Murad: White Brilliance Wrinkle and Pore Refining Treatment Review

Today, I’m going to review Murad’s White Brilliance range which is the Wrinkle and Pore Refining Treatment.
Price: PHP4550 (approx. USD 108)             Size: 30ml 


·         Helps brightens skin
·         Lighten dark spots
·         Tightens pores
·         Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
·         Prevent Future Pigmentation

    My Reviews:
·         It’s a serum so the consistency might be a bit thick but once blended it sinks in to skin immediately and skin felt almost nothing
·         Skin felt super duper SOFT and SMOOTH after application
Lightening of dark spots?
·         Well in my case, I should consider it as brown patches/redness scars, I would say Yes! I did notice that my redness scars has reduced

Tightens Pores?
·         I have enlarged pores so if ever it does really tighten I would definitely notice the difference. I would say Yes! It really helps minimize my pores and makes it look more seamless

Wrinkle Reduction?
·         I don’t have much wrinkle so I don’t know if it works or not. I do have fine lines on my forehead but didn’t notice any reduction or decrease of lines. I would say No!

How I use this:
·         After cleansing and toneing, apply a thin layer and spread evenly until it was fully absorbed to skin.

Recommend & Buy Again?
·         The price is pretty hefty but this bottle last me a long time( been using for 3 weeks already) as a pea-size is enough for the entire face. You can always test the product in the counter and ask for samples. I tried the tester and the SA handed me 2 samples without me even purchasing anything so it’s always fine to ask for samples~
·         I would recommend this to those who wanted to lighten dark spots or simply brighten up their skintone due to dullness as this product really works!
 Hope you find this helpful and useful ^_~

(CLOSED) Murad, The Face Shop and Random Beauty Products Giveaway! (Open to Philippine Resident Only)

I received quite a number of samples from Murad and The Face Shop a few weeks back therefore I decided to just share all these vanity products to all of you.

There will be 4 Winners on this giveaway as there are 4 beauty sets to be given away:

Just choose which sets you prefer:

Murad Beauty Sample Set
1)      Pomegranate Exfoliating Wash
2)      Skin Perfecting Lotion
3)      Spot Treatment
4)      Wrinkle & Pore Tightening
5)      T Zone Pore Refining Gel
6)      Aloe Vera Lip Care
7)      Limited edition Murad pouch

The Face Shop Vanity Set
1)      Phytogenic Foundation
2)      Fruit Jelly
3)      Glitter Nail Polish
4)      Accessorize: Buckle wallet
5)      The Face Shop Clutch

Korean Beauty Set
1)      Missha BB Creams
2)      Skin 79 samples BB cream
3)      Etude House Face Mask
4)      Toki Dokie Inspired Lip balms

Assorted Brands Vanity Set
1)      Maybelline Foundation
2)      Elf Blush
3)      Canmake  Powder
4)      Etude House Aura
5)      KRAVE: Complexion Perfection
6)      Etude House Nail Polish
7)      Limited edition: Estee Lauder Makeup Pouch 


Congrats to the Winners!! I've emailed you guys!! Please check your emails!!! ^_~
Also, I wanted to add a consolation and the prize is  Prettia Hair Dye and IPKN Foundation as per below:

Hope you like the Prettia and IPKN as consolation....^_~

 CONGRATS to ALL the WINNERS!!!! Please check your email (^_^)~

For those who didn't win, I'll have another giveaway (this time international) , so stay tuned ^_~

KRAVE Minerale Products Review

I recently purchase a few products from Michelle of Micmic’s Corner online shop’s “CaramelSundae”. Thanks sis for the hasstle free transaction and lots of freebies! Appreciate a lot ^_~

To know more about KRAVE, just click here.

Here are the items I purchased from “CaramelSundae”:

~just click on the product name to know more about the product~

Price: PHP285 (approx. USD6.78)                            Size:15gram
 What it claims:
·         Contains Pearl powder that aids in healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkling and sun protection.
·         Helps brings balance to complexion and keeps makeup fresh all day

My Reviews:
·         Superb oil control! My T-zone’s will usually get oily after 2-3 hours, but once I apply this I don’t need to worry that it would get oily for the whole day!
·          It comes in soft finely milled white powder but would turn transparent once applied to skin.
·         It also diffuses enlarge pores and blemishes giving skin a much softer and smoother look.

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         This powder reminds me of YoungBlood’s Hi-Def Powder as both powders pretty much have the same functions and works truly amazing interms of oil-control. But for price wise, KRAVE definitely won hands down as its super duper affordable compared to the super expensive YoungBlood’s Hi-Def Powder.
·         Will definitely buy again and recommend this to all people as its not only an oil-control powder but also helps hydrate skin and work as a setting powder to keep the makeup intact all day long!

