Korean Beauty Hauls feat. Hera and Catrin

While everyone is blogging about their November favorites, I am just about to blog my November beauty hauls T___T I know its super duper late, but at least I still get to post it within November ^_~
Anyhoo, here are the items I received on my doorstep:
While below photo are the products I ACTUALLY ordered:

Meaning below items are all FREEBIES~~
Yup, This entire set is FREE!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t order any of these at all~
Nuff the excitement (keke~), let’s move back to my “actual” hauls:
1)      HERA: HD Fix Foundation in P21    KRW50,000
l         I got this because I’ve seen some nice reviews on this and the packaging is also very sleek; reminds me of Lancome’s Teint Miracle~
l         Want to know more about the brand HERA click HERE

2) CATRIN: Mineral Therapy Makeup Set          KRW83,000
l         I didn’t intend to get this at all but the entire set looks pretty interesting so my “mouse” accidently added it on the cart and “not knowingly” click on the checkout~ lolz~
a)      Magic Covering Mineral – its basically a mineral loose powder (the packaging reminds me of MULE)
b)      Mineral Skin Finisher – Works as primer or Makeup Base
c)       Magic Blooming Mineral – A mineral blush
d)      WaterVeil Mineral Mist – Work as a setting spray
l         Want to know more about the brand CATRIN click HERE

That’s it for my Korean online hauls, I’ll review some of them soon ^_~
Ending with today’s “No makeup, makeup FOTD”
~Thanks so much for dropping by~

Quick Face Shop Hauls + FOTD

Hellos! I was about to go home until I saw a booth nearby our office selling Korean beauty products; so being a “makeup addict”; I had to hit “brake” (what I mean is I have to stop my feet from moving forward,lolz) and stop by the booth to simply “check” on the products. Yes, no intension to buy at all just being a BEE wanting to BUZZ around the beauty products! AS IF!! Lolz~

Since I ran out of makeup remover, I ask the booth owner if they have any products that can remove makeup thoroughly and the owner suggested the following to me.

1)    Herb Day Cleansing Cream in 5 Combined Cereal    PHP180 (USD4)
·         Claims to get rid of dirt, sweat, makeup and bacteria thoroughly
·         I have tried this and it definitely lived up to its claims! Able to remove all sorts of makeup thoroughly~ (see below)

2)    Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in ALOE                    PHP150 (USD3)
·         The owner told me this is extremely gentle and I could try this out since I have sensitive skin
·         It comes out in light green color, cream type consistency and lathers pretty well
·         It made my skin feel calm, soft and smooth; able to tone down the redness a bit
·         If you have super oily skin and is after a squeaky clean effect this is NOT your choice
·         This pretty much functions the same as to Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel which I have reviewed HERE
~Herb Day Cleansing Foam in ALOE~

Decided to do a soft pink look today just because *well* nothing~ ha! 
I just feel like painting pink onto my lids~
Very simple look, nothing fancy just plain pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick~
That’s it for my short post and thanks for dropping by ^_~
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ELF Studio Makeup Clutch Palette Swatches + FOTD

Hellos! As mentioned in my previous haul HERE that I will be reviewing the ELF Studio Makeup Clutch Palette soon, so here it is now =)
First off, let the photos do all the talking: (click for larger view)
Nice sturdy acrylic packaging
Obviously the reason why it is named “Clutch” because the packaging looks like a Clutch~
You flip open and there you have 32 eyeshadow with a mixture of matte & shimmers colors. I find the colors really wide range as it has all the rainbow colors =)
At the bottom part, slide it open and there you have brow powder, blusher, bronzer, highlighter and lipglosses

Now onto my takes on this palette:
Pigmentation: Good but not great; minimal fallouts only one or two shades in particular
Selection of Shades: I think the colors included are quite pretty; able to create different types of look and each shade differ from one another
Lasting Power: around 2-3 hours (without primer); It is advisable to apply primer to make it last longer
Price: USD10 quite a steal for a palette that has almost everything!
Packaging: Quite compact and easy to carry everywhere =)
What I like the most: The highlighter is the BEST! It gives you a lovely natural glow~ (reminds me of Mac’s Luna)
Overall Rating: 9/10
Ending with a FOTD using ONLY above palette~

Drugstore Hauls: Garnier, Beauty Treats, ELF

I didn't intend to buy anything as my main target is only to get a bottle of  SYOSS shampoo since I ran out of it but end up buying things that are not on my list at all~ *saving mode* FAILED*
SYOSS is the best anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner I have ever tried that works super amazing interms of controlling and eliminating dandruff!
 I have tried almost all anti-dandruff products available in Watson’s and SYOSS is the only one that works wonder in vanishing those itchy scalps and flakes~ Plus its only PHP70, cheaper than CLEAR & NIZORAL =) For those who suffer from dandruff like me, go try it out =)

Now, onto the items that are not on my list at all: *saving mode* FAILED >_<
1.Careline: Brush Set                    PHP120
The quality is ok and I’m not complaining as you basically get what you pay for.
 Do NOT expect full density or sturdy handle as it doesn't fit either category. Despite the so-so quality, these brushes are still workable  =) 

2.Careline: Pimple Concealer Stick in Chestnut     PHP60
·         I still don’t know why I bought this? And I absolutely got the WRONG SHADE >_<

3.Garnier: BB Eye Roll On                       PHP299
I remember reading Kath’s review HERE and it got me really interested as she gave it a perfect rating so when I saw this “lonely” standing on the shelves I grab it without any second thought.

