About Me

Hello! This is Janet and I’m a Filipino Born Chinese and the reason why I started this blog is to share my acne experience along the way. I have been suffering from acne for more than a decade and I’ve tried hundreds types of product in order to overcome my acne skin problem. After the long battle, I can safety say that I don’t break out that much often and my skin has improved over the years. I still do struggle on post acne marks and pigmentation therefore my journey on finding the best skincare is still ongoing. Since I rarely develop acne, my interest was diverted to makeups especially foundation and concealer because I’ve always dreamt of having a porcelain like skin even though I have to hide under a foundation >_<

Most of my blog entries are about skincare products because I believe that if you already have a perfect skin you don’t need anything as having perfect skin alone is already a compliment. As years passes, I've gain passion to highlighter and eyeliners as they can change one look in just merely one swipe! Makeup is really addicting as now I am venturing and discovering the entire world of beauty.

Thanks for dropping by my Blog and join me in my journey on discovering the world of "beauty" and also some nonsense stuff I’ve encountered along the way.
Much Love,
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