALL nor even trying it again
I’m back using the Celeteque Dermoscience: Acne Solution and my skin is getting better so far!
(still with red patches and acne marks, but slowly healing....)

Lesson learned- If there’s a skincare that works, stick with it unless of course if you’ve been immune.

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