Review on IASO Intensive Clear Booster

IASO is a premium brand in KOREA designed to address your sophisticated and proactive skincare needs based on the research and expertise of leading dermatologist.

IASO’s unique formula enables the active ingredients to be absorbed quickly, infusing the skin with energy, enriching with nutrients to achieve a remarkable brightness and clarity.

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What is IASO Intensive Clear Booster?                                35ml

·        An intensive yet extra gentle skin retexturing formula with an exclusive complex of multi-HYDROXY ACIDS and plan extracts
·        Exfoliates dead skin cells and speed up skin’s own shedding cycle
·        Instantly boost skin smoothness, clarity and radiance
·        Reduces dullness, uneven texture and minor discoloration
·        Reduces surface oil for oily skin
·        Whisks away flakes for dry skin

Directions of Usage:
·         Apply to the face and throat after cleansing and toning, AM and PM.
My Reviews:
I am in love with the classy and elegant packaging, the bottle itself is not that heavy but is pretty sturdy. The consistency is extremely runny so you need to place it on the palm, rub it and pat to face.

·        Excellent packaging; comes in pump and transparent acrylic bottle
·        0 weight (doesn’t feel anything at all)
·        Able to minimize the redness on my face
·        Reduces oiliness on the face
·        Able to brighten up skintone
·        Suitable for all skintypes (Oily, Combo or Dry)
·        Doesn’t aggregate my current acnes
·        Skin becomes super soft and smooth the next morning
·        Allergy tested product
·        Did NOT encounter any discomfort upon using it

·         Not available locally (bought it at KOREA, see my Korean Hauls HERE)
·         Expensive for just a 35ml bottle
·         Smells a bit like rubber
·         Cannot be use if you are undergoing medical treatment that has Retinol, BP or other harsh ingredients
·         Might experience dry patches if moisturizer is not followed

Overall Reviews:
I LOVE this booster so much as it helps reduce the redness on my face and at the same time I also notice that the clarity is improved as well.  I have oily combination skin and it helps minimize the oiliness on my face. My face normally gets greasy and oily after a few hours when out in the sun but after I added IASO on my routine I notice that I don’t oil up that often.  

Who to Recommend:
I would recommend this to anyone who needs an extra boost on skin clarity and texture. IASO really achieve on what it claims effectively.

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  1. Are you korean ba? or you simply go there? :)

    1. hi Eyah,
      No, I'm FilChi =)
      I just went there..^_~

  2. wow.. seems like it is a really good product... and again, this is my first time hearing iaso brand.. XD
    Thank for the review Janet.. Maybe I will try it later as you said it does reduce redness on your face :D

  3. This is the first time I've heard of this brand; thank you for introducing it to me (and for this review)! :'D

    I'm lucky enough to not experience redness on my face, but my complexion has been a bit duller than I'd like lately (probably because I spend too much time cooped up inside ;u; ). What exactly do boosters do? o:

    1. hi junjun,
      I envy you for not having redness unlike me T____T *I have a tomato face =(*
      Booster are simply toners...keke..^_~ the same as emulsion also equals to moisturizer...=) I, myself get confused with all these terms too, why can't they just name everything in uniform then we won't have to google it all the time..lolz ^_~

  4. This product sounds really great. Being able to reduce redness and oiliness is a big plus for me. Too bad this product is not widely available.


  5. oh I love the packaging!! it looks luxurious :)
    I'd like to try this one since it claims to reduce redness and oiliness which seem to be my problem lol ..

  6. Ooh I love the packaging itself haha! Glad to hear it works though :)

  7. Thanks for the review!
    Nice to know about the
    good stuff about this!
    But I prefer a product
    with natural ingredients
    more than a product that
    smells like rubber :P


  8. This sounds so nice. I've never heard of it, and now I want to try it. XD

  9. The before and after look really nice :O


  10. great review as always! :) i love the packaging, it looks expensive =D i really wish i can try alot of Korean beauty products, they have so many amazing products :)

  11. Hi Janet! :D Does it, in any way, help the appearance of acne marks? :)

    1. Hi Val! sadly no T__T it simply minimize the redness; it did nothing on the marks or scars..

  12. Great review! This is the first time I've heard of this brand though :)

  13. Hi Janet!
    Nice review. This is the first time I've heard this product too...Thanks for sharing janet and thanks for visiting my blog again!!!


  14. wow great review! so detailed and concise at the same time, thanks for sharing it =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  15. great post & blog! Maybe we follow each other ? let me know!

  16. Replies
    1. Hi Zelle, im not sure but its around 1K more or less =)

  17. sounds like a great product even though I have never heard of this brand, thanks for the introduction!

  18. Hi!

    Just to let you know, IASO is available in Singapoe. Do visit our Facebook page ( for more information.



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