Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy Review

You guys know I’ve suffered from severe acne breakouts and I have acne prone skin so my skin is full of pigmentation, scars and patches =’(
I’ve tried lots of spot lightening products ranging from creams, lotion, ointment to serum; some of them works while some doesn’t. For those products that work, the effect is quite minimal therefore finding the best scar treatment is always in my journey.

 As usual, I was browsing  scar related treatments wherein I came along a product under SKINCEPTION which is called Dermefface FX7.
Dermefface FX claims to Fade Scars like Magic… It helps diminish all types of scars including Acne Scars(yours truly), Burn Scars, Hypertrophic Scars, Surgery Scars, Chicken Pox and Injury Scars.

If you are curious about the product, you can check more info here.

So here goes my review after using the product in 4 weeks:
1)    It comes in a light yellowish runny serum that doesn’t have any specific smell
2)    When applied to skin, it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t feel sticky at all
3)    My skin felt super soft and smooth upon usage
4)    Doesn’t aggregate my current acne at all
5)    Didn’t notice any discomfort upon using (FYI, I have sensitive skin)
6)    Upon first week of usage, I did notice that it kinda shrink my pores a little and somewhat lighten some pigmentation
7)    I check the photos for comparison and I have to say that I didn’t notice any massive difference on my scars/ice peaks at all
8) Did notice that my skintone is quite even as some of the pigmentation has lighten quite a bit
 Dermefface claims that user will be able to notice results within the first 4 weeks of continues usage. So I waited until four weeks before I do comparison on the photos I took while starting to use it.

Recommend and Buy Again?
I have to say yes! Even though I didn’t notice any difference in terms of scars but it did a huge improvement on my pigmentation. I have quite a few red patches and uneven pigmentation wherein Dermefface did lighten those areas and somewhat made my skin look a bit even and brighter.  I also use this as moisturizer or base before applying foundation and the outcome is quite nice! =)
Hope this helps =)

Shu Uemura Reviews: Nobara Cream Cover Stick, Pro Gel Cealer

Since I’m super amazed with what Shu Uemura's Face Architect Foundation has achieved on my skin therefore I decided to get their concealers too.
1)       Shu Uemura: Nobara Cream Cover Stick
(in Light beige 774)
What it claims?
        Provides high coverage
        Smooth glides of foundation
        Ability to control oil
My Reviews:
        Able to even out skintone
        Conceals redness effectively
        Oil control last up to 6-7 hours!
        Provides smooth and matte finish
        Really light weight
        Did not encounter any irritation or discomfort
Recommend & Buy Again?
        Probably not! especially for those with problematic skin (yours truly!) This would be a nice concealer for those with less imperfection though. It can conceal redness and pigmentation but if you have cystic acne this won't help at all.  
(in 7YR Light Warm Undertone)
What it claims?
        Seamlessly cover any imperfection
        Ability to last all day long with its silicon mechanism
        Blends naturally onto skin
        Fits precisely on the imperfection areas
        Buildable and controllable texture
        Waterproof and smudge proof
        Natural finish with no powdery feel/look
My Reviews:
        Able to even out skintone
        Effectively conceals acne, redness & scars
        Coverage is definitely buildable and adjustable
        Might be too dry for dry skin! 
        Provides super matte finish
        Oil control is superb! Able to last all day long!
        Consistency is a bit quite dry and might will appear cakey when applied to dry spot
        Did not encounter any irritation or discomfort
Recommend & Buy Again?
        Maybe not! The coverage is good but it tends to cake due to its consistency. If you have super oily skin, I think you would like this concealer otherwise skip it.