Price: PHP285 (approx. USD6.78)                            Size:1o gram tube
 What it claims:
·         Able to conceal and at the same time also corrects/heals them effectively
·         Contains Allantoin, which tends to heal, moisturize and soothe skin
·         Has Provit B5 which act as shield to protect skin from allergens and other skin irritants
·         With added Golden Jojoba that decrease skin production of oil and regulates too much sebum of the skin

My Reviews:
·         It comes only in one shade which is in Light Beige shade but the color is super close to yellow-toned skin. The shade matches my skin so perfectly!
·         The consistency is really smooth and silky, it simply glides smoothly to my skin and conceal those imperfection well enough.
·          The coverage is light to medium, able to conceal brown patches, scars and redness effectively.
Does it really corrects/heals acnes? YES!!! It did! I noticed that it did heal a couple of my acnes!

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         If I must compare this with Murad’s Acne Concealer, interms of shade and finishing Krave’s Correct & Conceal is better because the shade really matches my skintone so perfectly and the finish is really smooth and silky. As for the coverage, I’ll have to choose Murad’s Acne Concealer as it was able to conceal more compared to Krave’s Correct & Conceal. But overall, Krave’s Correct & Conceal definitely will be my choice over Murad as I have proven that it did heal my acne quite effectively!
·         Will Definitely buy again and would recommend this to all people as correct & conceal is really a great product as it works not just a concealer but also helps heal blemishes at the same time.

Price: PHP200 (approx. USD4.74)                    Size: 30ml
What it claims:
·         Moisturize, Revivifies and boost skin radiance
·         Minimize age spots, sun spots and fine lines
·         Helps keeps makeup last longer and stay intact all day

My Reviews:
·         Very much refreshing and relaxing if used as face mist
·         I used this before and after makeup and it really does keeps my makeup intact for all day long

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         At first I’ve wanted to try the Urban Decay Setting Spray but the price is just too unbearable therefore I decided to try Krave’s instead. Good thing I tried this first because I am completely satisfied with its benefit and efficacy so I’m going to stick to using this until l find a better one.
·         Will definitely buy and recommend this to those who has oily skin and often on the road as this would really prevent your makeup from melting and stay intact all day.

Price: PHP385 (approx. USD9.12)                    Size: 20ml in squeeze tube

What it claims:
·         Oil-Balancing with Natural SPF
·         Infused with skin soothing organic ingredients; Contains 95% Organic ingredients
·         Able to achieve flawless and radiant look in just a second using just fingers

My Reviews:
·         Consistency is super runny and light weight
·         Easy to blend and apply
·         Shade is a bit lighter than by skintone but it blends well on my skin making my skin look naturally brighter with no ugly white cast
·         Coverage is light; able to even out skintone but UNABLE to conceal brown patches and blemishes etc.
Recommend & Buy Again:
·         It works more like a tinted moisturizer rather than foundation for me as it doesn’t really conceal anything.
·         It simply makes my skintone a bit brighter that’s all.
·          I would recommend this to those with less imperfection as this foundation might only be suitable for those with nice skin already.

Price: PHP300 (approx. USD6.97)                    Size: 15 gram jar
What it claims:
·         Gives skin an amazing radiant and healthy glow
·         Provides a flawless, air-brushes appearance
·         Hides the look of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and other minor facial imperfection with just a few brush stroke

My Reviews:
·         The powder is grind finely and gives skin a matte finish without looking dry or chalky
·         It was able to minimize enlarged pores and other imperfection nicely on skin

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I would recommend this to those who wants a matte finish without looking dry or chalky
·         I probably won’t buy this again as I prefer my skin a bit dewy

Price: PHP255 (approx. USD6.04)                    Size: 15 gram jar
 What it claims:
·         Full coverage sunscreen to protect and nourish skin
·         Offers matte sinish and poreless perfect complexion

My Reviews:
·         The powder is grind finely and gives skin a matte finish without looking dry or chalky
·         It was able to minimize enlarged pores and other imperfection nicely on skin

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I still can’t differentiate this with Luxurious as for me both products functions the same
·         I would probably not buy again as the shade is a bit too orangey for me and this is the lightest shade they have

Ending with an FOTD using KRAVE Products (Ricotta Foundation, Correct&Conceal, Oil Eliminator & Spritz Spray)
Hope you guys find this helpful ^_~

Facial Cleanser Reviews: Murad Time Release, Gatsby, Pure Beauty

Again, bombarding you with skincare products!!lolz~ I told you already as I have extremely BAD skin >_< so I’m always in a journey of searching the best products that will best suit my sensitive acne prone skin~

~Just click on the product name to know more about the product~

Price: USD30                    Size:6.75oz
 What it claims:
·         Eliminates acne (contains Salicylic Acid)
·         Restore Suppleness of skin
·         Minimize signs of aging

      My Reviews:
·         The consistency is in creamy fluid that doesn’t lather or foam up that much
·         Mild enough even to sensitive skin ( I have sensitive skin and this works fine on me)
·         Even though it is mild; doesn’t mean that the efficacy is mild as well. I notice that it healed couple of my pimples and I don’t breakout that often when I’m using this cleanser
·         The only downside is it doesn’t eliminate excess oil or even control oiliness of skin. For oily skinned people, this cleanser might not be suitable for you.

