Hellos! Today I’m going to review about MULE THEME 1 MAKEUP SET. I have reviewed about the MULE’s Summer Collection Makeup Set HERE. Since I love the Summer Collection set so much, I decided to get their THEME 1 MAKEUP SET too.

Let’s now start with the items included on THEME 1:
1)    Artist Curve Brush & Puff

·         These two tools were placed in a sturdy acrylic container that is so sleek and guaranteed to be free from dust or bacteria

·         The Artist Curve Brush is designed in arc-shaped wherein it makes application much easier and smoother. The bristle are dense to max and does NOT shred at all (wash like 367534754524 times but not a single hair has fall off)

·         The Artist Curve Puff is also designed in arc-shaped so that it would be easier to grip on. The puff is soft and thick wherein it makes the application more even

2)    Artist Essential Primer         40ml

·         This primer has 2 layers:
·         I super LOVE this primer!! It is very light and runny consistency wherein it helps keep my skin well-moisturized and enough hydration
·         It makes my skin surface much smoother for  makeup application

·         Even though I have oily combination but it does NOT oil-up nor make my face feel greasy. NADA…

3)    Artist Correcealer  Balm                  13g+5g

·         This basically is a concealer in balm type that has the ability to conceal all sorts of blemishes
·         Coverage is buildable and doesn’t feel heavy at all
·         Finish is semi dewy and looks really natural no matter how many layers were put on
·         It comes with a 5g Blush Balm wherein you could also use as eye brightening or covering of dark circles

·         The palette is designed with a flap that has a net wherein you could swipe off excess foundation on the net for a much even application(net is removable)

This Correcealer Balm is available in 2 shades:

#21 Light paired with Pink Blush
#23 Medium paired with Coral Blush

4)    Brilliance Powder + Thin Film Powder= MOIST FIXING POWDER          8g

·         It comes in a light pinkish powder with a subtle shimmers wherein it gives skin a luminous glow
·         Works as setting powder because it helps keep makeup intact and at the same time maintains skin moisture (no worries on having dry patches)

How to's:
Overall Reviews:
I super love this set!! Honestly, I do prefer this set compared to the Summer Collection Set to think I’m living in a tropical country and I have oily skin! I love this set more merely because this set has the Artist Essential Primer wherein it really helps smooth out skin surface for a much even application. While the rest of the products are pretty much similar with the Summer Collection set.

Who to Recommend:
I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a full coverage but still wanted to look seamlessly natural as this definitely does the trick.

I think MULE has yet expanded internationally so as of the moment this is only available in KOREA. But there are several online platforms whereas some sellers do carry MULE products.

Till here, sorry for the long post and ending with an FOTD:

MULE Summer Collection Review, click HERE


  1. Interesting stuff... looks great on you, pretty! :)

  2. This stuff really interests me. I wanna try the brush.

    You look so pretty girl! =)

  3. I love MULE! Too bad they're pricey! :(

  4. looks like amazing make up set!! too bad, MULE isn't available here, so I can't get my hands on it :/
    and you look beautiful!!

  5. interesting products ! I never heard of it before. But I like how your skin looks !!

  6. the artist curve brush is so unique, Janet.. Reading your review makes me really wanna try out MULE products >.<
    Your hair looks awesome ^^

  7. I'll admit I've nver heard of this brand, but everything sounds really good. And gives you such flawless finish. The concealer brush is so unique!

  8. i somewhat thought her line was a bit gimmicky..but now i change my mind. they seem very logically working together!
    and don't be sorry! i love your informative detailed posts always!

    you look lovely, Janet. ;)

  9. I'm not familiar with this one yet but this post made me want to try it out! ♥

  10. that is soo awesome! i've never seen brushes like that before, they look fun to use :) i don't know this brand but i'm really interested in trying them :)
    thanks for the great review. i really admire your blog <3

  11. It looks great on you! I would love to try it out, but it's quite pricey :(

  12. Wow! I've never heard of this brand here... Not surprised as I am in Aus :P

    Those brushes look amazingly cute though!!

  13. I'm so glad I've stumbled onto this post! I've been looking for a good MULE review or at least something that explains the products etc (especially the brushes which really intrigued me!)! I really like Jung Saem Mooi!

    Thanks for this review! I really want the brushes now! =D

    ♡ M.May

  14. The brushes/puff looks so easy to use and looks like they do a very neat application! I want to give that a try one time! Thank you for a good post! New follower here :)

    XOXO (

  15. Don't think I'll find this brand in Sydney, but the brushes look very interesting! I love the blush shades too!

  16. The brush looks interesting :) Great blog.

    by the way i added you up, mind to follow back?

    1. Hi Keeza,
      Followed you already =)
      Thanks much ^_~

  17. the brush look SO interesting.. honestly it's my first time seeing such a brush of that kind!! All the pieces look really interesting and the colours are pretty :)

  18. Ang cute nung brush!!!! it looks like a tongue cleaner though! Sayang wala pang ganyan dito. :(

  19. Super duper nice set! Really love the coverage. Parang after you apply them, you're ready to go na! And fabulous brush! :) Looking great sis!

  20. where do you buy it? I really want to try mule products but it's so hard to get >.<


    1. hello Leonita, I bought mine at Cjmall but I'm not sure if they ship internationally. Try gmarket and ebay, I've seen a few sellers selling it there =)

    2. ah I see... you and I have the same skin types...happy to find your blog :D
      you have many review brands I never heard before, where do u live? if you don't mind...


  21. Do u have a link to purchase for this mule set?

    1. Hi dear, here's the link:


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