IPKN Artist Wave Auto Make-up Special Set Reviews

Many of you might not be that familiar with the brand IPKN so here goes a little overview on this brand. 
IPKN  which stands for Independent Professional Korean Newyorker is a premium Korean brand launched by INEL Cosmetics Co., Ltd wherein the concept behind this brand is “simple, professional like New Yorker”. IPKN products are designed for today’s modern career women.
Here are my reviews on the IPKN Artist Wave Auto Make-up Special Set:
1)      IPKN Artist Wave Auto Puff (Vibrator)
What it claims:
·         It’s basically a Vibrating Puff wherein it claims to vibrate 12000 times in 1 minute which gives a super nice and even coverage that no other brush or sponge could do.
My Reviews:

·       It really provides an even coverage wherein no visible streaks (where brushes normally does) or uneven patches (where sponge/BB normally creates) exist.
·         The coverage is really thin and light wherein it only tends to even out skintone
·         You won’t be able to build up the coverage

2)      IPKN Artist Wave Auto Wave Sun Foundation with SPF50+, PA+++ (Shade 23)
What it claims:
·         It’s a compact cream that claims to have 10 functions such as a Sunblock, Primer, Base, BB, Foundation, Makeup Fixer etc. It is also water-proof and doesn’t contain any artificial color, talc and paraben.

My Reviews:
·         The coverage is medium to high, definitely buildable
·         Able to even out skintone, conceal some pigmentation but for scars and cystic acne this won’t help at all
·         Provides a soft dewy finish
·         Oil-Control and lasting power is medium, around 4-5 hours
·         Would reflect white cast on flash photography

3)      IPKN Perfume Powder Pact (Fresh & Matte) (Shade 23)

What it claims:
· It’s a compact powder that claims to give skin a soft and silky look

My Reviews:
·         The coverage is low to medium, it was able to minimize redness
·         The consistency is smooth and light and it gives you a fresh and matte finishing
·         Oil-Control is good as it keeps my face quite matte for around 7-8 hours without retouching or blotting
·         Might appear chalky to dry patches

4)      IPKN My Flash Cream SPF30PA+++

What it claims:
· Primer and smoothing function that gives a natural highlight to skin

My Reviews:

·       The color is in light pinkish cream but once spread to skin it gives you a subtle glossy finish
·          It is similar to High Beam but the consistency is much much lighter and gives a more natural glow on skin
·         Doesn’t last long, it would fade in just 3-4 hours (no more skin glow after 3-4hours >_< )

Overall review on the IPKN Artist Wave Auto Make-up Special Set:

Honestly, I didn’t like this set at all except for the Flash Cream. I super love the Flash Cream as it really gives you such as nice skin glow! The Artist Wave Auto Puff vibrator is really not that useful if you have a bad skin (yours, truly) as you won’t be able to build the coverage. As for the Sun Foundation and Powder Pact, the coverage is not that good as well. If you have less imperfection, then you would definitely love this set but if you have a lot of blemishes (yours, truly) that needs more coverage then I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

PS: I bought this merely because I am a certified Victoria(宋茜)fan! Lolz! And the cf is super gorgeous!

Have anyone tried a vibrating puff? 

SKIN79 BB Miniature Set review

I bought this set quite a long time but never had the time to provide some reviews, so here goes my super short reviews and some swatches.

SKIN79 Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm

Consistency: Runny and non-sticky (runniest amont all 4 BB’s)
Shade: Shimmery Beige (makes you look like a disco ball)
Coverage: Low (doesn’t conceal anything)
Oil-Control: Super Low
Lasting Power: Medium (3-4 hrs without primer)

SKIN79 Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm

Consistency: Creamy and non-sticky
Shade:Light Beige
Coverage: Low to Medium (able to conceal redness)
Oil-Control: Medium
Lasting Power: Medium (4- 5 hrs without primer)

SKIN79 VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm
Consistency: Thick, creamy and a bit sticky
Shade: Dark beige
Coverage: Medium (able to conceal minimal blemishes)
Oil-Control: Medium
Lasting Power: Medium (4- 5 hrs without primer)

SKIN79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm

Consistency: Creamy and non-sticky
Shade: Grayish beige
Coverage: Medium
Oil-Control: Medium
Lasting Power: Medium (4- 5 hrs without primer)

Overall, My favorite of all the 4 BB’s would probably be the Diamond Collection as it has the most decent coverage and the shade suits my skintone. My least favorite would be the VIP Gold because I think the consistency is too thick and a bit sticky. I didn’t experience any discomfort while using above 4 BB’s despite me having a sensitive skin.