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I would recommend this to those acne prone but with dry sensitive skin as this works well in those areas. It is mild enough for sensitive skin and at the same time also helps prevent and heals blemishes without drying the skin. I’m a person that prefers a squeaky clean effect and this cleanser failed to achieve so I would really NOT buy this again.

Price: PHP139 (approx. USD3.20)                   Size:120ml
What it claims:
·         Removes oil that causes sticky and shiny skin thoroughly

My Reviews:
·         The consistency is in creamy grayish foam with tiny beads
·         Scent is quite strong; reminds me of Gillette shaving foam
·         Makes skin squeaky clean and removes all excess oil effectively
·         Might be too harsh for sensitive skin

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I know this is targeted for guys but who says ladies can’t try this too! Lolz! I tried this because I was caught by the word “Oil-Control” and I was just curious how this products work so I grab it without any hesitation~
·         I would recommend this to those with extremely oily skin as this scrub was able to remove all those excess oil effectively. It does give me a squeaky clean effect but I find it too harsh on my sensitive skin and a little drying too so I would NOT buy this again.

Price: PHP35 (approx. USD0.80)                   Size:150ml

What it claims:
·         Unclog Pores
·         Detoxify skin
·         Energize and refreshes skin

My Reviews:
·         The consistency is in creamy white paste-like form with tiny red particles(supposed to be pomegranate extract) that is easy to lather and foam up
·         Makes skin squeaky clean but skin feels a bit dry after using
·         I developed rashes and itchiness after using this cleanser

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I bought this because it's dirt cheap! This is priced at less than a dollar! I did check the packaging and made sure that it is not yet expired nor tampered. I was excited to try this wash as this line was endorsed by Fish Leong (Malaysian singer but set her fame in Taiwan) and her skin was awesome! But as I tried using this it gives me a lot of downside; aside from overdrying my skin, I also developed rashes and itchiness due to this. For those with sensitive skin, I’d really not suggest trying this cleanser.

Price: PHP113 (approx. USD2.30)                   Size:190ml
What it claims:
·         Quickly cleanse and remove makeup without irritation or dryness
·         Leaves skin silky, healthy and fully moisturized

My Reviews:
·         Able to remove makeup thoroughly and doesn’t feel greasy at all
·         Doesn’t irritate or blur eyes even though if it gets into (thou you shall not!)

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I bought this again because it’s pretty affordable for a 190ml cleansing oil so I didn’t expect much on it. At first, I thought it might be greasy but not at all! The texture is silky and not sticky and it was able to remove all of my makeup in just 2 pumps! I would recommend this to those who looking for an affordable yet effective makeup remover! Definitely will buy again if I finished the entire bottle

Hope you find this helpful ^_~

Want nice skin? Get Shu Uemura’s Stage Performer!

My skin is pretty dull nowadays therefore I’m looking for a product that could brighten or add radiance to my skin. I’ve tried the Etude House’s Nymph Aura Volumer thinking it would add glow to my skin but sadly the consistency is mad sticky and really NOT ideal to apply on face at all. Until I discovered, Shu Uemura: Stage Performer and that made me realize that this is the product I’ve been searching all the time!~
Stage Performer instant-glow(glow from the inside out) claims:
        Enhance makeup finish and deliver natural glow
        Skin instantly appears more luminous, translucent and smooth
        Provides 24 HR lasting moisture
My Reviews:
        It glides smoothly on skin
        Skin instantly becomes super soft and smooth
        Able to even out skintone and diffuses blemishes effectively
        Makes makeup application more easy to apply and stay intact for hours/whole day
        Enhances skin radiant and provides luminous glow
        Definitely long hours moisture (tried & tested)- NO cakey makeup or oiliness anymore
        Did NOT experience any discomfort upon using (FYI: I have sensitive skin)
Recommend and Buy Again?
Double YES!! This is a miracle product for me! I know this is quite pricey as this cost around $50 but this will definitely last you for a long time as you only need a dime size per application. I don’t rave much on makeup products because I think most of them pretty much functions the same. But for the case of Stage Performer, I really think this product deserves to be rave about. I really don’t know if I should categorize this product as primer or protective cream, but for me it has the touch of both! ^_~

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