One Brand Review: Ever Bilena

Hey, it’s been awhile I updated this blog but at least I get to update this blog once in awhile =)

Today I’ll be reviewing some products from one of the best local make-up brand in the country which is 
Ever Bilena has been in a country for quite awhile and is continue to cater and develop products that is affordable yet world class quality.
For more information on Ever Bilena, click HERE

I’ll start with the first essential makeup I put on my face which is Foundation.

1)      Ever Bilena Matte Two Way Cake Foundation
What it claims:

l         Creates weighless feel for a natural matte finish
l         Provides FULL Coverage that could last all day
l         Can be used wet or dry
l         Perfect for touch-up and spot coverage
My Reviews:
Consistency: Creamy, soft and very easy to apply
Coverage: Low to Medium; was able to conceal redness and minimze the appearance of acne scars
Shade: Available in 3 shades: White Ivory, Fair Oriental and Golden Beige (I used Fair Oriental)
Oil Control: Medium to High but doesn’t dries skin
Long Lasting: Last around 6-7 hours
Packaging: Slim compact (travel friendly) with huge mirror and puff
Price: PHP 165
Availability: All drugstore and selected supermarkets nationwide

2)      Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer
What it claims:
l         Formulated to help minimize skin imperfection
l         Infused with ingredients that prevent skin dryness

My Reviews:
Consistency: Creamy, soft and easy to blend
Coverage: Low to Medium; was able to conceal dark undereyes and minimize acne scars
Shade: Available in 2 shades: Light and Medium and I used the shade Light
Packaging: comes in Tube with doe foot applicator
Price: PHP 140
Availability: All drugstore and selected supermarkets nationwide

3)      Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick *NEW SHADE ALERT!*

My Reviews:
Consistency: Creamy and glides smoothly to lips
Price: PHP 155
Availability: All drugstore and selected supermarkets nationwide
Me wearin’ all 4 new shades:
Which one suits me best? Thanks for dropping by ^_^

NYX Wonder Stick: Highlight and Contour in Light/Medium

Hey hey hey, Today I’ll be reviewing my “on-the-go” highlight and contour product which makes my application way more easy and fast!

*drumrolls please* Ta-da!
Yep, it's the NYX Wonder Stick (Highlight& Contour) and I got the shade WS01 which is Light/Medium, retails at $12.
Let’s start with the product description first:
l         Available in 4 different shades: Deep, Light/Medium, Tan, Universal
l         Creamy finish that conceals highlights and contours with ease
l         Contains 4g of product

My thoughts after using it for a month:
l         Very creamy and easy to blend
l         Does not cake nor dries onto skin
l         Pigmentation is good enough for contouring and highlighting
l         Shade Light is so perfect for my skintone as it doesn’t look orangey or muddy just perfect for contouring which looks very natural
l         The only downside is it doesn’t last long, product wears off after 2-3 hours in a humid environment
l         You need to apply primer underneath to keep it longer

Overall Review:
I LURVE the NYX Wonder Stick, perfect for everyday use as it is an easy tool to highlight and contour on the go! Achieve natural contour effect in just minutes! Blending is super breezy, perfect for beginners! Definitely recommend you guys to get one! Or two~ =P
Thank you for the dropping by ^_~
I did some other Contouring post here, if you are interested:

Eden’s Paradise: Mineral Clay Powder and Blush Review

Hello there! I’m back on track now (Woo!~) Today, I’ll be sharing some makeup products from the trusted brand Eden’s Paradise.
I’ve been using Eden’s Paradise for quite sometime already and will continue to share my experience towards their amazing products.