It’s really a super short review, but hope you still find this somewhat helpful ^_~

MULE Summer Makeup Collection Review

Some of you might not  be familiar with this brand so here’s a little overview of the brand MULE.
MULE (Make Your Own Rule) is a makeup brand launched by LG Household & Health Care wherein they collaborated with one of Korea’s top celebrity makeup artist “Jung Saem-mool”.
JungSaem-Mool is the makeup artist who creates and set the trend on “celebrity translucent makeup”.

If you want to know more background about the brand, you can visit here.

Let’s now go to my review on the products included in the 2012  MULE Summer Makeup Collection

·         The bristles of the Brush are super dense and soft! If you think Sigma’s brush is dense enough then I tell you this brush is even denser than Sigma’s!! Since the bristles are short so it doesn’t shred at all! I’ve wash them quite a few times and it does not shred or flake at all. The handle is created in ARC shaped so it makes it much convenient for makeup application
·         As for the PUFF, it is soft, thick and sturdy enough. It’s definitely a high quality sponge if you must compare it with the drugstore one. But I’m not really a sponge person so I don’t quite use this sponge that often.
·         Overall, both the Brush and PUFF are made with top quality materials which help the makeup application more convenient and seamless.

  This palette contains a blusher and a concealer balm. The packaging is designed with a side flap that has a net, wherein the purpose is to control the amount of product you want to apply on your skin; by merely swiping the brush on the net.

·         The coverage of the Concealer is good, definitely buildable. Able to conceal all sorts of blemishes seamlessly
·       The shade of the Blusher is really pretty and natural, which can also be used as eye brightener
This palette is available in only two shades:
  #1 Light with Pinkish Blusher
   #2 Medium with Coral Blusher
·         It’s a base makeup that has a tint of green shade. We all know that green tends to minimize the redness so this really helps neutralize the skintone.

·         I have redness all over my cheeks due to acne scarring but this base really helps tone down redness a bit.
·         The consistency is adequate not too runny and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all.
·         Overall, a light base that works like a primer which also helps neutralize the skintone.

·         It comes in a light pinkish powder that tends to help set the makeup intact 
   I’m not really a fan of the puff attached to it, I’m still fond of using brushes when applying setting powder

I did a quick look using the MULE Summer Collection as per below:
Step 1: Prep your skin with SUN MIRROR BASE wherein it helps corrects and neutralize your skintone
 Step 2: 
Use the CURVE BRUSH, swipe a bit of concealer balm, brush off the excess on the net and apply to skin
Step 3:
Apply SUN GLASS POWDER in order to set the concealer intact
Step 4:
Use the CURVE PUFF, swipe a bit of the blusher and gently tap on your cheeks

Overall Review on the MULE Summer Collection
·         My favorite product of the entire range would probably be the ARTIST CURVE BRUSH and the Concealer. These two products can really make skin look naturally flawless despite having a bad skin (yours, truly) >_<
I have a sensitive acne prone skin and I used this for straight 7 days and didn’t encounter any discomfort so I believe the ingredient used are safe for sensitive skin.
I would really recommend this range as this really is a nice collection if you want to achieve a naturally seamless look.
Where to buy MULE products:
·         As of the moment, this is only available in Korea but I’ve seen MULE products sold in EBAY, GMARKET and TAOBAO. So for overseas buyers, you might want to check those sites for reference.

·         BTW, I bought mine at CjMALL for KRW 99000(approx. USD 87) which consist of 2 sets of Correcealer balm, Sun Mirror Base, Sun glass powder, 1 set of Brushes and a MULE shopping bag. I think the entire package is pretty affordable considering that the products are made with high quality materials/ingredients.

      Any of you guys heard about the brand MULE? What do you think of this brand?

MULE THEME 1 review, click HERE
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