4.Beauty Treats: Mineral  Powder Compact 03          PHP389
  I was about to head to cashier until an SA approach me asking if I wanted to try something from Beauty Treats. Since I drop my ELF bronzer(4th time!), I ask if they have any compact that I could use as bronzer and she handed this to me.
 It’s basically a foundation compact but I use it as bronzer because I love the shade and finish the moment I swatch it.

        5. ELF Studio Makeup Clutch          PHP450
~Review to be followed~
Well that’s it for my  hauls =) Thanks so much for dropping by ^_~

Greasy/enlarged pores?--> Get Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion!

Lately, my skin tends to react so sensitive wherein pores are getting bigger, entire face oiling up nonstop and I tend to experience redness quite often.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or because I haven’t been sleeping. Nevertheless, I went to search for a product that could help control my face from being greasy and also at the same time do not trigger redness due to sensitivity. I blogged about it few weeks ago HERE, whereas I decided to give Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion a try because it seems to be a product that suits my needs.
Firstly, let me tell you more about the Skin Perfecting Lotion:
·         Helps control excessive oil production and keep pores clear
·         Hydrate and improve skin texture and tone
·         Eliminates shiny skin and minimizes pores
·         Soothes and calms skin leaving it soft and smooth

The Main Ingredients behind Skin Perfecting Lotion:
·         Retinol- Increases cell turnover
·         Queen of Meadow Extract- Eliminates shiny skin
·         Arnica- Hydrate skin

If you want to know more about Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion, click HERE

My Reviews upon using the Skin Perfecting Lotion:
·         Consistency is in light lotion wherein it feels really light and absorbs quickly
·         Able to control excess oil and skin doesn’t feel greasy for the whole day
·         Helps minimize enlarged pores
·         Provide enough hydration and moisture wherein no more dry patches is visible
·         Didn’t aggregate my existing acnes nor experience any discomfort

·         Might be a bit expensive for USD 34 of PHP1450
·         Contains Paraben and Dimethicone

How I use this:
After cleansing and toning, massage evenly over face (Twice a day)

Overall Reviews:
I think this is a 2 in 1 product because it helps repair my troubled skin (enlarged pores and greasy skin) and at the same time also helps provide sufficient hydration my skin needs. It’s basically lived up to its claims so I’m very satisfied with the results and will definitely buy again once I ran out. I paired this with my HG Murad’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser which I have reviewed HERE.

That’s it for my review and ending it with an FOTD~
For more reviews on Murad’s product, click HERE~

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FOTD: Brown and Gold Daytime Look

Here’s a look on what I wore the other day: Combination of brown and gold makeup look
A subtle look that can also be worn during holiday season =)
 Apply any maroon or brown eyeshadow all over the lid and blend it over
For subtle look, apply the gold eyeshadow only on the outer lash line and blend over any harsh edges
Subtle look for Daytime Wear =)
Thank you so much for dropping by ^_~

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Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIR

As I mentioned in my previous hauls HERE, I got myself a Body & Thairapy Morocco Argan Oil which claims to works wonder! And it actually DID! Wuhoo~

First off, let’s start with the all abouts of Morocco Argan Oil:
·         All in one treatment for hair, face and body
·         A Golden oil that works wonder and is not greasy or sticky
·         Helps clear skin: acne, scars, pimples, rosacea and prevents wrinkles
·         Treats dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Fights Hair Loss
·         Provide suppleness and evens skintone

What I encountered after using it on my SKIN (Face and Body):
·         It is in oil consistency wherein you immediate feel the moisture once you massage it 
·         Does NOT feel greasy nor sticky (it is Dry Oil)
·         Absorbed quickly to skin
(above photos after 2 weeks of usage)
·         Helps heal inflame acne, cystic acne, scars quite effectively
·         Able to minimize enlarged pores and redness of skin
·         Provides enough moisture to skin without making skin oily
·         I have oily combination skin and it does NOT make my skin greasy or produce more oil
·         Did NOT experience any discomfort while using this (FYI: I have sensitive skin)

What I encountered after using it on my Hair:
·         Makes hair more shiny and manageable
·         Able to minimized tangled and frizzy hair
·         Notice that hair is more soft and smooth

How I use it:
For Hair: After Shower, when hair is a bit damp, apply it all over
For Face: After Cleansing and Toning, Apply a few pumps on the face and massage gently until it is fully absorbed

Overall review on Morocco Argan Oil:
·         At first, I was quite skeptical on actually trying this out, because I was bit allergic to the word “oil”. I always thought that any types of “oil” will make my skin greasy and shiny. But boy I was super WRONG!!!! Even though I have oily combination skin, it does NOT make my face oilier
·         I absolutely love this on my face as it helps heal my existing acne and for my hair it keeps my hair stay soft & smooth
·         This definitely works MIRACLE on both my FACE and HAIR!!
·         I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it works amazing on me~
Body & Thairapy Morocco Argain Oil is priced at PHP1,450 and is available in all Rustans branches.

Have you tried any Morocco or Argan oil and what are your thoughts?
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