Virginia Olsen Brushes Review

Hellos! This will be my first entry for the year 2013! Been busy taking care of my niece these few days thus the reason of my MIA. Anyway, just wanted to share my 1st haul for the year 2013!!! I bought some Virginia Olsen brushes through ZALORA and so far I am quite satisfied with Zalora’s service =)
What Virginia Olsen brushes claims:
l         Made from premium-grade materials, which can be used with wet or dry products.
l         Synthetic Bristles that are hypo-allergenic and safe for delicate complexion
l         Sleek Ferrules are made from recycled aluminum
l         Each brush has been designed with right density to create flawless makeup application
For more info on Virginia Olsen click HERE

Here are the following brushes I bought from Virginia Olsen and my reviews:
1) Total Face Brush            PHP500/USD12
l         Sleek handle and sturdy ferrules
l         Super Soft bristles
l         Good amount of Density, picks up the product just enough
l         Tried washing it twice, no shredding encountered

2) Eyeshadow Brush                PHP300/ USD7
l         The bristles is designed arc shaped which make it very easy in applying eyeshadow
l         Picks up products just right
l         The length of the brush is just appropriate for eyeshadow application

3) Blending Eye Brush              PHP350/USD8
l         Oval shaped bristles makes blending of harsh edges smoothly
l         Very easy to work on this brush

Overall Review:
I absolutely LOVE these brushes because all of them are EXTREMELY soft and picks up the product just right. They are 100% ECO-friendly and the prices aren’t that expensive too!

That’s it for my 1st haul of 2013!! Thanks so much for dropping by ^_~
BTW, I recently got interviewed by “How They Got Rid of AcneHERE
if you have time you may visit the link =)


  1. i always love those type of brushes! the eco-friendly types because they're so wonderful and super soft! definitely worth the purchase :) thanks for the great review Janet!

    I wish you all the best for the new year of 2013 <3

  2. It's like Eco-tools. Good review dear.
    I already followed you. I hope you can check my blog and follow me back, too.

    XX, Jenniya

  3. The blending brush looks really good, ah :) And 350 lang! Thanks for the review, will keep this in mind! :)

    Happy new year, dear Janet!
    The Misty Mom

  4. Oohh.. I wanna try this. Im thinking to get another set of brush, affordable but good quality. Thanks for the review janet! :)

  5. These brushes look great! I love super soft brushes too that feel so good on the skin, I have my Real Technique brushes and they are amazing! :)

  6. They look like Ecotools brushes! I like the look of the Total Face one, I'm partial to larger fluffy brushes like it :)

  7. Great haul! They immediately made me think of eco tools and Im sure Im not the only ones! They look great and I trust that they are smooth and easy to use, great tools are very needed for well done make up. So glad you took the chance to get these!

  8. Happy New Year!! I haven't heard of this brand. Thanks for the heads-up. Those seems like they have good quality for an affordable price :)

  9. I've seen these personally I wanted their kabuki brush.. :) I have their eyeshadow brush and never pa nag shed :)

  10. These brushes remember me of the Ecotools ones!O: I'm glad you liked these and worked well on you!^^
    I hope you had a pretty start of the year!( ^ω^)ノ

  11. the design reminds me of eco tool brushes! glad that you like them! ^^
    and I wish you have a wonderful year ahead! ^^

  12. Those brushes look soft and dense, and I like that they're not to expensive either. Their Green Tea Mineral line looks interesting too!

  13. These remind me of ecoTOOLs brushes. Looks so soft! Glad you like them :)

  14. The face brush is kinda pricey but all the brushes you got look soooo soft! :D

  15. great review!
    they really do look like the ecotools brushes, but longer haha, i have never heard of virginia olsen though!

  16. Hmmm... i will definitely look into getting these brushes. thank you for sharing!


  17. Happy new year janet~
    wow the bristles look super soft~

  18. Great first haul of the year! The brushes look soft and good quality ^^

  19. AW you look beautiful !! The brushes look nice too. I have never heard of this brand though. Have to check it out *V*

  20. Aww ^^ You're so cute! love your hairstyle and make-up

  21. I have the blending brush and I LOVE IT! Now, I want to purchase other VO brushes because of your review. :)


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