Makeup Looks Feat. Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Bellas! Today I’ll be sharing 2 wearable makeup looks using only the new Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in Brown and Pink!
Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette is placed in a compact yet sturdy packaging. It contains 5 shades in Matte for Brown series and Shimmers for Pink series, an applicator and a mirror.
Color Payout is ok considering that the price is only PHP150! Selection of color is good enough as most of the shades are wearable.

Here are the 2 Makeup Looks I have created using only Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette. I did not use any eyeliner as I used the black eyeshadow to line my eyes which works pretty nice!

1st look created using the Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in BROWN:

2nd look created using the Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in PINK:
That’s it for my Makeup Look post!

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Review on Eden's Paradise: Baby Pores

Happy 2016 Bellas! To kickstart the year I’ll be sharing one of “most grabbed” product I’ve been using this 2016! I have been using the product every single day and kept loving it day by day ^_~

The product I am referring to is the “Baby Pores” from Eden’s Paradise. I was first introduce to Eden’s Paradise last 2014 and I must say their products really lived up to its claim!

Basically, Eden’s Paradise is a  brand created by the owner whereas she believes that effective skincare remedies can be sourced from nature.

Hence, all Eden’s Paradise products were developed using natural ingredients as the brand believe that natures has the power to create natural beauty.

Click here to know more about Eden’s Paradise products~

Let’s start with the product claims of “Baby Pores”:
l         Minimize skin imperfection
l         Hide large pores
l         Soft Matte and Camera ready finish
l         Sebum control- provides long term shine reduction
l         Contains SPA 50 PA++
l         Neutral shade that suits all skin tone

More info about Baby Pores HERE.

My Reviews towards Eden’s Paradise: Baby Pores:
Consistency: Cream type but once blended turns into velvety powder
Shade: Gray but will adjust to skintone once blended
Scent: No Scent
Oil-Control: High level of oil-control would last whole day without any shine
Coverage: None, but it does help brighten skin
Finish: Velvety smooth and soft
Suitability: All Skin types including sensitive skin
Packaging: Squeeze type with nozzle
Size: 15g
Price: PHP299
Availability: Online HERE

What I loved about Baby Pores:
l         The product is super easy to blend as it glides smoothly to skin which leaves skin looking smooth and velvety
l         Non-greasy/ Non-oily/ Non-sticky / air-light finish
l         Immediately minimizes large pores and makes the surface of the skin smooth and perfect canvass for makeup application
l         High level of oil-control whereas my face remains matte but still gives a healthy glow on skin
l         It does NOT dries up skin instead it provide a matte yet moisture feeling to skin
l         It gives an airbrush finish when topped it off with makeup
l         The product is very much comparable to Sugao Airfit CC cream which I have reviewed previously HERE

Recommendations & Suggestions:
The only downside to the product is the packaging as it is very difficult to dispense the product out of the nozzle. I would prefer the packaging change to a pump type or in tube so that dispensing of product would be easier.

Using this product alone is sufficient for me as it  serves as my Sunblock, Moisturizer and also provides healthy glow to my skin.
However, most of the time I also use it as my makeup base or primer as it really enhances my make-up application when Baby pores is used underneath.

That’s it for my review on Eden’s Paradise: Baby Pores
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