Reviews on Eden’s Paradise Skincare Products

Hellos! It’s been awhile I updated things about skincare hence today I would like to share my recent skincare which really improve my skin condition ^_~

First off, let me introduce you to the brand Eden’s Paradise, the brand was created by the owner whereas she believes that effective skincare remedies can be sourced from nature.

Hence, all Eden’s Paradise products were developed using natural ingredients as the brand believe that natures has the power to create natural beauty.

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I’ve used  Eden’s Paradise products for 2 weeks and here are my thoughts:

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1) Dead Sea Mineral Mud              Price: PHP495 / 100gram
l         Super easy to use and does NOT dries skin ; suitable for all skin type!
l         It cleared out some of my zits in just 3 days!
l         Skin becomes super duper SOFT, SMOOTH and VELVETY afer use
l         Able to give luminousity and health glow skin (in my case 2 weeks!)
l         This product beats my raved reviews on Aztec Mask and Julep Mask~
l         By far the BEST and EFFECTIVE mask I’ve used to date!
l         Anyone with troubled skin (yours truly), sensitive acne skin (yours truly) or anyone who just want to improved their skin clarity then give this mud a try!

2) Bardados Cherry Oil                    Price: PHP385
l         Not greasy or sticky and quickly absorbs to skin
l         Can be used as makeup base as it basically iron out the rough surface of the skin
l         It gives skin healthy and glow effect
l         The products claims to lighten acne marks/scar but  have yet to notice drastic change, however I did notice that it minimize the redness of my skin
l         Helps soothes skin irritation

3) Whitening Blue Salve                    Price: PHP269
l         It claims to helps minimize old scars, chicken skin and dark areas especially on elbow, armpit
l         I’ve tried it on the scars I have on my ankle area due to accident and I did notice slight lightening on the areas

4) Sweet Melon BB Cream                  Price: PHP229
l        Smells like a melon and consistency is very creamy
l        Contains pump that makes it easy to dispense product
l         Coverage is low to medium but it does give a radiant glow to skin

5) Caterpillar Lip Butter                    Price: PHP 179 / 4g
l         This lip butter moisturize my lips in just one swipe
l         Experience cooling effect upon application which I really love

Overall Products Reviews:
l         Eden’s Paradise products are developed using 100% Natural ingredients and proven Hypo-allergenic.
l         Each products has label of its Expiration Date and complete list of natural ingredients used
l         Free from all those chemicals such as Paraben hence products are suitable for ALL skin types even the most sensitive one!
l         Efficacy of the product is proven and fast without experiencing any discomfort
l         Of all the products I’ve tried, the number 1 that wins my heart is the Dead Sea Mineral Mud!

That’s it for my reviews on the Eden’s Paradise products!
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