To know more about Eden’s Paradise, click HERE

*click product name for more info*
What it claims:
l         100% pure mineral powder that is best for sensitive and acne-prone skin (yours truly!)
l         Free from Talc, Paraben and Fragrance
l         Non-comedogenic and Hypoallergenic
l         Contains mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide(from clays), magnesium sterate, ultramarin, kaolin and allantoin

My Reviews:
l         The powder is finely milled and extremely soft, smooth and silky
l         Very easy to blend and stays intact on skin
l         Can definitely use on its own (I did not apply anything except for the mineral clay powder)
l         Matte-Finish but doesn’t accentuate into lines and not drying at all
l         Low to medium coverage and doesn’t have any scent
l         Lasts for 5-6 hours and powder still looks intact

Eden’s Paradise: Mineral Blush in Pinkee                    PHP 349/30g
What it claims:
l         100% pure mineral blush made of clays, mica, iron oxides, zinc oxides, titanium dioxide, ultramarine pink, allantoin
l         Free from Paraben, Talc and Bismuth
l         Velvety Silky Finish

My Reviews:
l         The powder is finely milled and extremely soft, smooth and silky
l         Shade is in peachy pink
l         It is pigmented hence light stroke is enough to give a natural flush of pink cheeks
l         No specific scent and it does last for 3-4 hours

Overall Reviews on Eden’s Paradise Mineral Powder:
l         Generally I’m not a fan of loose powder as I find them too messy to apply
l         However, Eden’s Paradise mineral clay powder was able to give such airbrush finish whereas compact foundation wasn’t able to achieve
l         The Eden’s Paradise mineral blush also gives such a nice natural pink flush to cheeks whereas wearing it alone already compliment the entire face

Here’s me wearing only Eden’s Paradise mineral clay powder as base makeup,  Eden’s Paradise mineral blush on cheeks and some lipstick:
Thank you for dropping by!

You may want to check out my previous reviews on Eden’s Paradise products HERE

On The Mood: Dark Lippies

Hello there! It’s been awhile I updated this blog >_< Lately, I just had a lot of things on my mind hence wasn’t able to find time to keep this blog alive -____-“

But hey at least I get to do it now ^_^~ Today I’ll be sharing what’s on my mood and be starting with a series of “On The Mood” whereas I share things that I’ve been loving lately =)
On my early twenties, I love pastel color lippies such as pink, coral and orange as I think wearin’ those shades makes me feel bright, young and carefree.

But as years passed and the famous #KylieJenner Nudes lips steps in and I jumped into the bandwagon. I collected a lot of nude lipstick but the shade doesn’t suit me at all cuz’ I look pale and dead on it >_<”

The moment I finally realize that Nude shade isn’t really what I want hence I started getting into dark lippies with shades such as muave, brown, maroon and even purple! I think wearin’ dark shade lipstick really brings out my inner gothic and it really adds color and centrepoint on your face even though you don’t wear any makeup.

I’ll be sharing 3 of my favorite Dark Lipstick: *click on the product link for more info*
PS: I just woke up in the morning and didn’t apply makeup hence wasn’t able to exfoliate my lips thus the patchy and drying looking lips =(

Shade: Dark plum color
Scent: None
Application: Glides smoothy
Lasting Power: Stays on for 1-2 hours
Cons: Transfer easily =(

Shade: Maroon Brown
Scent: None
Application: Glides easily
Lasting Power: Stays on for 4-5 hours
Pros: Does not transfer and smudge proof
*This is by far my favorite shades hence I took more photos >_<*

Shade: Purple
Scent: None
Application: Glides smoothly and perfectly
Lasting Power: Stays on for 2-3hours
Cons: Transfer easily =(
That’s it for my On the Mood: Dark Lippies episode and I hope you like it =)
Thank you again for dropping by ^_~

Makeup Looks Feat. Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Bellas! Today I’ll be sharing 2 wearable makeup looks using only the new Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in Brown and Pink!
Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette is placed in a compact yet sturdy packaging. It contains 5 shades in Matte for Brown series and Shimmers for Pink series, an applicator and a mirror.
Color Payout is ok considering that the price is only PHP150! Selection of color is good enough as most of the shades are wearable.

Here are the 2 Makeup Looks I have created using only Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette. I did not use any eyeliner as I used the black eyeshadow to line my eyes which works pretty nice!

1st look created using the Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in BROWN:

2nd look created using the Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in PINK:
That’s it for my Makeup Look post!

 Thank you for dropping by ^_~
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