Korean Beauty Hauls

Hellos dear!! Today, just wanted to share the items I hauled last month from Korea.  The brands I hauled are not popular overseas so most of you might not be familiar or even heard about it. I, myself is not familiar with these brands too but since they look pretty interesting and I was also intrigue about it so I decided to get them.

Here are the items I hauled from KOREA.

1)      MULE THEME 1 MAKEUP SET                KRW79,000 (USD70)
l         I have reviewed MULE’s Summer Collection HERE few months ago and since I loved it so much I decided to purchase their THEME 1 set too
l         It’s pretty much similar with the Summer Collection, the only difference is that instead of the Sun Base this set contains Milk essence Primer (as per below)
l         For more info on MULE click HERE

2) COREANA: 4D Motion Massage Foam Cleanser Set         KRW59000(USD50)
l         I have mentioned before that I badly wanted a Clarisonic and end up with the cheaper TWINBIRD 4 in 1 Cleanser which I have reviewed HERE last month.
l         I bought this because it is much cheaper than clarisonic plus I was intrigue with the “4D” name
l         Since this is a set, It includes awhole lotta items on the set:
a)      1 Cleansing device unit with a free spare head
b)      1 box of Fresh Herb Nature Cleansing Tissue
c)       1 Tube of Fresh Herb Nature Foam Cleansing
d)      1 Bottle of NOKDU Bubble Massage Foam
e)      A bag of Coreana Skincare samples
f)       Coreana Paper Bag

3) IASO: Intensive Clear Booster            KRW65000(USD 58)
l         I think some of you might be familiar with this brand since IASO has expanded across the globe
l         I bought this because it has both of my favorite ingredients which are AHA and BHA
l         I just bought the Clear Booster but they included a whole lotta samples on it

I love how generous Korean Shop provide samples and they even hand you samples even if you don’t buy any!! I hope American brands can also practice the same generosity and we (consumer) will be very happy and pleased with this kind of gestures.

I’ll be reviewing them all sometime soon once I get to try all of them ^_~
Will also be hosting my 300K hits giveaway soon internationally and some of the giveaway items are the one above; so watch out for it!

Let me know if you find anything interesting above and what products you would like to try yourself.


  1. seriously whole lotta samples!

  2. wow, looks like very interesting products to try! I never tried any of the brands above but other most popular korean products has somewhat been taking over my daily skincare / makeup these days ;p


  3. I can't wait for the review! And also for the giveaway <3


  4. Yey! I love korean skincare products! Excited for the review! ;)


  5. wha~! so lucky! cant wait for the reviews.. :))

  6. i'll be looking forward to your reviews as I am fond of Korean products as well...:)

  7. great haul!
    i have a version of mule primer (mine is in jar) and it is the best primer i ever used. it was given by my sister who purchase the whole set.
    i wish this brand offered products separately not everything in sets!
    your new primer looks so interesting. i will forward to hearing what you think about it! :)

    1. i totally agree with you! I wish they sell it separately too! I wanted to buy an extra set of brush & puff but when I check the prices it is much worth it if you buy the entire set rather than buying the brush alone..T___T

  8. wow.. korean beauty cosmetics.. dear, im a Mary Kay dealer =) if you're interested on buying you can pm me =) hugs!

  9. I can't wait to see your review, especially since these are lesser-known Korean brands.
    Btw, I read your skin story, and I have to say that you're such a strong and determined person to keep looking for a routine and products that work effectively for you :) I had bad acne as a teenager, and I still have residual effects/scarring, but it's great that you can put yourself out there and be a proud person today.
    Sorry for the long comment! lol

  10. This is such a lovely haul!! I am most interested in the MULE makeup set because I love watching Jung Saem Mool's videos on youtube. I have also been debating whether or not I should take the plunge and buy the clarisonic (for ages now), so I am very interested in the Coreana cleanser set as well.

  11. Nice haul hun! I've watched a couple videos of Jung Saem Mool and they are wonderful :) can't wait to see your review on it! And I love going to Asia for beauty oroducts because they spoil you with samples!! Haha

  12. Hey sweety what a nice blog. .may be if u like my blog too we can follow each other

  13. I love your blog <3 it's really fantastic <3<3 I've also a blog :) if you also like it we can follow each other :) (( let me know )) :D

  14. WOW! THOSE ARE SOME NICE PRODUCTS :) hope we could follow each other! :) I love really your reviews :) and thank you for visiting my site :)


  15. Hey babe!
    You're a korean costmetics addict pala! para kang si Ms.Marge of kikaytrekkie! Hehe wow massive haul! I was thinking how much you spent for those stuff? Cheers! STay dry and safe!
    Pretty Thrifty

    1. Hi Jenny,
      ang masasabi ko lang ubos ang sweldo last month! TTT____TTT magsasave na nga ako starting this month...No buying mode muna ako..hehe..I need to to stay dry like literally because kagabi paguwi ko basang sisiw ako...lolz..Thanks sis ^_~

  16. WOW Janet this is great!~ You are right, I haven't heard any of these brands before! But I would really love to hear what you can say about these products! Excited! I am so going to join your contest sooN! :) Keep us posted~

    LOVE, Arrienne

  17. I love Korean products. I went to Korea in June and bought a few make up products there. :)

    Lovely haul, I didn't get any of the brands you bought. ><


  18. I love your hauls! :) I hope to have them too. lol~!
    Everything in Korea seem so effing good! <3

    by the way I saw you in beauty blogger.. New subscriber here. :)
    Hope you can follow back :)


  19. Whoah! That's a lot! I never heard any of the brands here but I am sure they are worth to try :)

    New follower here.. Mind to follow back?


  20. wow I never heard of this brand in korea,
    Can't wait for the review! ^^

  21. Those look awesome! I want to go to Korea someday.


  22. awesome Korean beauty haul!! I wanna go back... I think I have just heard of MULE.. it's created by a famous Korean MUA ^^

  23. Janet! Did you purchase these personally on a trip to Korea? ^^

  24. Those are a lot of items, but I love Korean products! :)



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